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I was just ecstatic upon knowing that Rick Riordan has officially released the first chapter of The House of Hades, the fourth book in everyone's favorite series. Read the first chapter of Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades by Rick Riordan in advance. With the upcoming release of Rick Riordan's third The Heroes of Olympus installment, The Mark of Athena, the author is on the move to introduce us to the new and old characters of the series.
Riordan posted on his blog some characters with little backgrounders and artistic redetions to keep us on the loop. When he first appeared in the original Percy Jackson series, Coach Gleeson Hedge is sometimes the comic relief of the story.
Hercules, also known as Heracles for some Greeks, is a demigod that Zeus, his father, made as minor god at the end of his life. It's been seven years since The Lightning Thief was published and now much loved author Rick Riodarn is about to have The Mark of Athena published. Rick Riordan has seen his novel The Lightning Thief go from print to movie screen, with Logan Lerman portraying the troubled demigod. And now I shall leave you with this YouTube clip of Riordan reading the first chapter of his upcoming novel, The Mark of Athena.
The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is about Carter Kane who travels around the world with his Egyptologist dad, Julius, and Sadie Kane who lives with her grandparents in England. The burden of having to wait for the next Heroes of Olympus book get heavier and heavier the moment it get nearer and nearer.
It is in the point of view of Hazel, one of the champions who will help save the world from Gaea's destruction. You can also check whether your place is included in Rick Riordan's scheduled House of Hades tour.

Some are old timer mythology attendance and a few are new ones, based on old characters, that have been part of the previous series. Now he will be back in The Mark of Athena to give us some more laughs and funny strictness.
She was once a mere mortal, but boasted her skills in weaving that irritated Athena and turned her to the hideous character that she is now. I have tried reading other books based on mythology before and I will continue with my pursuit, but I must say that no one does it like Rick Riordan! It felt more like you were following the adventures of these two kids and not just reading a book.
Riordan revealed that "he's along for the ride on the Argo II" and he will aid the heroes by using that baseball bat on monsters, or demigods, or pretty much anything that moves. She will eventually meet Leo and they will be making a little bargain here and there that would surely affect the journey of the heroes. Our demigod friends will meet him face-to-face in The Mark of Athena, but they are not yet sure if he's a friend or a foe. Riordan had nothing to do with the poor execution of this movie, which I believed had so much potential.
So many details about Egypt were put into the book but they were put there in a way that children could still easily understand.
But in the story he will have a role -- big or small we're not yet sure -- to play in alleviating our demigod heroes' quest. He gets a little touchy, and might hit you with his club, if you call him a minor god or even discuss the Disney animated movie about his life that just seems to be not about right.
Having finessed The Serpent's Shadow, I see that he is hinting that the magicians and demigods may cross paths.

During their one day, Julius takes them to the British Museum where he tries to summon the Egyptian god Osiris, but instead destroys the Rosetta Stone and unleashes five Egyptian gods, Osiris, Horus, Isis, Nephthys, and Set. Sadie would say something about Carter and he’d be mad or embarrassed or Carter would say something about Sadie and she’d usually hit him. Even though the gods were using their bodies as hosts, it still seemed odd at times that they were possessed by gods who were married to each other and were now in the bodies of a father and daughter, but then all five gods who are released are brothers and sisters anyway. I’m excited to read the next books and see what other Egyptian gods and goddesses will be introduced. Aside from the one day a year that they saw each other, they never really communicated between that time.
Since she was Sadie’s cat, you could feel the worry that Sadie went through whenever Bast did something dangerous.
It’s up to the Kane siblings to discover Set’s real name and stop him before the Demon Days begin.
It would be funny how they would seem concerned for the other but go right back to pretending like they didn’t care.
Along their journey they meet Bast, the cat goddess, Iskandar, protector of pharaohs, and Zia and Desjardins, magicians of the first Nome. The last couple of chapters were kind of chaotic at points and I found myself getting a bit confused at times, but not to the point where it ruined the story.

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