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Short stories have been an often overlooked art; tales crammed with wonder and ideas and character. Ray Bradbury is a master of the short story, and it’s impossible to choose just one as his best.
The Veldt takes place in an automated house where everything is done for the family living there.
For a while, it’s housed in an African Veldt and in this story of childhood innocence lost, there are the roars of lions on the wind – carried with screams of terror.
The recently-deceased Colombian scribe is best-known for his much-loved novels like 1985’s Love in the Time of Cholera and One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967), but he also worked extensively as a journalist and short story writer. A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings showcases his regular motifs – solitude and magical realism – in a surprising narrative that shows the darker side of human nature and curiosity.
The recession has given society an incredible angst and it exploded across the streets of Tim’s local city, Bristol, just a few years ago.
Barthelme focused largely on writing short stories so, once again, it’s very difficult to pick just one to highlight. I was astounded how someone so witty and with such genius had gone under my radar for so long. Such clever writing can easily be compared to the late great Douglas Adams, and if you feel impelled to search for further stories – might I suggest Game?
Many of the Great Detective’s greatest cases are told in short story collections, so it didn’t feel at all right to exclude him from this list. Silver Blaze opens the second batch of short stories, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, narrated by his faithful companion, John Watson. But it’s also expertly plotted and has proved inspiration for Mark Haddon’s critically-acclaimed book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. This is the wonderful thing about the Internet – not only can you look up the latest Doctor Who news or scour Tumblr for pictures of cats: you can discover the very best of tales by the some of the very best writers… and be inspired. Once you’re inspired, you could create your own masterpieces using StoryBook, compose something for OneSentence, or take to Twitter to make the shortest of short stories.
It’s nice of you to bring out the classics, but I reckon you need to up your numbers from 5 to, well, hundreds.
Technically, the first site offers Flash Fiction, not Short stories, however, the breadth of their database more than makes up for that, as does the quality of the stories.
This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Status Audio hopes to buck the trend of expensive celebrity-endorsed headphones by selling direct to consumers. Have you ever had the idea to finally sit down and write that great novel you've always wanted to create, but you kept putting it off because the whole process just felt too complicated? Read and rate interesting and funny stories told in the least amount of words, mostly in one sentence. It's been years since the new blogging platform Medium was launched and the surprising thing is that it's still going as strong as ever.
Windows has a lot of functionality that isn't immediately visible; hiding some folders and options protects novice users from accidentally breaking something they shouldn't.
In the days of dystopic rebellions, articulate teens with cancer and many shades of erotic fulfillment, it’s likely that your most recent trips to the movies have included quite a few flicks based on books.
Most famous for The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux was also an accomplished — though now largely forgotten — journalist and short story writer.
We are seeking now those residents in Middle Tennessee, those individuals who have such experience. They show writers at the height of their powers – capable of creating worlds in an instant. But The Veldt, taken from a late 1950 issue of The Saturday Evening Post before being reprinted as the opening to his acclaimed collection, The Illustrated Man, is chilling and beautiful – exactly what the writer excels at.
However, this doesn’t focus on the lazy society portrayed in WALL-E,or the like; instead, the children, Peter and Wendy, have become fascinated with The Nursery, a room which conjures anything you can possibly think of. Very simply, a man with wings is found in a village and many suspect he may be a fallen angel. I had to go with Some of us had been threatening our Friend Colby because it was the first work of his I read and will always hold dear. Not as well-known as, for instance, The Five Orange Pips or A Scandal in Bohemia, Silver Blaze is notable for its foreshadowing of the gloomy Dartmoor environs of Doyle’s later novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902). The shortest horror story, for example, must surely be Frederic Brown’s The Knock: “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. DSF offers Flash right on through to Novelettes, something to satisfy every need, so long as you like Science Fiction.
Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
Here to expand the coverage of audiobooks from novels to regular short stories is a wonderful web service called WellToldTales. It's a tool for journalists, for marketing companies, and also Twitter is even a great way to find a job.
But every once in a while, you’ll be watching a movie, notice a credit and realize that, wow, Die Hard was a novel?
We are seeking not only actors who have done major speaking roles, but also full production crews, from producers, directors, script and screen writers, Dpa€™s, lighting personnel, electric, set decorators, hair and make-up artist, editors, to those with experience in marketing and distribution. But they’re finally getting a proper look-in, thanks to some of the best in the business whose weight of work consists largely of tight, succinct bursts of prose.
Many focus on the terrible aspects of the tempestuous times, but Limited Edition gets inside the head of a rioter. You’d better read Sir Doyle’s brilliant tale of an award-winning horse, stolen before a big race!

Dick Inspired Minority ReportThe two iterations of this science fiction tale are set in the world of “pre-crime,” in which cops can arrest criminals for committing murders they haven’t gotten around to yet. Scott Fitzgerald Inspired The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonThe very long movie that stems from the very short story seems to have generated strong opinions from just about everyone who’s come in contact with it. We need to put together two complete production crews to enable us to always have at least one film in pre-production, one in production and one in post year round.
While his first collection, Paintwork, is decidedly science fiction, Limited Edition takes an unusual approach to a much-worn topic: rioting.
No screenplay or adaptation is easy, but when a feature-length film’s source material is only a few pages, that’s a pretty big sandbox to play in.
Its film version sadly seemed to be overlooked by many as “the fall 2006 movie about 19th century magicians that wasn’t The Prestige.” But The Illusionist captured the magical spirit of Millhauser’s overall style and has wonderfully understated performances by its leads, Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti. Everything Must Go fills in our hero’s gaps a little more explicitly, and it’s all Carver 101: He’s been fired from his job due to alcoholism, his wife’s changed the locks on him, and she’s tossed all his possessions on the lawn.
With such a juicy landscape rife with fate versus free will dilemmas, the movie does a great job illustrating the ethical swampland of Dick’s story. Of course, for every victory like Where the Wild Things are there’s a Cat in a Hat, but we enjoy celebrating success. More players emerge, in the form of a charming kid neighbor and a cute grown-up neighbor, and the film justifies its expanded length.
The movie enhances Dick’s vision too, resulting in a view of the future that seems oddly plausible. Story “Button” is played up much more whimsically, beginning in 1860 and containing all kinds of wacky hijinks-filled exploits: College football, twice!
We honestly believe the following; A When biblically-based scripts are well crafted and combined with good direction, acting, photography, sound and music--- and bathed in prayer--- the results can be tremendous, reaching deep into people's hearts. Randall Maxwell, who brings his 35 years experience in Hollywood and Wilmington NC in the film industry to Nashville to direct this Nashville Operation. Best of all is a Will Ferrell who doesn’t poke fun at or overplay the disparity of his character. Millions of souls have been won for eternity through Christian films and videos.A If you are an aspiring actor, or an individual who has always had a vision for good story telling, whether it be, from producing, directing, script writing, editing, or any behind the scene type who has dreamed of a career in probably the most collaborative art there is, and one who actually shapes our culture either positively or negatively, here is your chance! A A If you are one of those individuals who already have the professional experience necessary to produce quality films and television productions, now is the time to get your working resumes to us to be considered working for our company.
Instead, he’s just as honest and quiet as both the world he’s acting in and the source material which inspired it.
A Maxima Vision Films is now seeking such individuals to partner with in the production of such feature films and television productions, whether you have experience or not.
The movie takes an Oscar-friendly three-hour somber turn, keeping the love story stretched across the entire 20th century and into Hurricane Katrina. It underlines the hardships of missed opportunities and how timing — particularly when one party has that backwards-aging-thing — is everything.Which other short stories that you’ve enjoyed have inspired movies? Let us know in the comments below!Alex Trivilino grew up in Pittsburgh, went to college in Boston and now hikes around Los Angeles.
You may want to scrawl down past the next several paragraphs, as they pertain to our professional training. The same applies to anyone interested in securing us for any of your professional production needs.
The first type of film will be very preachy, marketed directly to the Christian Community, even writing to go along with some of them, Bible studies which may be used in small groups, Sunday school classes, and even large church gatherings.
Not that you must come to work for us, as after training you will be more than qualified with professional training, as you will have actually worked on at least four real feature films in your chosen discipline that you can put on your resume, that you can practically chose the production company you want to work for anywhere in the US or abroad. Maxwella€™s favorite, as he is not one who wants to preach to the choir, but hopes through this art form we might reach thousands with the message of just how much our Lord Jesus loves us all and wants all to come into a very real, very intimate, loving eternal relationship with God. A With Nashville Tennessee being the very belt buckle of the Bible belt, we hope to partner with many local churches who have realized just how powerful the mediums of film and television are to reach our culture, who want to partner with us in an all out effort to use the mediums to shape our culture positively for a change verses negatively.
You may choose the discipline of acting, producing, directing, script & screen writing, editing, business of film making, basic film production, camera operator, director of photography, animation, any discipline within the collaborative art of film making.
This is a two year certificate program with the top 50% of our graduating class being offered a two year paid internship with our production company, giving you a working resume in your chosen discipline where you can continue working for Maxima Vision Films or choose practically any other production company within the US or abroad. Being that we are setting up Nashville as one of our major production hubs we are as committed to hiring as much local talent as possible, even for our major speaking roles whenever it is possible, unlike most major production companies who hire most major speaking roles outside of the state before ever coming to Nashville to begin shooting.
These workshops also get you working immediately with our professionals who are making movies each and every day. These workshops can be either taken over weekends, camps, taken one day a week at 3 hour classes, or two days at 1 hour and half, both of which you will also be involved in a three hour workshop on the weekend at our production facilities. Once received we will contact you to set up firstA  an original interview and a dramatic monologue read. If you fit our need for a particular role you will then be notified of a call back that you will be asked to come in and read lines from actual script we are considering you for along with other actors you will be playing against. A A With the number of films and television productions we will be shooting, we are seeking all ages, color, shapes and sizes. If you are an aspiring actor, you need to at the very least know how to prepare for a casting interview, as you only have one shot in this business to get it right!A Do you know how much work goes into the production of a film or television production?
Our film school even has both a summer and a Christmas feature film consortium, where individuals from all over can bring their expertise to the table with other talents and collaborate in making a feature film, from story concept, through story development, writing the script, going into pre-production during the casting process, through production and then finally the editing and then the distribution process.
This is an absolute in this business & like preparing you for a casting interview, these are all a part and included in any of our camps, workshops and classes.If you are an aspiring actor? We have adapted the old studio system, where everyone starts at the entry level as a production assistant. A First, our program is only a 2 year certificate program, where our students spend only the first year in book knowledge, even their first year they will spend time in their particular specialty field, whether it be cinematography, producing, directing, script writing, editing or general film making, on two real sets and the making of two full length feature films or television productions. After completing their course of study not only will they be totally versed in film making, but will have practical working knowledge in their specialty craft.

Remember, a demo reel is just what the name implies, it is a demo of your acting abilities.
Thus, one of our students who may be on directora€™s track of study, after they have completed their two year training, they can actually put on their working resume that they have actually already directed four feature films, not to mention all their student shorts.
This gives them another two years to build their practical working resume in their specialty craft, so upon completion of their contract with us, they will have experience working in their specialty craft, whether it be a producer, director, or simply a general film maker for four years.
They then with certainty can go to any production company and have a fair chance in getting employment in your chosen field, not to mention our company is always on the lookout for quality artist.
At your own school or church, we can even make available a after school program for the cost of basically any other after school program, but you are learning what you are passionate about, making movies. Each of these programs will ultimately produce a short student film that you may use on your resume for your chosen discipline, entered into competition with other Christian schools and churches in our upcoming 2015 film festival.
We are coming across many who seem to think if they have been a extra in 15 student films, they have become a professional actor. We are not interested in the number of times you have had an extra spot in a film, or even a speaking role in a student film at some film school. Otherwise, we will end in the same dilemma as the whole state of Louisiana after their film leaders at least had the foresight to get film incentives high in orderA  to draw professional production companies to their state to produce films. As mentioned, we are as committed to quality product, films that will help to shape our culture positively, as we are to hiring as much local talents as possible. We are absolutely committed to producing such quality that in the near future that anyone who has any interest in producing a redemptive story idea, there is only one logical solution as to what company one is to come to for producing such a product, and that is Maxima Vision Films.
This is the exact A issue that has influenced our decision in coming to Nashville Tennessee as opposed to continuing to beat a dead dog in the DFW area of Texas.
Unfortunately, in leadership in state government, many cannot wrap their minds around the huge amount of money the film industry can bring to any community they do business in. We feel after viewing how serious we are about those talents we hire above, you will realize how serious we are in producing for you the most professional production money can buy. There is absolutely no other industry that can bring in the large amounts of revenue into a state that the film industry can.
If our leaders were to just spend some necessary time to actually see the economic impact the film industry can bring to an area, perhaps they may seeA  the intelligence in giving incentives to bring this powerful industry to a state like Tennessee.
A A Come now to get involved in our celebration of our opening up our home office in Nashville, Tennessee. Get involved now with a company who is committed to harnessing the power of the mediums of film and television to help shape our culture positively verses negatively, as Hollywood has for decades.
At present you must take your project to some kind ofa board appointed by the Governor, and then see if they want to give you any kind of incentive.
A A This method simply will not attract the multi millions a professional production company can bring into a state. The second part of the problem that even Louisiana faced, even after their leaders got the incentives high enough to attract these multi millions, and that is sufficient talent to make it possible to make professional quality films anywhere near quantity.A Also enrolling now for our full curriculum where classes will begin September 2014 at our Nashville Campus. Being this will be our first graduating class from our Nashville Academy, any new student will receive the same tuition incentive the student which began at our academy in DFW received their first year, which is 75% off tuition forA whole first yearA for on campus students & better than 50% off tuition for whole first year for online new students. Though we are now seeking a studio facility in Nashville, all of our services are already available, which may be viewed at a€?Our Servicesa€? page here in this site. We can take any story from concept, through development & even script doctoring, through pre-production, production, and into post and even distribution.
A A Anything that can be produced in Hollywood, can now be produced in Nashville, Tennessee.
EvenA  if you are not seeking a professional production, you can have the pros help you at any junction of your photograpy, video, or cinematic needs. We already have two feature films we are casting for now, and are in pre-production in Nashville, Tennessee and two more that we do not even have slated yet. The first film here will be a€?Rachela€™s Gracea€? and the second one is our newest film a€?Beyond the Soula€?. Call us now at the number below, or send head shots and most current resume to the email below. A SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR ACTORS TO HAVE FREE PHOTO SHOOT DONE BY OUR PROFESSIONALSA Are you in need of professional photos to help get you started? Now, being that we are just opening in the Nashville market we are offering any actor who wishes to try out for role in any of our feature films or television production a free photo shoot, meaning there is no sitting fee, you just simply commit to the purchase of three different looks that we will print for you for only $100. This photo shoot basically broils down to as many differnt looks as you can dress for and get shot in hour and half.
A So, if you are in need of professional photos, now is your opportunity to have them taken by our professional photographers for less that you can have done anywhere else in town. Please readOur most pressing news as of September 2015, something I hope all readers might read before searching other pages on this site. Maxwell will be deciding upon and after this illness passed we will take a look at producing these scripts into feature films or television productions. Maxwell is spending this time taking care of his wife, and not in production, he has plenty of time to read scripts.
Now, all the services offered at our other production facilities will be available to serve Tennessee. At present we have two major investment groups, one of which has already committed funding four feature films or television productions every year over the next five years. A Ask any professional in the film or television industry how difficult it is to obtain the funding for a feature film or television production.
No one in Nashville is even producing a film per year, let alone cranking out four feature films or television productions each and every year, not until now.

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