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The photo of the "council flag" sent by Suzanne Stephenson of Ipswich City Council shows the coat of arms [see description below] on a green background, with the words "CITY OF IPSWICH" in white lettering beneath the coat of arms. There are in fact two Ipswich flags - the first one carries the City Crest and represents the Council or local government authority and is used exclusively by Council particularly on formal occasions such as issuing Scrolls granting Freedom of Entry to the military.
The Arms portray the history of the early industries of Ipswich with a symbol (the Church) of faith in God, Who made possible those industries and production, and so the resultant prosperity of the Ipswich area.
A bold sun above the environmentally friendly green and gold pastures promotes the importance of the rural landscape and lifestyle to our regional City. Some exciting changes to White Pages are coming in May, but your web browser won't support them. Hoopers Carpet One offers customers the best and most professional advice to ensure floor covering choices are best suited to any requirement at the most competitive prices.A full and comprehensive "shop at home" service is available through the Hoopers Carpet One mobile, fully equipped van.
Today's carpets offer you a whole world of design and fibre possibilities.Choosing the perfect carpet that will stay beautiful for years is easier than you might think. To Avoid the Hassles and Risks in Picking the Right Carpet Type to suit your needs, Visit Our Site to Request a FREE Quote or drop by and visit us. Our unique Wray Organic concept started in a little store at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast in 2005.
Deborah Wray and Gary Davis decided to open an organic grocery store for a number of reasons. CafeEvery day our food cabinet is displayed with today's selection of breakfast, lunch & snack options. This thread is for general discussion on the expansion or potential expansion of teams in the A-league. The Town's first Mayor, Alderman John Murphy, and his Council decided the Municipality needed a 'Seal'. The second carries the corporate logo and is used widely by cultural, community, sporting, charity etc groups in promoting their events particularly when Ipswich City Council has involvement.
The transport and trade in wool from the Darling Downs was an important industry in Ipswich at that time. Strikingly simple, this stylised 'i for Ipswich' logo features many aspects of the new City. Gold is not only symbolic of the bountiful rural landscape but of a sense of winning and achieving.
By 2008 Wray Organic was four stores strong with two located in Brisbane and two on the Gold Coast. Firstly, they noticed that so many of the organic or 'health food' shops they visited stocked their shelves full of vitamin pills and supplements and not much else. Fourthly, they knew people wanted to buy at their convenience rather than load up with a weekly shop at a market where you need to get up at some 'ungodly hour' in order to not miss out!
It is also used to discuss the viability of existing clubs and the history of previous clubs as well as NPL teams. I thought this was going to be one of those threads where the same argument is thrown around like a tumble dryer with no meaningful results. It's shots like this that make me want to sell my gear!LOL is that a good thing or a bad thing?!?Thanks for all the good comments.
Reverend Lacey H Rumsey, MA, Rector of St Paul's Anglican Church, Ipswich was requested to create a design and that Crest and Arms is still in use by the City of Ipswich today. Most importantly, the green and gold portions highlight the merging of the former Moreton Shire and Ipswich City local authority areas in 1995 with a white flowing band between them which at once is the letter 'i' as well as the lifegiving Bremer River.
In 2011 the long awaited Ipswich store opened and then followed by Cannon Hill in June of 2012.
Secondly, they were frustrated with the poor quality organic fruit and vegetable that was available and literally dying on the shelf.

And lastly, they wanted to create a one stop organic store where you could do your whole shop under one roof. The FFA has expansion on hold until after the existing broadcasting deal ends, unless a miracalous bid comes along.The Front RunnersCanberra12Canberra is a front runner for future A-league expansion.
In the background on rising ground are three factories, one at each end with one chimney and the centre one with two chimneys and smoke issuing from them.
We recently opened the Toowoomba store in August 2012 and then Cleveland opened in September 2012.
The official bid A-League4Canberra was closed on 10 May 2012 due to losing out to Western Sydney Wanderers and FFA suspending expansion until 2015.
I'll throw in my 5c which I've voiced in the trillions of meaningless threads over the years.
Canberra drew 5,193 people to an A-league game between Central Coast Mariners and Perth Glory on the 4th of September 2009, and 5,735 to watch Sydney FC vs Central Coast during the 2007 pre season cup. I find it pretty disappointing that our nations capital (despite what people may think of the place as an actual location) was not in the initial 8 teams. In the upper right quarter are a shovel, pick-axe and a coal basket suspended with a loop handle and a rope symbolising mining. Canberra has a W-League team which has the highest average attendance of the league at about 1000.
Quite frankly (and I don't want to start flame wars here!) but we could have done without the NZ Knights in the opening years, and had a Canberra team to kick start the league off. In the lower right quarter a paddle-wheel steamboat is depicted on the river, with hills in the background, reminding us Ipswich was once a major inland port, with paddle-steamers plying both the Bremer and Brisbane Rivers. An emblem of wheat-in-the-ear is depicted on the left of the Arms and on the right an emblem of cotton in the pod - a reminder that during the American Civil War cotton was seen as an important new industry for Ipswich. Football South Coast chief executive Ann-Marie Balliana has spoken about the cities goals to have an A-league team. A ribbon contains the motto 'Confide Recte Agens' which when translated reads 'Be Confident When Doing Right'. Football South Coast boss Eddy De Gabriele said the South Coast is hoping to have a W-league and NYL team by the 2014-15 NSWPL season, and an A-league team in 3 years with several backers already being approached. South Coast Wolves were expected to have a 22-hectare training and administration site built for the club by 2015 as well as a cheaper stadium rent deal to play at WIN Stadium, however the initial funding was scrapped.Wollongong drew a crowd of 6,124 at a match between Sydney FC and Wellington Phoenix for the 2008 Pre-season cup, and 6,540 at a pre-season friendly in 2013 between Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets.
Newcastle Jets player Ruben Zadkovich and Newcastle Coach Gary van Egmond both publicly supported an A-league bid. Wollongong supported a NSL club for over 20 years in the NSL, its crowd were generally between 3-5k. Tasmanian Loggers United - and play half their games in Hobart and the other half in Launceston. In 2013 South Melbourne FC attempted to buy Central Coast Mariners and Melbourne Heart, both of which were rejected. The only real thing I think holding a Tasmanian franchise back, short of investors, is a rectangular ground. The bid included $3.5 million and brazilian star Emerson as coach, Melbourne Heart have rejected the bid twice. Whilst as picturesque as Aurora Park and Bellrieve Oval may be - being ovals isn't exactly great footballing infrastructure, especially as Bellrieve has a full time cricket pitch smack bang in the middle of it.
Tasmania has 2 main population centers, Hobart and Launceston, it is unclear what city the team would play in if successful.
Football Federation Tasmania is not currently pursuing an A-league license, stating that it is unsustainable, they're currently hoping to have a small rectangular stadium be built in Hobart. In 2013 when speaking about expansion, A-league chief Damien de Bohun said Hobart was another option for expansion, however in 2014 David Gallop commented that Tasmania was not in the FFA's short term plan however did not rule it out for the future.Melbourne Victory signed a 3 year agreement with the Tasmanian football association to play pre-season games in Tasmania and also naming of the Tasmanian state league.

They got healthy attendances to both fixtures and I can't remember the cricket pitch interfering too much with the general style and flow of play. A crowd of 4071 showed up to watch Melbourne Victory play against the Tasmania XI in Hobart. The retangular park and stadium I think is the one thing Canberra has in favour over a A-League spot at the expense of Tasmania - playing out of Canberra Stadium is fine. A crowd of 8500 turned up to watch Melbourne Victory play against Newcastle jets at the 2007 pre season cup. He also spoke about having future teams based in Asia and has said that they have had active discussions with places like Singapore, Indonesia and are currently speaking to Malaysian officials on playing a team out of a new 50,000 stadium.
Malaysian officials welcomed the idea while Singaporean officials said it wanted to hear more details while Indonesian Football Federation secretary-general Joko Driyono said he was not aware of of any contact over the proposal.Re-expansionTownsville1234Townsville won the right to play in the 2009-10 A-league season as North Queensland Fury. Following their first season the club was hit with severe financial difficulties with there main backer pulling out.
After much talk about the Fury coming back, the club was finally re-formed in 2012 and successfully bidded to join the 2013 NPL.
The Fury have a five-year plan a National Youth League license in 2015, a W-League license in 2016 and an A-league team in 2017. In November, 2013 Fury will attempt to attract 5,000 members as part of a community ownership program to help their cause to re-join the A-league.Gold Coast12345Gold Coast is currently the largest city in Australia without a team. Gold Coast united participated in the A-league for 3 years before the FFA took its license off the clubs owner, its season attendance averages were 5,392, 3,434 and 3,546. A Gold Coast consortium had hoped to save the club but the FFA opted for a team in Western Sydney.
In 2012 Gold Coast Football planned joining the APL and eventually returning to the A-league by 2017, there bid was rejected. Geoffrey Schuhkraft is working on bringing an A-league team back to the Gold CoastAuckland123Auckland has had 2 football teams. The second team New Zealand Knights lasted just 2 seasons in the A-league drawing yearly average crowds of 3,909 and 3,014. Since then however there has been a raised possibility about a new Auckland team with the success of Wellington Phoenix.
Wellington Phoenix drew a crowd of 20,078 during the 2011-12 A-league season at Eden park(Auckland). Auckland City FC have recently begun talking to potential investors including Wellington Phoenix owner Gareth Morgan, with the aim of entering the A-league, and New Zealand Football has announced a strategic plan which includes supporting a 2nd NZ team from Auckland.The OthersCairns12Far North Queensland Heat announced plans to join the A-league after signing a sponsorship deal with Aquis. They're planning on building a 25,000 seater stadium and to have an A-league and NYL license when the FFA next consider expansion. Sunshine Coast has drawn crowds between 3-4k for pre season games.Ipswich1234Ipswich have plans to for an A-league team with Mayor Paul Pisasale promising to build a 15,000 seat stadium to secure a license. Brisbane Roar CEO Sean Dobson and Ipswich's deputy Mayor Victor Attwood have supported an Ipswich A-elague team.
Ipswich has attracted crowds of 2-4k for pre-season Brisbane Roar games.ChristchurchChristchurch has been suggested as the next place for New Zealand expansion. OFC ambassador Christian Karembeu headed a football consortium to be based in New Caledonia called Ocean 11 FC.Smaller OthersDarwin12The Northern Territory Government supported the Northern Thunder bid whose plan was to play some games out of Darwin.
Northern Territory Football Association’s skill acquisitions trainer John Tambouras has spoken of having a NYL or A-League team based in Darwin. Darwin drew a crowd of 2,700 to a pre-season cup game between Perth Glory and Melbourne Victory.

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