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Researcher Xu Zhiheng explains findings of a Chinese team studying the Zika virus in Beijing on Wednesday. A research finding by Chinese scientists that was published in a leading academic journal identified a direct link between the Zika virus and microcephalyi??a disorder in which the head is small due to a defect in brain development. The research was a collaboration between Xu Zhiheng, principal investigator at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Qin Chengfeng, a professor of virology at the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology under the Academy of Military Medical Sciences. The authors published their findings on Wednesday in Cell Stem Cell, a monthly journal that focuses on important findings in stem cell research.
As expected, the virus infected neural progenitor cells, and the brains revealed genetic signs of viral entry, altered immune response and cell death. The Zika virus has broken out in South America and been spreading around the world since 2015i??including China.
Recently, a research team of scientists from the United States and Brazil published a finding in Nature, showing that the Brazilian Zika virus strain could lead to birth defects. Xu said he hoped the finding would lay a good foundation for further research and control of the virus.
A research finding by Chinese scientists identified a direct link between the Zika virus and microcephalyi??a disorder in which the head is small. The Hair Like A Mane, Hawkeye: Eat Three Tablespoons A Day And There Will Be A Miracle For Your Hair-Vision! Zika virus nowadays is a new threat and we should be aware and know what we need to do to prevent this new disease.
In May 2015, the PAHO – Pan American Health Organization issued an alert about the first confirmed infection of Zika virus in Brazil. The outbreaks from Brazil led to reports of Guillain – Barre syndrome and some pregnant women with poor pregnancy outcomes and babies with the birth defects.
If you must travel in the above-mentioned countries read first the CDC advice strict attachments to mosquito protection measures. Until the time when they will find a vaccine, the health officials are implementing a different mosquito control preventive techniques. Since Aedes aedypti has been evolved to live near people and can replicate is tiny sources of water or flower vases, these mosquitoes are very difficult to eradicate and find. The Zika virus has broken out in South America and been spreading around the world since 2015-including China.
In one study, published in Nature, Alysson Muotri and his team at the University of California, San Diego, infected pregnant mice with Zika and looked to see how the virus harmed the baby mice. The research, led by Alysson Muotri of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Patricia Beltrao Braga of the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, also showed the virus could infect clusters of brain cells in lab dishes, disrupting growth or causing cells to die. The research group out of Beijing, China, ended up directly injecting an Asian strain of Zika directly into the brains of fetal mice in utero. WEDNESDAY, May 11, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Scientists have created the first model of how the Zika virus spreads from a pregnant mouse to its fetus.
Todos os profissionais que compareceram a palestra receberam um kit informativo sobre Zika virus, dengue e febre chinkungunya, tres doencas transmitidas pelo mosquito Aedes aegypti. A Prefeitura tem trabalhado contra o mosquito ao longo de todo o ano; so em 2015 os agentes da Vigilancia Ambiental realizaram mais de 1,5 milhao de vistorias. Na semana passada 1.500 agentes de saude foram treinados para atuarem no combate ao mosquito e mais cinco carros fumace comecaram a circular pela cidade. They showed that mouse fetuses injected with the Asian Zika virus that were carried to term displayed characteristic features of microcephaly.

The authors said that's direct evidence that Zika infection causes microcephaly in a mammal. The most surprising finding was that it was mostly neural progenitor cells that became infected at the beginning, and mostly neurons infected at a later stage, five days after injection, when the presence of Zika virus increases several hundredfold. The animal model, together with the global data sets of infected brains, "will provide valuable resources for further investigation", he said. Until now there is no known vaccine that can prevent Zika virus or some medicine that can treat this infection.
The Zika virus is transmitted through an Aedes mosquito bites a human being with an active infection and after spreads the virus with biting the others. The CDC says that the virus is now locally transmitted in Brazil, Bolivia, Barbados, Colombia, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Guatemala, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Panama, Samoa, Suriname, Saint Martin, Venezuela and the U.S. With no vaccine or treatments available, the only best protection is to avoid travel in countries with an active infestation. Around the world, there are researchers that are hard at work in a lot of laboratories trying to make a Zika vaccine. Muortri says death of brain cells is likely the major way that Zika causes microcephaly in babies.
Nossa principal missao e eliminar os criadouros para evitar a doenca na populacao, mas especialmente entre as gravidas, ja que o Zika pode causar a microcefalia nos bebes.
As equipes fiscalizam periodicamente 347 pontos considerados estrategicos para a proliferacao do mosquito e aplicam larvicidas.  Cerca de dez mil capas para caixas d’agua tambem foram distribuidas este ano. Em caso de denuncia sobre focos do mosquito Aedes aegypti, o telefone da ouvidoria da Vigilancia Ambiental e 2668-2300. Louis established Zika infections in pregnant mice by shutting down the rodents' immune systems in two different ways . While the evidence has been mounting, our data confirms that Zika virus can cause congenital problems, including fetal death," Michael Diamond, a viral immunologist at Washington University in St. Nos somos muito mais fortes do que um mosquito, mas cada um de nos precisa fazer a sua parte”, explicou Luiz Antonio Teixeira Jr.
Louis and a team of Chinese researchers also showed Zika was capable of damaging fetal brain cells.
Infecting these pregnant mice with a French Polynesian strain of Zika ended up killing the fetuses in utero.
Many people who are infected do not show any symptoms, and those who do can be treated easily. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge. The virus is spreading rapidly in Latin America, while Thailand and the Philippines are the most Zika-infected countries in Asia. The virus was accidentally identified in 1947 during a sylvatic yellow fever monitoring program of rhesus monkeys. It was discovered that the same mosquito, Aedes, that transmits yellow fever as well as dengue and chikungunya is responsible for transmitting the Zika virus.It wasn’t until 1952 that the first humans (in Uganda and United Republic of Tanzania) were identified as being infected with the virus.
Since these first outbreaks, the mosquito-borne virus has been identified in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and both North and South America (1).Not everyone who has the disease exhibits symptoms. It was believed that the only way to contract Zika virus was through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito.
What makes this a potentially doomsday virus is what scientists currently believe the virus does to a fetus.

Zika Dangerous to a FetusThe WHO fact sheets state that with the 2013 French Polynesian and 2015 Brazilian outbreaks the government authorities “reported potential neurological and auto-immune complications of Zika virus disease” (3).There has also been an increase in Guillain-Barre syndrome among recent Brazilian cases. Intrauterine transmission of the virus was reported on February 10, 2016 in a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (4).The Zika virus (ZIKV) was described in the report as a “widespread epidemic” with cases being reported in South America, Central America and the Caribbean during 2015. The correlation between the virus and the apparent increase in cases of fetus microcephaly from mothers infected with ZIKV was discussed.The report presented the case of a young UK woman living in Brazil who contracted a fever with a rash during the latter part of her first trimester. She returned to England and during a routine ultrasonography at 29 weeks of gestation, doctors discovered her fetus had “microcephaly with calcifications in the fetal brain and placenta”.The prognosis for neonatal health was poor and the mother opted to terminate the pregnancy. In addition, “The complete genome of ZIKV was recovered from the fetal brain.”To date, the known Zika cases in the US are not the result of direct transmission within the country, but are cases of people returning from one of the known regions common to Zika infection. The CDC posted a dispatch in February 2015 that discusses a December 2013 semen testing of a Tahitian man infected with Zika and that the virus ZIKV was isolated from the semen sample. The report stated, “ZIKV transmission by sexual intercourse has been previously suspected” (5).On February 5, 2016, the CDC posted that there is evidence pointing to the possible transmission of the Zika through sexual intercourse.
The CDC describes three cases where the person contracting the virus had not traveled with their sex partner to the infected region, leaving the highly probable cause to have been through sexual intercourse. The Zika damage to the fetus occurs during the first trimester.On February 11, 2016, the Daily Mail reported that the Deputy Health Minister Eduardo Espinoza of El Salvador urged women to avoid pregnancy until 2018 (7). The Colombian government is also advising women to delay their pregnancies between six to eight months.The El Salvador warning comes after 96 pregnant women were recently diagnosed with Zika. What changed over the course of a year?A zero birthrate for two years seems drastic to many, while a six to eight month delay is still a long time to anyone wishing to start a family.
How would a zero population growth over a two-year period impact the economy of El Salvador?International Health Emergency In February 2016, WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) for Zika associated microcephaly as well as other neurological disorders. So far, “more than 20 countries and territories in the Americas” are experiencing a Zika epidemic.
Thousands of Zika cases have been reported in Cabo Verde, western Africa.Perhaps the greatest concern the WHO voiced is the worldwide spread of the virus through international travel. According NY Daily News, Sports Minister George Hilton said, “the WHO had not banned travel because of Zika.”Officials hope that the South American winter weather that’s drier than their summers will keep the mosquito threat at bay. Due to the Zika outbreak, the company has stepped up their timetable to get pre-clinical trials underway.One vaccine is recombinant, meaning it only contains DNA from the Zika virus, not the actual virus. The other vaccine is inactivated meaning it contains “whole particles of Zika virus” but these aren’t active.
Other researchers are also working on possible Zika vaccines.Another possible solution is right out of a science-fiction novel, genetically engineered sterile male mosquitoes.
In 2009, Oxitec started working with the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) for a “non-pesticide method to control mosquitoes transmitting dengue fever.”Environmentalists are fighting the FKMCD’s efforts for FDA approval with an online petition against the field trail. Should Zika become an epidemic (11) in the US that timetable might become defined.Until a vaccine or sterile genetically engineered mosquitoes are turned loose, the best thing a pregnant woman can do is avoid traveling to known Zika infected areas.
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