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These copyright picture albums are also available as iPhone applications and can be purchased for 99 cents through the iPhone app store. Astrogems has compiled these images from its stock of copyrighted hand-painted oil paintings. Ganesh is the Hindu lord of wisdom, intelligence, education, prudence, good fortune, and writing. He represents the perfect equilibrium between male and female energies (Shiva and Shakti), between force and kindness and between power and beauty. All of our free wallpapers are available for you to offer on your website, should you want to promote the subjects depicted in them.

He also symbolizes the discriminative capacities which provide the ability to perceive distinctions between truth and illusion. This is why Ganesh is believed to be the harbinger of good fortune, and why he is invoked first at any ritual or ceremony. It is interesting to note how, according to tradition, Ganesha was generated by his mother Parvati without the intervention of her husband.
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Throughout India and the Hindu culture, Shri Ganesh is also placed first into any new home or abode. Whether it is diwali puja, a new house, a new vehicle, students praying before the exams, or people praying before job interviews, it is Ganesha they pray to, because it is believed that he will come to their aid and grant them success in their endeavor.
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