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They are stated to constantly be on the hunt for fresh meat, and are shown to ravenously pursue food items (such as humans). They also posess the ability to flick their tongues at an object from about three feet away, which seems to be a way of catching food. Zorgons appear to be cold-blooded, as they can be deterred by cold temperatures and were at one point distracted with a burning couch.
They are bent on finding materials to burn in order to fuel their ships (an action which led to the destruction of their homeworld).
This fall, NASA is teaming up with someone special to get students excited about space and learning. Van Allsburg: As I was writing the story, I was attracted to the idea of a space adventure because of all I hear and read about space in science fiction and also in reality.
Chris Van Allsburg: Well, I was interested in, at least subtly, connecting it to "Jumanji," so I wanted it to have three syllables. NASA: Your stories encompass a wide range of topics, but you have a central theme of fantasy, imagination and making something unexpected come to life. If you are a child and you hear about traveling through the vast distances of space, I think your imagination mostly turns to thinking about what could you possibly do in all that time? Chris Van Allsburg: I'd like to remind them that truth is stranger than fiction and that some of the most amazing things they'll learn about themselves are the things that they will discover about the world they live in -- that it's an amazing place and that one of the ways to learn about them is through science. NASA: In order for us to be successful at our jobs here at NASA, we have to keep a child-like sense of wonder. Van Allsburg: Sometimes when your children are very young, you can see the world through their eyes and have that child-like sense of wonder. NASA: How do you turn your imagination into a finished story, and do you do scientific research on your ideas? A lot of time kids want to know how I draw a certain kind of subject matter and I always give them the same answer: you have to find out what it looks like.
Chris Van Allsburg: I like the idea of establishing in between the covers of a book a kind of reality that you fall into, that is different from your own but recognizable, where odd and peculiar things happen. Students recently had a chance to hear Chris Van Allsburg during his appearance with NASA scientist Jennifer Keyes on the Digital Learning Network webcast on Nov. Is it true that the producers didn't want you after your first audition, but then you were given a second chance?
I did, as soon as I met her, we knew right away there was going to be a great friendship and that our friendship away from the set would be great, because it would help our chemistry on camera. I know it was really hard for me, but you have to rise above it and realise that they're just doing that, because it makes them feel better.
You said you knew you wanted to act at the age of four, how did you know that that was a job that you wanted at such an early age? I have Firehouse Dog coming out and I just finished a film called Centre of the Earth, (Journey 3-D) before the holidays with Brendan Fraser. I would love to met him.I am like one of his biggest fans!I'm born just a day before him and we're the same age.He is one of my favourite actors ever and Bridge to Terabithia!
Their ships are surprisingly small, about the size of a house, and the book adaptation of the movie states that they are armed with photon beams (presumably an extremely concentrated blast of visible light, as the beams are white in the movie and the heat-loving Zorgons would not want to use infrared). I'm fascinated by the NASA images I've seen over the years of people in space going to weightlessness.

Since children's' imaginations are fired by things that they see and read, what effect do you think NASA's planned missions to the moon, Mars and beyond have on kids' imaginations?
If somebody describes something to you that could happen or might happen, and if it is of any interest to you at all, then you instantly start to use your imagination to think about it.
And that could lead you to some other ideas about, say, what exactly does the human mind require in the absence of the television and video games?
And whether or not you become a scientist or not, knowing about the physical world, knowing about evolution, knowing about biology, knowing about space, knowing about the theory of relativity is so important because the more you know, the more you realize that the world is a peculiar, complicated and thrilling place.
Can we expect to see more books with the same aspect of either math or science concepts in the future?
The only other book that I could think of that embraced the idea of presenting something about the natural world was "Two Bad Ants" which is a story about life inside the world of ants and that also contemplates what would be bad behavior for an ant. Before I draw a picture, I think about a story fairly completely -- there is a point where I can actually see a story happening in my mind's eye. I hope they recognize the mysteries or the questions the books ask and then see the value in having kids read my stories. The course that he taught was a very strange course that was about life in motion and music. I fell in love with it right away and as I was reading it, I could totally see it coming to life.
He's a great character to play because he was very different from any character I've played before. Her friend was a friend of mine for a while, like I had known this girl since I was five and we became good friends. I've worked with Tom Hanks and Robin Williams, some big names and I've never felt intimidated for some reason.
I have really good friends who are cool about it and sometimes they ask me questions about it, which is cool because they don't know anything about it. It was difficult because there were times when you had to imagine the creatures were jumping at you and you had to hit them and dodge and dive, but there was nothing there. I've never been the whole video game type, I've always been into playing outside and imagining games outside. If you are a scientist, you might be using your imagination to think about the problems of actually being able to do it. I remember, when I was probably around third grade, seeing in a newspaper there was a contest. Because the success of ants is really based on a lack of selfishness that, even though it is a scientific idea, it becomes kind of a way of making an emotional story about what happens when ants, or perhaps other species, sort of forget about their nature and they do something that's not quite right. I think a little bit of the sense of wonder is a desire to escape the present, or the real world. So certainly it is useful as an adult, possibly as an adult scientist as well as an artist, to think about things that might not happen and then wonder how they might.
Though the book might end, I like the idea of a tiny bit of a mystery or something unanswered at the end, so that when you close the book even though you could say, "Well, I am done with the book," there is still something that goes around in your head because of what you have seen in the pages and what you have read on the pages. Because I'm not there to answer questions kids might have after reading the books, they are forced to question themselves.
Van Allsburg and Keyes discussed the importance of imagination in art and exploration during two webcasts for students and one for teachers.

Previous acting roles include appearances in Zathura: A Space Adventure and RV with Robin Williams. I begged my parents ever since I was like three or four to let me get into it and they never let me in until I was about nine. Can u believe i have the same birthday as josh, October twelve, except im 4 yrs younger i just thought that was so cool! In appearance, Zorgons are very draconic, possessing mouths filled to the brim with sharp conical teeth and small horns at the backs of their skulls. He is the author and illustrator of 15 books including "Jumanji" and "The Polar Express." His latest book, "Zathura," has just been turned into a movie, also.
But as I was writing "Zathura" I thought it could also be kind of scary to lose your gravity.
But I don't know about the things I'm going to do in the future -- whatever hits me, that's what I do. That fantasy is actually a way to see the world how you'd like it to be, rather than seeing the way it is, and that's a bit of an inspiration. I should feel intimidated I know that, but I just feel like they're normal people too and they do the same thing I do. It was a pretty good size, something larger than would fit in your bedroom, probably for the basement or the backyard. They can't peek into my ear and see what is happening in there, so I have to find the words to tell the story and then find the pictures that will make that story really come to life inside the covers of the book. And I think one of the reasons I liked that course was that it was a strange overlap of art and science.
I looked them up in the phone book and gave them a call and they said they wanted to meet with me, so I met with them.
But if you sent in the name for the spacecraft and it was the winning name, then you would get this thing in your own home.
So we had to learn a lot about things we don't think of as art, things like acoustics and electricity.
I remember cooking up a name and hoping that I would get that, because I thought that was an excellent way to travel through the galaxy. They were really mean to me and I had to get over it and realise that it made them feel better about themselves, for some reason. At that point, I had done some like local auditions and stuff like that, and I was loving it already. I used to watch The Lion King like a thousand times and used to dress up as John Smith from Pocahontas. After I sent it in I thought that it was a better name for a pilot than for the ship itself.
Then they told me I should go to California for pilot season (where they hold auditions for all new TV shows).

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