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It may feel like your energy is pushing against every situation in the early part of the day like you're running toward the wind.
You appreciate what others take for granted: the ballet of smooth traffic, the symphonic sound of running water, the smell of apples. Someone quietly will return a nod in passing or send the digital equivalent of that gesture on the Internet.
It is a gift to be comfortable in your skin, and you share the gift as you cultivate an atmosphere in which others can relax.

You want to mix things up, though there are always risks involved when you stretch into the unknown.
There are consequences if you don't, the worst of which is that a month from now you will look back and wish you had. Be careful to stay in a complimentary mode when you speak of your family and friends because anything less could be considered a betrayal. Perhaps they won't attribute the experience to you by name, but they will appreciate your contribution.

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