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He learned the distinction first hand while on a camping trip, where he experienced a violent natural event. It was an event that brought together the worlds of theology and the insurance business, and Syposz came out of it not only alive and well, but enriched with new knowledge. I was standing by our Honda Odyssey, searching for a rope or bungee cord, when I heard an enormously loud crack.a€? A A A  He instinctively looked up in the direction of the sound, and was surprised to see that a large tree had been snapped in two by the ferocious wind. It was exactly where I had been standing.a€? A A A  Horribly, his beloved wife Janet could only see the tree after it fell. But when Syposz asked the Park management if they would cover the deductible, they said they would not, since a tree falling in the wind was an act of God.

He pondered for a moment, and said that because I had jumped out of harma€™s way, it was not an act of God but rather a message from God. It was not my time to go yet.a€? A A A  This is an interesting distinction, but there remains a lingering question.
If this was Goda€™s message, not His act, that means the event was not an act of God and therefore the campground ought to pay the deductible. A A A  A year after the falling of the tree, Syposz returned to the campsite and breakfasted on the stump. At age ten, in a river near Thunder Bay, where he grew up, Syposz invented the aquatic sport of picnic table rolling (as opposed to log rolling) and fortunately was rescued by a boater.

A A A  His philosophy of life a€“ which is evidently all-too-vulnerable a€“ is to always stop and smell the roses. Ia€™m afraid that if I stopped doing obstetrics my patients would all become as old as I would.a€? A A A  Hea€™s grateful to be alive.

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