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On the Wireless>Settings page, you can enable or disable the WLAN port by selecting or clearing the Enable WLAN checkbox. Select either Access Point to configure the SonicWALL as the default gateway on your network or select Wireless Bridge from the Radio Role menu to configure the SonicWALL to act as an intermediary wireless device. Enable WLAN Radio: Enable the SonicWALL wireless security appliance radio for wireless connections. SSL-VPN Enforcement: Redirects all traffic entering the Wireless Zone to a defined SonicWALL SSL-VPN appliance.
Sever Address - Enter the IP address of the SSL-VPN appliance to which you wish to redirect wireless traffic. In the WiFiSec Service Exception List window, select the services you want to exclude in the Services column.
SSID: The default value, sonicwall, for the SSID can be changed to any alphanumeric value with a maximum of 32 characters.
Wireless Bridging is a feature that allows two or more physically separated networks to be joined over a wireless connection. Secure Wireless Bridging employs a WiFiSec VPN policy, providing security to all communications between the wireless networks.
When switching from Access Point mode to Wireless Bridge mode, all clients are disconnected, and the navigation panel on the left changes to reflect the new mode of operation. NOTE: While the WLAN IP address must be within the same subnet for all Secure Anti-Virus Router 80 devices, the LAN IP address for all SonicWALL wireless security appliance appliances must be on different subnets.
Configure the SSID on all SonicWALL wireless security appliance to the SSID of the Access Point. To facilitate Virtual Adapter addressing, the TZ 180 Wireless4 can be set to forward DHCP requests to TZ 180 Wireless3. The default route on the Bridge Mode TZ 180 Wireless must from the WLAN interface to the WLAN interface of the connecting Access Point TZ 180 Wireless. Static routes must be entered on the Access Point TZ 180 Wireless to route back to the LAN subnets of the Bridge Mode TZ 180 Wireless. After Wireless Settings are defined, the WiFiSec connections (VPN Policies) must be configured.
The Access Point SonicWALL wireless security appliance must specify the destination networks of the remote sites.

The Access Point SonicWALL wireless security appliance must specify its LAN management IP address as the Default LAN Gateway under the Advanced tab.
The Wireless Bridge Mode TZ 180 Wireless must be configured to use the tunnel as the default route for all internet traffic. Click OK to close the window, and then click Apply for the settings to take effect on the SonicWALL. Select Use this VPN Tunnel as default route for all Internet traffic from the Destination Networks section. In this sample configuration, a router is configured for mode configuration (get an IP address from the pool), wild-card, pre-shared keys (all PC clients share a common key), without Network Address Translation (NAT). The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment.
For more information on document conventions, refer to the Cisco Technical Tips Conventions . In this section, you are presented with the information to configure the features described in this document. This section provides information you can use to confirm your configuration is working properly.
Certain show commands are supported by the Output Interpreter Tool (registered customers only) , which allows you to view an analysis of show command output.
There is currently no specific troubleshooting information available for this configuration. So now you need to enter the ip address or hostname of the VPN server, which could be an ASA, Router, PIX or Concentrator. This allows all wireless traffic to be authenticated and encrypted by the SSL-VPN, using, for example, NetExtender to tunnel all traffic.
If selected, wireless clients must download a copy of the Global VPN Client software to install on their computer.
An AutoChannel setting allows the SonicWALL wireless security appliance to automatically detect and set the optimal channel for wireless operation based upon signal strength and integrity. The TZ 170 Wireless, TZ 180 Wireless, and TZ 190 Wireless provides this capability by shifting the radio mode at remote networks from Access Point mode to Wireless Bridge mode. The WLAN IP address must be within the same subnet for all SonicWALL wireless security appliance devices.

TZ 180 Wireless2 and TZ 180 Wireless3 operate on the channel of the connecting Access Point TZ 180 Wireless. An off-site user can enter the network and have an internal IP address assigned from the pool.
A colleague of mine just emailed to ask how to connect to our network from his Macbook Pro whilst abroad.
Note: Wireless traffic that is tunneled through an SSL-VPN will appear to originate from the SSL-VPN rather than from the Wireless Zone. AutoChannel is the default channel setting, and it displays the selected channel of operation to the right. Operating in Wireless Bridge mode, the SonicWALL wireless security appliance connects to another SonicWALL wireless security appliance acting as an access point, and allows communications between the connected networks via the wireless bridge. Click Connect to establish a wireless bridge to another SonicWALL wireless security appliance. The channel of operation is set 5 apart from the channel inherited by the TZ 180 Wireless3.
If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command. The quick and easy answer is to use our company VPN which still runs on a Cisco VPN 3000 concentrator, but this information is equally valid for ASA or IOS based IPSec VPN setups. Alternatively, an operating channel within the range of your regulatory domain can be explicitly defined. For example, Access Point TZ 180 Wireless1 is set to channel 1, then Bridge Mode TZ 180 Wireless3 inherits channel 1. As the colleague’s Macbook is a newish one and running Lion in 64 bit mode, the current Cisco VPN client for Mac will not work. I know there are solutions to make the machine run in 32 bit mode, but the easiest way is to run the Mac VPN client.

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