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VPN Reactor provides free PPTP which is enabled by the OS of your computer as VPN Reactor does not provide any software of its own.
The standard PPTP application does not protect against the dropping of your internet connection and is missing the most basic features.
VPN Reactor provides PPTP and is enabled by the OS of your computer as VPN Reactor does not provide any software of its own. Then go back to your control panel and click on a network again and click on the VPN Reactor connection and click ‘Connect’ and you should have a PPTP connection. Initially I connected with the USA server and the ping time for this server was with 40% latency compared to other VPN servers.
Utilizing standard PPTP protocols, VPN Reactor changes your IP and provides you with a single assigned IP from any of its servers. This is the weakest of the current encrypted connection protocols and not advised for use as it has been regularly hacked through password attacks and via the IPv6 channel. VPN Reactor cannot support IPv6 because one of the main attacks for seeing originating IPs with PPTP is through IPv6. So the Privacy Policy and TOS contradict what is stated in the site – that they don’t keep logs.
This is the same problem that all US based VPN services have – the conflict between privacy and US law.
The recent revelation that the National Security Agency was able to eavesdrop on the communications of Google and Yahoo users without breaking into either company’s data centers sounded like something pulled from a Robert Ludlum spy thriller.
When to use a VPN #vpn #virtualprivatenetwork #dns #tunneling #censorship #censorWhen to use a VPN? HideMyIP is basically a proxy server service with a layer of encryption above it with a server network in 10 countries. Ok, so at this point I guess that to get the premium VPN service I will pay another $7 or $37 per month for the premium service. And to add the premium service to my order means a one year order plus $75 or $105 to test the Premium service.
In the TOS, I found that they practice recurring billing and that you have to inform them in advance to shut it off. But I paid for the full version not a 14 day demo, so I need to go find what that is about.
I start and restart my computer a couple of times but the same problem the verify button stays grey and doesn’t verify.
The software lets you know your new IP address and the server location and from this application you can change country servers, IP address every X minutes, launch on startup and even clear cookies when the IP changes. So it’s not clear whether you have to check this encryption setting to have an encrypted connection.
And what I don’t like about HideMyIP’s tactics is that they are not clear and upfront about the offer from the get go.
Keep in mind that VPN providers that are based in cooperative jurisdictions and have servers in other cooperative jurisdictions cannot protect your data as it is transmitted across their servers. Example server Ping time: HideMyIP Amsterdam, Netherlands server to LA, USA 153 ms ping time. Post-sale support is done by email or through their ticket system which is the same email support (no live support). Utilizing standard VPN protocols, HideMyIP changes your IP, removes packet headers and provides you with a dynamic IP generated from any of its servers. If you subscribed to the Premium Service, HideMyIP provides an advanced settings to turn on encryption on the fly.
HideMyIP Privacy Policy states that: “Although we do not keep content logs of Premium Service use or share any of your private information with any third party, we will turn over any information we do have if required to do so by law.
I have been using Hidemiip services since 2 years and never got this problem while i have already renewed my Hidemyip. I am also using hidemyip on my other systems, I will forced to cancel hidemyip services on all my systems (6), If this couldn’t be work immediately.
I bought it after trying the free version thinking that it would work better but it did not work at all. I asked for a refund and not only they refused but they suspended my account, so they kept the money and stopped my account so I could not use the software anymore. Yep me too, finally I called customer support at 1866-343-6722 and they admit closing all HOUSTON ip. This is a real nightmare, these people have no professional knowledge of the disaster they caused thousands of users, changing and closing IP willy nilly without notice. I went back and forth during 6 months (yes, six months); the software never worked properly in either of the two computers where I had installed the two licenses? I told the people form HMIP, I would like to have my money back, as their software simply did not work and I paid for two licenses!

This would seem to be a company created and administered by a couple of guys, with no concept of customer service (I’m being gracious). I have read other reviews about HMIP and they seem to indicate that the situation I describe is a pattern with this company and its software. They give no support and after buying the product, I learnt that I would have to pay a monthly fee to get a decent service. So I'm not very savvy when it comes to windows networking, but hopefully I can explain my problem clearly.
Once the VPN is connected I am then able to ping my office computer as if I was on the same network. I also know that my co-worker can hit these a records from home so it has to be something I'm doing wrong.
If I manually edit my home PC's hosts file and put in the A record myself and point it to my office PC's local IP while connected to the VPN, then I can hit the other two websites bound to those host names.
So I am definitely unable to hit the A records defined on the other side for whatever reason. If I do a tracert from my home pc to my office pc, I see that it first hits "techserv" then "aford". While I'm glad I got it working, would anybody care to give me a brief explanation or link me to some materials that explain what a DNS suffix is? Yes I did try your solution and it did not work; I put remote access connections at the top of the list. They must not have the domain configured as a DHCP option when handing out your VPN IP address. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 networking vpn dns ip-address or ask your own question.
How do I set the priority between a DNS server for a LAN and a DNS server for a corporate VPN? PPTP is widely regarded as being far less secure than OpenVPN and its weaknesses have been exploited widely by hackers, including the fundamental weakness that it is only as secure as the password chosen. The only problem is that you have to install this using your own OS and there is no separate software application. It cannot be automated for startup of the computer and requires some 5 clicks to start each time.
VPN Reactor does not provide you with the choice between Dynamic IP Servers and Static IP servers which is very useful for use with PayPal accounts and Credit Card vendors. Our independent encryption Test of VPN Reactor is in process and will be posted here when completed.
They do collect personal information to protect themselves and to be in conformity with US laws.
Keep in mind that VPN providers that are based in the USA cannot protect your data as it is transmitted across their servers. It came to my attention the other day, that there are still some people who do not know when to use a VPN. The premium service allows you to use some but not all the servers with unlimited bandwidth (for all the servers you have to upgrade to the gold plan). HideMyIP has a small number of servers and only one shore server (if you consider Malaysia off shore). Premium service is advertised as $7 per month but in fact you have to pay the onetime fee and if you want all the servers add another $25 per month. This suggests that if there is a problem on a certain server with a user, law enforcement could get a lot of information about all the users on that server.
Then you go to check out where they try to sell you unlock code protection (in case you lose the code) so I uncheck that and fill in the form still wondering when am I going to get to the Premium product I so much want to test.
Well, I’m not going to pay that, so I will just pay for the basic service and hope I can get a one month add-on of the premium service. As there is no members area you have to write to support and have them confirm the termination of the recurring billing.
From this page I download the software as well which is convenient to have the key and download information on the same page and not rely on emails.
What started out as a very good installation procedure (other than the deceptive Premium package sale) has now gotten stuck.
I copied the license key in as suggested in their software activation key above but that doesn’t work. But first I read the upgrade to premium information because that’s what I really want to test.
There are excellent VPN services that provide equal or better services for one half the price. Their products page has bundling packages but what most users want is to bundle the standard offer with premium and gold and that is not only not offered it appears that you can purchase the Premium Service for $7 per month but it’s just an add on to the basic standard plan and then you need to add the gold plan if you want all the servers available.

HideMyIP has servers in the US, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Their email response was quick, somewhat helpful but could not answer some questions to my satisfaction – encryption protocol, key certification issue, disconnect and show my local IP problem. Our independent encryption Test of HideMyIP is to be completed by August 30th and will be posted here then but in any event due to the failure of this service’s encrypted product, in our view the effectiveness is very low. BUT IN THE LAST YEAR, I DONT KNOW IF THEY SOLD THE COMPANY OR WHAT, BUT TECH SUPPORT IS NON EXISTENT. Obviously, I paid for defective software, but wanted to give it another try, by installing it in two other computers, different to the original ones..Surprise!
Their answer was that it was too late, because six months had passed?.Never mind that the software did not work during the six months, nor could they solve the problem?.!
I cannot hit the other two websites because the route is somehow not making it to the server that defines those A records I assume. By moving this to the top of the list, you will then be using the DNS server associated with the VPN connection, and be able to resolve anything that it can resolve. In destination name you can enter the name of the connection which will then show up in the ‘Connect to a network’ screen when you have completed the process. But that they mislead users by stating that the service doesn’t keep records is misleading.
By definition a court order in can force VPN Reactor to log, cache and submit any information to local and international authorities not withstanding VPN Reactor’s current Privacy Policy to the contrary (which is not helpful to the user in any event because VPN Reactor states it would hand over your personal information for various reasons). But at this point I am feeling that the checkout process is a bit deceptive and I don’t want my VPN provider who I am going to trust with all my information to practice any deceptive behavior. HideMyIP provides you with a convenient icon on your start up menu as well as on your desktop.
And it says above: “No Extra fees, Premium Service users pay only the cost of the Premium Service” But I did pay an extra fee, I paid the entrance fee to the standard service first before having the privilege to pay for the Premium Service. None of the servers are in non-cooperative or off shore jurisdictions so from a security point of view this VPN does provide you with true anonymity. It would be far better if HideMyIP had servers in off shore jurisdictions as well as its current server locations. As of this writing, HideMyIP have not provided an answer or solution to the automatic disconnect problem in which my IP is revealed. This is good security but it has the downside that if you want to connect to PayPal or to your credit card merchant with a VPN and your IP changes every time you connect, PayPal will likely put your account on hold because they are suspicious of changing IP addresses. Normally you would have to restart your connection to allow the line to be encrypted before you connect, but we will also test this by month’s end.
The only independent Best VPN Reviews site tests and reviews all premium and free VPN providers. HMIP was an interesting option because its service also included hiding the email IP of your computer. The problem is that there is a server on that network that defines a bunch of A records for web applications we are working on and I can't seem to hit any of those from my home computer, even though I can at work. Although the service offers encryption with the premium service, after some time the connection breaks and your local IP is revealed. The Privacy Policy is less than ideal as certain personal data and IPs are logged and stored.
HideMyIP should know this problem by now and have stated it in the FAQS and in the activation key screen above.
I don’t know if these guys are being deceptive or poorly communicating their product offering and costs to users.
It does not indicate that you are not getting all the servers – you find that out AFTER you buy the service. Its best to use a VPN that provides both shared and a fixed IP so that you are safe but can deal with your shopping online in a convenient way. If you still want to buy it, consider the high probability of ending up with one (or two like me) licenses, of a totally useless software. Pinging testcomputer alone is not really a complete identifier, so it needs to append the suffix automatically behind the scenes. Instead if you try to purchase the Premium Service, only then do you see that you need to pay for the onetime fee and after that when the application is running you realize you don’t have access to all the servers without paying an additional fee for the gold service.

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