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Characteristics: Rightly denoted by the symbol, geminis have two facets to their personalities.
Characteristics: Ingenuity, inventiveness, versatility, persuasion, humor, cunning, impudence, superficiality.
In the labor market Monkeys tend to be excellent: Scientists, doctors, engineers, writers, editors and journalists.
Famous Monkey people: Bob Marley, Joan Crawford, Martina Navratilova, James Stewart, Omar Sharif.
Those that fall under the sign of the capricorn go through life with calm & deliberate actions. Capricorn’s are happiest wearing darker colours, (black, brown, navy or olive green) and enjoy working or living in surroundings where the walls are dark. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is a sign that tends to make those born under this sign natural leaders.
For those born under this sign it is about comfort and familiar surroundings that make them happy. Unlike those born under the Gemini sign Cancers have a love of the past and this is mostly reflected in the comfortable and sometimes cluttered Cancerian home.
If you were born under this sign then most likely you love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. January to December, there are many meanings to the month you were born and more specifically the day.
Mine is weird, My zodiac sign really is Scorpio but sometimes my birthday falls down on Libra.. Guys, the moderators have already warned and required images to be posted as attachment just like how I post above.
Burmese zodiac animal signs are the invention of ancient, wise monks of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Appropriately, we see the eight in all manner of powerful symbols native to Burma - Myanmar and its surrounding regions. In-line with the foundational Eight energy, we learn that the ancient Burmese astrological system is based on seven planets (seen in Hindu astrology), plus Rahu.
The image shows correspondences of animal signs with days of week, cardinal directions and zodiac symbol.
To determine your zodiac animal signs, (like your Western astrological sun sign) all you need is the day of the week you were born.

Below, I've provided the basic personality traits for your zodiac animal signs according to Mahabote. In the meantime, enjoy this (somewhat over) simplified version of this intricate and colorful form of astrology: The Myanmar - Burmese zodiac animal signs.
I hope you have enjoyed learning more about these Myanmar - Burmese animal zodiac signs and their meanings.
Signs and symbols cultivate their meanings according to culture, context, passage of time in society as well as mass societal opinion.
This website strives to provide you with the best, time-honored information when defining signs and symbols.
Having said that, it's in our best interest to invest the time to do personal research on symbolic events happing to us.
Also, they are always in constant search of new experiences and challenges to disguise their feelings. Whether a fad in clothing, home furnishings or other this is the sign that will most likely embrace them. Those under this sign become quickly bored by routine and frequently change jobs, clothes and surroundings. Those born under this sign are extremely precise with a place for everything and have few frills and fantasies. What's cool and highly important is that signs and symbols earn their most powerful meanings from our own personal perspectives. This website is just one perspective in an ocean of variety and diversity in the realm of symbolism.
In astrology, there are twelve horoscope signs that are derived from constellations in the sky. The colour which appeals most to those born under this sign is Amber (which is also their gemstone.) Oranges through to fiery reds are also colours that this sign will gravitate towards. Your zodiac sign is based on the constellation in which the Sun was, at the time of your birth. They believe in living in the present and dealing with situations as and when they come.This was something about what horoscope signs mean.
Having good taste and enjoying comfort is key for a Scorpio, they hate any form of deception so you’ll often find pieces chosen for their space that have honesty and purity of design. Every sign has a symbol, an element (fire, earth, water or air) and is ruled by a planet (one planet rules not more than two signs).

However, understand that horoscope signs broadly categorize personalities into twelve classes. The pisces home is one that is most likely very eclectic reflecting their artistic side while having many pieces of art and nick knacks  on display. Definitely a sign to tiptoe around if you’re navigating the Leo waters for the first time. Music, interesting conversation, good food and fine wines will also be a part of this home. Because of the Scorpians preference of deep colours, the overall effect of the decor would most often be somewhat sensuous and dramatic. Cancer (ruled by the moon) and Leo (ruled by the Sun) are the only two signs that are not ruled by a planet. You cannot have all the traits of your sign or be exactly like what your horoscope sign suggests. Translated in to the home the colours might be reflected in black lacquered Oriental furniture, perhaps some chippendale pieces and many dark green walls offset with one or two well selected paintings. Those born under the Cancer sign are the most home loving of all the signs and have a great love of food. You are very successful (especially in business) and you are able to accomplish achievements on your own terms.
The meaning of a horoscope sign is hidden in the three associations it has - its symbol, its ruling planet, and its element.Let's take Aries for example. A ram symbolizing this sign, is an animal known for its surefootedness and aggressive behavior. Take the ruling planet Mars (appears red) and the element fire (symbolic of heat and rage). Put them together and you will get the Aries personality trait of being short-tempered and headstrong. Take its symbol, ruling planet and element, think of the characteristics these are associated with.

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