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ChromeOS swap space has been enabled by default since version 27 (we’re on V37 now) and it doesn’t work like traditional swap space configurations. Frankly, I wish the whole industry would run both multi-tasking (like you just did) and LIVE STREAMING examples (tough bc you need two separate independent broadband connections AND switch them for good control testing). The 11-inch MacBook Air may be portable perfection, but by default it’s not the perfect notebook.
At $1399 there's almost no way to rationally justify the price and rest assured that within 12 - 18 months Apple will have a much faster version available, likely at an even cheaper price point.
Macworld Lab takes a preliminary look at Apple's new Haswell-based MacBook Air laptops. Most of the products Apple announced at WWDC wona€™t ship until later this year, but the new MacBook Air models are here. The biggest change in this iteration of Applea€™s most portable of portables is the inclusion of Intela€™s latest generation of Core processors, code named Haswell. Haswell also includes new integrated graphics in the form of the Intel HD Graphics 5000, which Apple says provides 40 percent higher performance than the HD Graphics 4000 used in Ivy Bridge processors. The new MacBook Airs all support the new 802.11ac wireless networking standard, and the flash storage has also been improved, with higher capacities on the 11-inch models and faster performance across the line. Apple offers four standard configurations of the new MacBook Airs, two with 11-inch displays and two using 13-inch displays. The difference between the two models of each screen size is the capacity of the solid state storage. Luckily, Apple offers optional upgrades at the time of purchase that double the flash storage capacity to 512GB for a pricey $300, and double the amount of RAM to 8GB for $100.
The only external clues to differentiate between the 2013 MacBook Air and the 2012 editions are the two tiny holes located near the audio port that are used for the new Aira€™s two microphones.
The new MacBook Airs use the same glossy, LED backlit displays as the 2012 models and at the same respective resolutionsa€”they're not Retina displays, as was anticipated by some in the rumor mill.
Comparing the results from the 2013 systems to the 2012 MacBook Air results, we found that the HD Graphics 5000 outperformed the HD Graphics 4000 by as much as 24 percent on the 11-inch models and 30 percent on the 13-inch MacBook Airs.
The Haswell processors in these new MacBook Airs are running at a slower clock speed than the Ivy Bridge processors in the 2012 models.
One of the key benefits of the new Haswell processors is reduced power consumption and, therefore, longer battery life. For a more detailed breakdown of our 2013 MacBook Air performance testing, check out our previously published benchmark story.
The new MacBook Air has a lot in common with its predecessor in terms of features and look and feel. While the MacBook Air improvements are mostly subtle, they succeed in making an already excellent product even more desirable. If HTML5 really takes hold then expect memory requirements to rise quickly as applications request more and more local storage. Local storage speed (to memory and disk) is an important benchmark for the speed of a Chromebook application. It’s slow, the battery doesn’t last all that long under actual use and the screen resolution, although appreciably high, makes things a little difficult to read.

Having used the 11-inch MacBook Air exclusively on my last business trip I can say that the battery life experience lines up with what our benchmarks show.
You don’t need to take it out of your bag when going through airport security and it’s light enough that I hardly noticed I was carrying it.
Note that the original MBA started out higher than this upgraded machine, and the competitors that followed with the SFF LV C2Ds were just as expensive, if not more.Who else is using the ULV C2Ds from Intel? I can’t find any, which makes me wonder how Anand can say the price is “a lot” when there is nothing to compare it to.
From preview on SNB destop we can expect 10% higher frequency and 10% higher performance vs. If you lay down a floor plan that keeps high power drain areas apart but still keeps latency low. The MacBook Air didna€™t undergo a dramatic, Mac Pro-like redesigna€”all of the changes to the MacBook Air are hidden under the hood. These fourth-generation Core processors replace the Ivy Bridge processors in last yeara€™s MacBook Air. While 4GB of memory is probably plenty for general computing needs, Ia€™d still recommend the 8GB RAM option, especially as the RAM is not user upgradable. The new, faster flash storage in the 2013 models also helped the new models best their predecessors in our 6GB file copy tests by 28 percent on the 13-inch laptop and a very impressive 50 percent on the 11-inch Air. Apple claims up to 9 hours for the 11-inch model and up to 12 hours on the 13-inch compared to 5 and 7 hours previously.
While the improvements are mostly subtle, they succeed in making an already excellent product even more desirable. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Even with 2GB RAM you can hit limits and start seeing swap usage rise and performance hit the floor. Tweetdeck, Facebook, Google Plus and Google Play Music are already taking hundreds of MB of data and the database and persistent storage capabilities of HTML5 are feeding onto normal web pages.  Offline capabilities take even more RAM. While I wouldn’t consider either fast, I’d say that extra 10 - 20% performance increase you get from the upgraded CPU and memory makes a very big difference. You do get a pretty good display, great form factor and of course the ability to run OS X, but any way you look at it $1399 is a lot for a lightweight notebook.
Even for simple tasks the 11-inch MacBook Air doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the 15-inch MacBook Pro. As I write this final paragraph in the dark cabin of a plane, I do still miss the backlit keyboard. If it’s just a personal thing, then there is a lot of history of ultra-portables that are vastly more expensive for performance making the 11” MBA the cheapest such machine he’s tested, that I can find.If you want to talk 13”, I like the styling of the Vostro but it isn’t close to the MBA.
For the sake of performance Sandy will not be much better than Clarkdale in the CULV space.Thank god Ontario is coming soon. Even compared to last yeara€™s MacBook Aira€”which brought Thunderbolt and USB 3.0a€”this new Air is more evolutionary than revolutionary.
The Haswell processors require less power than Ivy Bridge, which improves battery life in portable computers like the MacBook Air.

All four have the aforementioned Intel HD Graphics 5000 and 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR memory, which cannot be upgraded.
The 13-inch models also come with the same 128GB and 256GB capacities for $1099 and $1299, respectively. The second microphone is used to help with noise cancellation and to improve sound quality. Faster flash also helps to reduce startup times; the new 13-inch Air took around 14 seconds to start up, versus 18 seconds for last yeara€™s model. The faster graphics and faster flash storage in the newer MacBook Air was enough to result in the two generations earning identical Speedmark 8 scores. Our battery test results show that the new MacBook Air has the best battery life we've seen from an Apple laptop. Under the hood improvements to the integrated graphics and flash storage help boost performance, while improvements found in the new Haswell processors help to improve battery life.
Recent tabs stay available while older tabs and HTML5 apps that are idle are compressed into the memory-based swap.
If all you’re doing is writing and web browsing I’m not sure it’s necessary, but anything beyond that could probably make use of the upgraded specs.
Then again, I did pay a lot more than that for my first Transmeta notebook about a decade ago.
How can Sony justify an Atom Z550 CPU + GM500 IGP for that price when the bulk of the cost has been reduced to a $30 CPU and IGP. With cloud storage options gaining popularity and features, some people will have no problem fitting their necessary onboard data within the 128GB capacity of the two lower-end models. Some may find the 128GB of the lower-priced system confining and Ia€™d recommend the upgrade to 8GB of RAM for all users. Chromebooks face similar issues of RAM availability but in my tests with 2GB RAM I see it matching Chromebook usage scenarios well and don’t see performance degrading as quickly as it does on a Windows PC.
The result is a graceful, gradual reduction in performance and because there are few processes on ChromeOS that will pop up and start taking large amounts of resource (anti-virus, file indexing, software and system updates) there’s less to cause more problems. The user should have to do their own tab management and 2GB RAM would force them to do that. Others, like me, prefer having more of their songs, movies, files, and photos accessible offline and prefer having the most capacity possible. If you’re switching between 10 HTML5 pages then 2GB is enough and if you’re prepared to accept a sub 1-second delay in switching tabs, you can go to 20 tabs without a problem. 4GB provides barrier-free HTML5 usage, especially when coupled with high performance CPUs, touch capabilities (responsiveness is critical,) extensions, Native Client and other ChromeOS features.
It’s an ultra-portable, I guess, but it’s not in the same class as the Adamo, MBA or now defunct Voodoo Envy.The first Adamo is a well engineered machine. Hopefully they something else coming.Note, that Vaio X is thinner the new MBAs but with an Atom CPU+GM500 IGP and 3 hour battery.

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