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Now, here are the numbers that we say at the end of the day — which now include all ballots cast at the polls on the machines, as opposed to provisional ballots or paper ballots. Now, if you want to know how just people who voted at the polls voted on Tuesday, you need to do a little subtraction: you subtract that first report from this one here.
You can see from the last two rows, for example, that Rita Simpson did much better in vote-by-mail ballots (middle number) than in machine-counted ballots on Election Day (boldfaced number on the right) — perhaps because by that time more people who might have been inclined to vote for Christopher Bunyan along with Katrina Foley realized that that vote ought to go to Jay Humphrey. The vote-by-mail (VBM) votes sent late will tend to skew conservative, though closer to the Election Day totals because people waited to mail them in.
The provisional (PROV) votes will tend to skew liberal because of who tends to have to vote using them. The vote-by-mail-returned-at-polls (VBMRAP) votes tend to be closer to the Election Day totals than regular VBMs.

The Election Day paper ballot votes tend to skew towards both the left and right extremes that don’t trust our voting machines. Deposed as Northern Vice Chair of DPOC in April 2014 when his anti-corruption and pro-consumer work in Anaheim infuriated the Building Trades and Teamsters in spring 2014, who then worked with the lawless and power-mad DPOC Chair to eliminate his internal oversight. Runs for office sometimes, so far to offer a challenge to someone nasty who would otherwise have run unopposed. None of his pre-putsch writings ever spoke for the Democratic Party at the local, county, state, national, or galactic level.
He also runs a less frequently published blog called "The Brean," for his chosen hometown, where he is now fighting with its wealthiest and most avaricious citizen-donors.
I’m not sure why the lack of protocol or the respect of using candidates proper names is missing here!

I’m not sure why the lack of protocol or the respect of Righeimer’s treatment of his colleagues, flouting of the law, and destructive governance of Costa Mesa generally! 3 and 4 are counted first!   And those voters have the most in common with the other VBM voters who gave Riggy his lead. Auditor-Controller nails unauthorized friends and family program at Dana Point HarborPaid advertisement we believe in!

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