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One of the oldest zodiac birthstones associated with the sign of the archer the heliotrope is available in two varieties. Home Forums Astrology Forum for Free Horoscope Reading and Evaluation Do I Have Kal Sarp Yog In My HoroscopeIf Yes What Are The Effects And Remedies. While each of the four elements is integral to life and survival, Earth is most connected to the physicality of life.
SCORPIO WITH AQUARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe scorpion is a water sign and the water bearer is an air sign. SCORPIO WITH ARIES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYScorpios tend to lack warmth, generosity and fairness. SCORPIO WITH CANCER ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis is a very empathetic compatible combination.Firstly because they belong to the water element and secondly because in this equation as the crab is the leader and the scorpion is the better communicator, the more virulent traits of Scorpio like unwarranted insults and stings do not come to the forefront.
SCORPIO WITH CAPRICORN ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese two zodiacs find it very easy to communicate with each other. SCORPIO WITH GEMINI ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese two may never meet if some hapless little fool doesn’t introduce them.
SCORPIO WITH LEO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYAs you will remember Leos like to be pampered and respected.
SCORPIO WITH LIBRA ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis is an association that has a heavy strain of the student-teacher dynamics. SCORPIO WITH PISCES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese two elusive, fey zodiacs are usually supremely, divinely happy together in a world of their own. SCORPIO WITH SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis is the same equation as that of Scorpio and Libra. SCORPIO WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYLegend has it that a female Scorpio is the femme fatale of the zodiac wheel.
SCORPIO WITH VIRGO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis is like when the vestal virgins of the empires long ago were thrown to the lusty kings for them to have their fun with. AQUARIUS WITH AQUARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY A point to be noted in all interactions with Aquarius is the fact that they will not care too much!
AQUARIUS WITH ARIES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYHaving read the previous analysis, I can see that some of you are forming ideas. AQUARIUS WITH CANCER ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe crab and the water bearer at the first glance seem to have no similarity at all. AQUARIUS WITH CAPRICORN ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe Aquarius is right after Capricorn on the zodiac wheel….so?Yes, I am sure all the water bearers can already infer what I want to say! AQUARIUS WITH GEMINI ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYGemini and Aquarius tend to be as happy as any family of bears together! AQUARIUS WITH LIBRA ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYAquarius is always accusing Libra of one cardinal sin! AQUARIUS WITH PISCES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYImagine an Aquarius sitting lost and forlorn battling the deep desire to break free of the pragmatic and the practical. AQUARIUS WITH SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYNormally an Aquarius soul is tolerant and carefree, proselytizing the principle of live and let live!
AQUARIUS WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese two individuals generally come together only when there is no free choice involved in the matter- like blood relatives or business associates or indeed employer-employee relationships.This is because they don’t fare too well when they are left to their own devices. AQUARIUS WITH TAURUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe bulls are soft, serene gentle souls with warmth and clear limpid eyes. AQUARIUS WITH VIRGO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe virgin does stare at an Aquarius if the two happen to be out strolling in the karmic plane. LEO GEMINI Love Horoscope CompatibilityThis is a very intuitive and compatible association. LEO LEO Love Horoscope CompatibilityAstrology is replete with examples where two same signs do not have an instant connection and even fare better with other signs that with their own. LEO LIBRA Love Horoscope CompatibilityGenerally the fire and the air element signs share a fair bit of chemistry between them. SUMMARY:Leo forget about sex….if its friendship you want…the scaly Libra can make you really happy! LEO SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope CompatibilityWhen the sun ruled Leo and the Jupiter ruled Sag meet, the bystanders also have a good time.
LEO TAURUS Love Horoscope CompatibilityThis astrological association is not the most compatible one in the block. LEO VIRGO Love Horoscope CompatibilityIn a relationship between Leo and Virgo, it is expected that Leo will play the card of domination. To be honest though sometimes the Virgin with its analyzing and nit picking can put out the Leo fire with mounds of earth. LEO AQUARIUS Love Horoscope CompatibilityAstrology may fall short to describe the reaction that takes place when these two signs get together! SUMMARY:If you want knowledge in its purest form, the Aquarius is the one to provide it to you! Fresh Ideas for Your Love LifeAnyone born under Leo zodiac sign are dominant in whatever they do. To understand more about your present and future love life, read your accurate Leo Love Horoscope Compatibility.To get a fuller, more personal, insight of who, what and when is in store for your love life take a look at our Astrology Reports page. SAGITTARIUS WITH AQUARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe Sag is represented by a muscular lithe centaur with his arrow pointed at the stars. SAGITTARIUS WITH ARIES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese are both fire signs and hence they tend to get along pretty okay. SAGITTARIUS WITH CANCER ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYBy now you people must know that crabs are ultra-sensitive.
SAGITTARIUS WITH LEO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe Leo is the organizer of the fire element and the archer is the communicator.
SAGITTARIUS WITH SAGITTARIUS COMPATIBILITYThis is an association that warrants very close investigation.
SAGITTARIUS WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYScorpio is ruled by Pluto and it comes just before Sagittarius on the zodiac wheel. SAGITTARIUS WITH TAURUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe bulls (Taurus) amble along the wide roads of life, clear eyed and smooth tailed…willing to work for success and for the most part unperturbed and stoic! SAGITTARIUS WITH VIRGO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe Virgos are the earth element communicators- born to take an endeavor or a relationship forward as the main stimulating force!
PISCES WITH LIBRA ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese two zodiacs generally need to be brought together by outside forces!
PISCES WITH SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe only way in which these two can get together is by emphasizing the common traits they share and carefully choosing to ignore the aspects of their personalities which can clash and cause disharmony while maintaining respect for the individuality of each other!This I know sounds like a tall order and a complicated one at that! PISCES WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThose of you who have read through all the site pages and harbor a soft corner for the mysteries of the zodiac need no prompting to figure this one out!
PISCES WITH TAURUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis one line should say it all: Money annoys the fish!
PISCES WITH ARIES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYPlease forgive me if I enjoy myself a little too much when I pen this analysis. PISCES WITH GEMINI ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYOn the face of it, a Pisces and Gemini association may seem quite compatible.
PISCES WITH LEO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis relationship is all about admiring what the other has and trying to emulate. PISCES WITH PISCES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYA Pisces-Pisces relationship is like four fishes swimming around in different directions. PISCES WITH VIRGO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis is an opposed pattern and thus not very compatible.I think there is no sense in being evasive about it.
The 12 animals have different personality traits likes and dislikes which all people born under the same year share. But if you must go you should wear a necklace or clothes with the picture of a horse because it The best time for you to gain a lot of profit is during Chinese New Year.
After the Introduction you can best horoscope match with cancer zodiac facebook signs You have a dogged determination and work like hell. You can still receive a reading with just your birth date and Watch your weekly video horoscope ought to you by Universal Psychic Guild – Taurus How will Saturn in Sagittarius influence Virgo? If you go to the introduction you can see that some really perceptive Scorpios can be considered as eagles. Then when Gemini will go ahead and most probably break Scorpio’s heart….that hapless full will have to bear the brunt of Scorpio’s stings. It is the joy, the pride of being a teenager that carefully masks those hidden lurking anxieties. You can’t call it strictly compatible because compatibility is something that is achieved between two halves without any overtones of sympathy or apparent superiority of one party.The Libras reading this must be preening in their awesome beautiful way thinking it means them. They are magical, ephemeral and sensitive, understanding what the other needs almost telepathically. Here we see that the Sagittarius, our lovable archer is right after the spooky Scorpio on the zodiac wheel.
In no way is Virgo prepared for the spiritual cavity check and sheer impact that the Scorpios can subject them to! Not even a smidgen if they do not like something!So the associations with them are relatively uncomplicated. Biased ones that an Aquarius is a rash and unthinking little person rushing into everything just for the gratification of their momentary, incomprehensible wishes!
Indeed they may not come together if mutual friends or other circumstances do not set them up! A bear may not be the best way in which two air signs can be described, but there is so much warmth and comfort about a family of bears!
They are born fixed or as organizers and hence if it does comes to a showdown, you can expect an impasse or a stale mate. The amount of time the scaly ones squander away trying to win all arguments and changing their minds is an insult to the organizer in Aquarius!Ask them about their flights of fancy and they have a quick reply ready: They do not fantasize, they hypothesize and any educated person knows hypothesis is the basis of true science!” In their books debate and endless, possibly futile, discussions are not! Normally a Sagittarius archer is quite content skipping through the woods (they love forests!), on the lookout for wealthy rich aristocracy to rob of snobbery! So it is natural that the extremely “different” Aquarians do have a certain aura of enchantment about them for the Taurus.The bulls can’t for the life of them understand how anyone can be so vague, talk almost gibberish yet make such a lot of sense. Virgo knows it is rude to stare at anyone, especially someone who looks so pointlessly ecstatic.But stare they will, because a water bearer is the strangest sight to the methodical, orderly and sometimes prudish Virgo. The Gemini twins wonder if the poise and the arrogance of the Leo is a facade to hide the quivering mass of doubts deep inside which is a carryover from the adolescent Cancer incarnation. That is because air and fire can get together in alchemic magic and produce light, joy and warmth!
Just remember that the fish needs a prodding from time to time to really perform its duties.
They are enveloped in this aura of warmth (thanks to the sun) and benevolence (thanks to big and comfy Jupiter!) and it sometimes seeps out and even permeates others at a distance. If one of the two signs is younger then you can witness a rare cherished love and respect between the two.
They like things to be done the way they like and prefer and to do jobs and activities that will interest them. Tempers may flare here and there occasionally but both the archer and the ram are quick to forgive and forget. You can at most times bid adieu to any hopes of them being compatible- a Sag and the twins that is!
Yes, stating it upfront is the best way because the Sag doesn’t appreciate distortion of facts and hemming and hawing! Two archers when they come together need to be very careful of the message they send out to those around them. Thus a student teacher overtone is bound to creep into the association even if the Scorp is the father and the archer the son.
They are amply capable of doing so, but along the way they will tend to nag, complain and even take apart the entire engine to see if movement can be optimized.It may seem surprisingly like the Archer’s quest for details! As in friends setting up a blind date or co-workers in adjacent cubicles who have to see each other every day.
However, I am here to lend a helping hand and to break down the convoluted suggestion into actionable steps. Thus it is a given that they will be harmonious and compatible, understanding each other perfectly.
The lions and lionesses will do so covertly, not wishing to accept that their treasure chest of virtues lacks anything.
They can behave in one of many ways- you have to admit that the natural unpredictability of a fish goes up a notch higher when two are around. Some are even better versions of the Gadgets you know and love like WeatherBug and many of them are free. Dear Cancer What I admire about you is your capacity to Love and thus regardless of how many times you’ve been hurt in the past. The year shows us 12 months which according to the birth period has given rice to 12 Zodiac signs.
Further to the above message, to avoid delays, reversals, mistakes or changes affecting your finances, steer clear of the Mercury Retrograde cycle which powerfully influences your money, company and property horoscope throughout May and June 2015. So this time around the Scorps are expected to emulate the more desirable qualities of the archer.
Yes I am talking to the bulls who are contemplating marriage with the Scorpios just because you people had a date the other day! You can drink as much from the waters of wisdom that Uranus bequeaths them with and move on. Once they do and Cancer gathers up the courage to poke the brilliant, multi-hued, flower splashing Aquarius with a timid claw…they might find one common ground for being compatible!
And that is what this association imbues each half of the equation with.The Aquarius is not as confused or flabbergasted by the continuous Gemini antics.
On the surface there are quite a few traits these two exceptional zodiacs share- progressiveness, attractiveness, penchant for the truth and daringness or courage (daringness for the water bearers and courage for the Leos).But unfortunately these two are opposed on the zodiac wheel!So their association is tinged with much tension and occasional disharmony. The Librans on the other hand will proclaim loud and clear in their mellow voices that Aquarius is very stubborn.
Being a fixed sign they have this deep seated respect for authority which can manifest as a rare blue phase of depression! Looking for some good humored mischief!Just If they bump into each other, the outcome maybe calamitous or serendipitous depending upon how calm, collected and controlled they can be.
Well Taurus will have a little easier time deciphering the Uranus talk of the water bearer because for all the fantasy colored consonants and the pixie dust sprinkled vowels, the Aquarius always speaks based on logic.
The more they interact the more the virgin will wear a surprised look on its face, the brows arched and a little bewildered.

The big cats on the other hand wonder if the incessant activity of the Gemini is not an over compensation of some sort to make up for the fact that they are quite lost as to what is the meaning and purpose of life! But because Leo is positioned in such a way to the fish that it will throughout life willingly and graciously serve the Pisces. This maybe because of the fact that when a lion is a cub it is more tolerant to the advice and the teachings of the scorpion! If the lions however maintain their sunny disposition, their tendency to stand up for the down trodden, then the association is sweet, mellow and compatible. At first glance it may seem quite a difficult proposition with a big lion lounging in the horizon. One of those weird astrological mysteries that we can’t solve!The crab is a persuasive and quite possessive creature. Aquarius is the possessor of far more knowledge than all the sun signs put together and that gives it a quiet dignity that any king would kill to have! In regard to relationships, they prefer to make any decisions and have de facto control of every aspect of it. From a distance if you look at Sag, it is as if the Aries infant has grown up to be a very intelligent, a very impassioned and articulate adult who is ever searching for the truth of the matter! Sagittarius men, women, geriatrics and dogs-they are all without exception a little bit thoughtless and a whole lot tactless.
In the beginning of the chapter I have stated quite frankly that an archer is made of two halves- the human and the animal.
Within an hour a Sagittarius can stub your toe….keep smiling, when they will you will understand…demolish you with a slew of painfully accurate observations and then when you are ready to murder them with your bare hands, charm you suddenly with a genuine compliment and drop fish sauce on your expensive Gucci shoes! The gentle Pisces maybe a little bewildered by the bluntness of Sagittarius and being an “intuitive” sign, the fish will realize upfront that the archer is to be avoided for the sake of preserving delicate mental balance. They can purge their surroundings of melancholy and invidiousness with the help of a raging fire of Jupiter induced morality but at the same time they may afflict pain and suffering on their near and dear ones if those blazing arrows of inconsiderate and blunt truth are aimed incessantly at them!It is only because Jupiter’s influence is so significant and in case of two Sags in a close mental association all the myriad qualities-positive and negative are intensified.As far as their personal interactions are concerned, they can be quite compatible.
Scorpio may look calm and implacable…with barely a ripple on the surface of their deep lake of enigma and mystery, but deep inside there are some misgivings, some restriction the scorpions feel.
They might even let you ride them for a while if you are polite about it and scratch them behind their pink ears!
There is an intrinsic difference though which prevents these two zodiacs from being made for each other compatible and that is the fact that a Sag delves and probes to learn the truth and the virgin delves and probes to change! First up, an archer and a fish caught in the web of circumstances should stop trying to run away from each other and move a little closer. Yes, there are some which are opposed to it and some associations are more tinged with tension.But you can never ever find the bickering and recriminations of the other signs, when one half of the mix is a Pisces. But what is written is written and can’t be changed.The relationship, if it develops is bound to be bombarded with disillusionment, quiet tears and tension if both parties do not employ sagacity and judiciousness. The fishes will do so openly because for them life is one long journey towards self-improvement and moksha!Most fishes are very submissive and passive. They can help each other enjoy the forbidden fruits of life and live away in a hallucinogenic haze.Become hippies for the sake of crying out loud!!
In short, whenever Virgo and Pisces get together, they may feel stirrings of needless hostility. Neither your name nor anything about you is sold or shared with any other company or agency. After Taurus, scorpions have the strongest retentive power and they are reluctant to break up an association at the drop of a hat!
The fact that Scorpio covets power also instils in them a respect for authority.Not the uneasy respect of the young bull but a reverence that can be achieved over time. Superficially one can say they are very much alike.Sometimes the Scorpion barbs seem as agonizing as the burning arrows the Sags aim at your vulnerable parts. The scorpions are opposite the bulls on the zodiac wheel and that translates into instant sexual attraction for the opposite sex! They can hardly ever make a single object or person the center of their lives!Having said that, when two water bearers get together, it is real fun to watch! That is unpredictability!A water bearer loves to surprise others and be surprised in return.It is part of the very wide mental arc they possess.
However, like I iterated right at the beginning of the page, discord is not the way of the Aquarius. They are right on that account.Water bearers may be the most open minded zodiac but after they have accepted your drivel and processed it, they will then proceed to supplement the information with verifiable facts before they will acknowledge one word of it as true! After all, their ruler Uranus commands them to go forth and embody the essence of the free and fantastical.But with so many disapproving Virgo, Leo and Capricorn eyes, once in a while an Aquarius may be riddled with self doubt! And Taurus is the perpetual worshipper at the altar of common sense and logic.Another point aiding their friendship and “compatible” status is the fact that a bull is a humble creature. The water bearer will obviously take it as appreciation because it is their one great joy in life to surprise others. They are both very near the mark with their observations and it is this intrinsic empathy that can overcome the differences that are glaringly obvious between the cats and the twins! The chemistry between Leo and Libra is lukewarm at best when you consider love and emotions! This is why even though the clashes are frequent, they are more good natured than quarrelsome and always end in laughs. And many a baby scorpion may find it easier to bear the benevolent and sometimes patronizing gestures of the lion! A baby ram with infant intuitiveness can understand this and make the Lion eat out of its hand! It is strong willed on many occasions and with its quite demeanor and its excellent manipulative sense can wear down the fiery Leo into a kind of stupor or fatigue which greatly hampers the warmth and the confidence of Leo.
However, beneath the egotistical nature is a beating heart and they tend to like all people, even upon first meeting. They both love boisterous fun and will step over each other’s toes (this the archer does) and butt each other lightly (the ram’s domain) to have a frolicking good time, spreading the warmth of their association far and wide.Discordant notes in the form of an archer’s arrow of scathing truth and the Martian aggression of Aries is quickly overlaid with tinkling laughter and good humor. And then comment that “Leather is for devils anyway!”I am telling you it is perfectly possible!
A fish is very much drawn to the mystical because of the strange vibrations of its ruling planet Neptune and there is nothing mysterious about Sag.They in turn do not adore the vagueness that seems to plague Pisces for most of its life and which Scorpio surprisingly sympathizes with.
They understand the urge to delve straight to the heart of the matter for an ounce of sterling truth and they can comprehend why some remarks can seem off color and inappropriate to others. And when sun down approaches in a blaze of orange, they turn their hooves homeward for a well-earned reward! Virgos are eternally disillusioned with the world and they constantly seek perfection from those around them as well as from themselves! From a distance the Libra is a dazzling, beautiful bundle of energy with a winning smile and a quick alert mind.
Now Pisces, the archer can be rude but to give it credit, it is an idealist and thus always truthful and fair and your zodiac traditionally symbolized the mystical truth behind all religions. They aspire to shed the skin of earthly avarice and aspire to make their spiritual quest for eternal salvation their governing principle in life! They really truly are diametrically opposite to each other in terms of temperament and principles!
They share many common behavioral traits- they are both sensitive, the gift of the water element. If you remember the zodiac representation of Pisces, you can see two little fishes lapping around.
They may take up some social cause because it panders to their whim that the more good they do, the more closer they get to salvation. Deep in their hearts they know that the other has a number of praiseworthy virtues they can emulate but alas they are blindfolded.
HOME - Site map - Love Horoscopes - Daily Horoscopes - Weekly Horoscopes - Monthly Horoscopes Taurus has many good points and can bring much to a marriage but not with Aries I find it very useful and powerful. This provides the crab with tons of security and they bloom almost coral pink under the plutonian gaze of the Scorpio.
They are both big boys (and girls) and they can get together and laugh (the Scorpio will smirk) at the antics and the shenanigans of the other signs. So in short the scorpion and especially the eagles tend to value the wisdom of the older souls. These two poker faced enigmatic souls who prefer the status incognito do exhale a sigh a relief when they meet each other. Matters get complicated when a Taurus and a Scorpio of the same gender, tangle in the corporate jungle or at home. Well you can’t do any of that to a Scorpio.Their Pluto power is overwhelming and there is no way Mercury can handle all that “juice”. They might go out to watch a movie and end up fiddling on the roadside pretending to be beggars. If I know anything about any of them, they have read up on their page (rather dutiful) and have come equipped with an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of astrology!For the rest of you, it means the goats find something they can learn from Aquarius-even though on the surface it is the water bearer who needs some steady “goaty” help to become successful in life!But that doesn’t mean that a Capricorn doesn’t find a water bearer puzzling and pretty fanciful. A Sag is an idealist and for Aquarius, it’s very karmic destiny is idealism.They are both sticklers for truth and lastly they are both passionate about their own beliefs, though their motivations may be slightly different. Scorpios may try to maintain the incognito status but an Aquarius gets its kicks shaking up the status quo!Being compatible is not impossible but difficult to achieve. No matter from which walk of life, these sometimes stolid and mostly solid people are ever ready to pick up a new skill and are champions at pruning the necessary from the verbiage.
They might get uncharacteristically nasty if they can’t jolt you and may then try in earnest to scare the bejesus out of you!
The only thing one can be sure of is a grand roaring bon fire of happiness, laughter and protectiveness when the fire of the Leo and the gusts of breeze which the twins bring mingle together in a balanced way!
But sometimes Leo will just march right in and with uncharacteristic insensitivity take all the credit for a venture that has been put together with great caution and deliberation by the bull.
Even though Virgo is right after Leo in the astrological sequence, this doesn’t guarantee empathy. Even though both the water bearer and the lion are just, right and defenders of truth and the minority….the fact that they are opposite to each other on the astrology wheel makes each jealous of the virtues of the other and unable to admit it! Their actions will often be ruled by their feelings, this usually leads to a creative soul. When the horsey half kicks in, they tend to be little clumsy, good natured, optimistic jokers who can laugh at their mistakes.The water bearers even though they are not a dual sign, love to surprise people.
They are brutally honest, all the time and just can’t understand what it feels like to be pushed around by a satellite half the size of earth. These are sure footed, grounded, success oriented individuals who can do whatever it takes, no nothing heinous though, to grab success from the hands of destiny. You may be the monarchs of the jungle and we love your royal generosity…but the leader of the fire sign is the infant Aries!Sags can make one blunder when they associate with Leo.They presume that the lion Leo is very tough and hardy!
Libra on the other hand is a sign that is very poised, very logical and very intellectually sophisticated. One interesting piece of trivia is the fact that Jupiter, the ruler of the impetuous archer was the ruler of Pisces till Neptune was discovered! Now what happens if there is a centaur at the door selling whimsical humor and shining idealism? This may seem quite futile to the archers.After all taking up a cause is something else, it is societal development….but this fetish to change, tweak and analyze just because your personal sense of symmetry is affronted is taking an obsession a step too far!
Don’t forget an innate leadership quality too.On the other hand, the Neptune ruled fish is a little vague.Very wise! Generally these two do go skinny dipping in the still waters of each other’s mind and soul. This is by the way, the first trait that a fish shares with a water bearer.As a result any Pisces-Aquarius interaction is mellow and beautiful. But still thanks to the innate positivism of this zodiac pattern, they are equipped with a lot of understanding and tolerance when they interact with each other.The Pisces fishes are accommodating. They are both accommodating, to a certain degree in case of Cancer because the crabs after all are born to lead and acquiescence comes hard to any leader.They are interested in the mystical and the occult, another aspect which is induced by the watery bonds of their element. This duality means that the Pisces soul exists in two planes- the physical where it is jittery and ill at ease and the spiritual, where it is perfectly at home, cozily ensconced in the folds of mellow darkness waiting for its other half to make the long arduous journey to ultimate salvation.As soon as the earthy grounded Capricorn enters the scene, the physical half of a Pisces gets a much needed boost of anchorage. But Gemini chooses to be so, because it makes the twins more confident of their power over others.They are in no way hesitant and even though intelligent, they lack wisdom.
When someone else is doing all the boring practical daily activities for them, they are free to go swimming in the oceans of mysteries, wisdom and enigma! Or they may just pal around, eluding each other, helping each other and befriending other sea creatures. Overall a good compatibility between them with the work required from both sides on the relationship. And coupled with the fact that the pattern between them is one of tension and anxiety, you can safely say they are not compatible.
These two are the most pragmatic houses and people born in their influence tend to have very high ambitions. In this case Pisces also belongs to the water element and is ruled by the planet of mystery Neptune.
Whereas frankly and honestly the Sagittarius doesn’t have a single malicious bone in its body!
It is quite tiring keeping secrets from the hordes of greedy zodiac signs who just wish to know and display what you are made of!
They can go dream-walking to explore virgin terrains which are not present on the physical plane!And argue the merits of the nudist way of way without giving anyone else a heart attack!
The lions are too proud to create a scene, so if they are not allowed the driver’s seat, which is unlikely with the charismatic and dazzlingly intelligent Aquarius in the picture, they will sniff in disdain and go back to their royal throne.Thus this opposed zodiac pattern is a lot less “raucous” than other opposed relationships. Mellowing the sharp edges of doubt, adding their mystery and elusiveness to the mix, giving fluid motion to the dreams of the water bearer! Together they may produce beautiful notes of divine joyous music, neither having the restrictive earth influence.But we must remember that a Sagittarius after all is a volatile earth sign and Aquarius is an air sign.
Yes I know that sounds quite rude Virgo…but what is true is true and don’t even try to change an Aquarius.
And they can live happily ever after toasted to a nutty brown in the glow of their ruling body-the sun and their larger than life personalities. Leo is much too proud to admire and learn and the virgins start out all wrong….submitting too easily to the leonine will. They will always find the most unique way of dealing with a situation and bring bright and fresh ideas to outing or date.
Hence they take great pains to ensure that their arsenal always has a few dozen handy personalities to bedazzle the other person with. They are a touch selfish and this may make the Sags frown who love to espouse causes for the general good of society!

So here we are dealing with four individuals and one of them is not even of the same species!Chaos is very much inevitable. So yes, even though there will be plenty of stress between the two, they can cool it off and take matters into their own hands for a cordial if not compatible relationship based on the empathy that can stem from sharing a ruler.
All in all two Sags can share a surprisingly candid and simple relationship if they can stick together for a reasonably long time! Many zodiacs may balk at the prospect of entering the Scorpio’s lair.They might be just too wary of the deep, dark secrets they may find inside. Advise them and they might seriously try to follow it-not just to please you, but to genuinely find out if something good can happen to them out of it. Pisces on the other hand is a little scared of sticking around somewhere for too long, lest it commits a mistake and gets sent back to the physical plane once more! Maybe team up with a water bearer and so some astral walking!The dominant, yet generous Leos are the ideal candidates for the post of friend, philosopher and guide! What this association will lack is a certain degree of drive, force or motivation.The fishes may lounge around forever content to be common law husband and wife.
They can quickly locate lost keys, retrieve in a jiffy the least used file from a cabinet of about 500 and drive home without a single swear or curse even if the traffic is slower than a tortoise. 2014 -2015 flu season zodiac sign cancer with leo bengali making software download shaping up to be one of worst on record. It is centered on the eclipticccurs at the exact moment that the Sun crosses the celestial equator and enters the zodiac sign of Aries. Scorpios are cross that such loony bins who phase out in the middle of discussions and pry and probe have been born in the mental element of air, which come on one must admit reflects intelligence and the Aquarius generally thinks that Scorpios being the picture of crooked nastiness they are should never have been born in the element of water that stands for sensitivity! If there is one sign that has the emotional resilience to plow on in the face of barbs and retorts…it is the ram.If they see something in the scorpion that can get them to a desired place or position, they will not mind the jabs and stings.
They do instinctively realize that if they tangle with a Scorpio for too long, the waves of icy cold water which roils suppressed in the scorpions may dampen the Leo enthusiasm, warmth and the very personality.
Scorpio’s ruler Pluto very much understands the strange haunting pull that Neptune has on its subjects and the Scorpios frequently feel protective about the slightly confused fishes!
So if you see a water bearer pole dancing in the middle of the street, you can be sure that they have procured a license of no objection for it.It’s because they are a sign of very high intellect, the caution and deliberation is over in a moment and a decision is made-an informed one. And if you are an astrology buff, you can actually time their mood swings by the clock according to the waxing and the waning of the moon.Unfortunately there is no such guide for the Aquarius. One note of caution though to break up the compatible little snuggle fest- The twins need to be very careful of how they present truth to the Aquarius. However to be truly compatible, the Leos will need to learn humility from Aquarius and they in turn will need to imbue themselves with some leonine warmth.
These two are very kindred souls, almost soul mates and very compatible.It is a rare being who can resist the passive yet understanding influence of the fishes! They are capable of whipping each other up in a frenzy that is detrimental to their relationship and can combust any hopes of being compatible. There is a lot to learn from the mystifying Aquarians and they might give some deep insights into life which only means more power and a definitive edge to the Pluto ruled scorpions. They may even open an orphanage together and give an Aries-Sag couple a run for their money where doing good is considered! To be compatible the Leo must understand that there is a limit to the Pluto patience of Scorpio and the scorpion must simply relent to the fact that the noble lion is a free creature and cannot be tamed!
If they show a little bit of spine and not wait till the water is up the nose to react, the friendship or the work relationship can be saved and molded into one that is desirable!
It can’t break that crabby claw to get away and becomes sadder day by day, longing to get away from the mood swings and the deviousness. The Sag and the water bearer do a lively dance of friendship and harmony creating mellow sparks and flurries of inspirations and ideas. The goat however is just after the archer on the zodiac wheel and this makes the archer bow down to the superior wisdom of the goat.They can learn the importance of patience and planning from Capricorns. After all a crowd means lots of people to meet, probe, take apart and demolish.And they do so blithely, without ever realizing the trail of destruction they leave behind.
They are gentle, passive and loving creatures-pulled to water which symbolizes the element of their ruler- the mysterious Neptune.The Aries rams on the other hand are aggressive. It is more difficult to pin point the mental state of a fish because of the mystifying influence of Neptune.
Their mundane canvas is suddenly filled with brilliant brush strokes of fantasy and reality. They can work together to achieve a semblance of tolerance but something more than that may be a big challenge.
They being organizers and monarchs will take to the challenge of straightening out the terribly jumbled emotions as well as the many possessions of the fish with royal gusto. I personally know of one Pisces couple who got married because their Aries son was adamant not to walk the aisle unless he had a “legal” father! Don’t get me wrong, all the time they will be lamenting the story state of the world, but outside the Virgo poise is harder to crack than a diamond! In astrology, your natal chart (sometimes called birth chart) is a graph that shows the positions of the planets and astrological houses in the sky at the moment of your birth.
The saving grace is, neither is a born leader and with work they can start tolerating each other. The Scorpios on the other hand do admire the fierce loyalty of the lions as well as their magnanimity, something they themselves are quite incapable of.
The Scorpio is after Libra on the zodiac wheel and thus they view the Libra trait of argumentative analysis and discrimination in the light of karmic memory instead of as a virtue.
The bulls on the other hand can benefit from the perceptiveness and the manipulative power of the scorpions. They may play hooky from work and go to Alaska on a whim!And ultimately one of them may fall in love with the town’s homeless guy for the sheer absolutely astounding freshness of his views on the proletariat! To the enthusiastic ram, this seems like impetuosity, very much like them and so we have a common ground for being compatible!
So yes, there is no reason why these two should be compatible in any way.But in general because of some hidden empathy that works in this association, they can get along okay! It is not ifs and maybes.It is a collection of hard facts that need to be presented to them unvarnished and unadorned in its native state! In short the Aquarius tends to find Virgos a little too dry and stiff and they may be compatible in the work place, but romance is a distant call unless the virgin has a heavy influence of Gemini.
This may not be the picture of compatible bliss, but yes a Sag and a crab will never pinch or hurt one another needlessly. In return, it does the saturnine goat a world of good to laugh now and then at the antics of the Sag. The twins are aflutter with wild dreams, tantalizing senses and all the caprice of adolescence!
But if a little discernment is used, anyone can sense the sensitive solar pride of these noble creatures. They might try their level best to teach the scorpion to abjure its sneaky ways….but the Scorpio will rather die than create public scenes and indulge in pointless gregariousness. It is all hunky dory for a while and then suddenly out of the blue comes the comment “You are quite lumpy around the waist you know!
Now scrutinize each other.A Pisces can do with a bit of Jupiter given enthusiasm and Sagittarius can most definitely appreciate the intuitiveness of a fish which can help a person be more insightful. Ask the bull what it thinks of such a lackadaisical approach and they are bound to snort and roll their clear eyes. They may put to excellent use the methodical (remember what I taught in the page about Aquarius-they seem silly but are not) logical brilliance of the water bearer and the sensitive, creative side of the fish to create miracles which can change lives of many around them. The crab, you can deal with fairly accurately with the help of an almanac that traces the waxing and waning of the moon!
Only if the Pisces has an influence of Aries can things heat up and a power struggle may ensue! So you see it will be pleasant and compatible, but unlike any other mortal relationship on earth!But who is to say that is a “bad” thing? The fish is likely to get lost going to the hall end refrigerator.On the other hand they can imagine six impossible things before breakfast, paint their own ceiling a beautiful maroon and communicate with all the household mice!! The Capricorns on the other hand desire material gains and a more direct connection to the front of the pack because they are after all born leaders! Libras also resign to the fact that they have a lesson or two to learn from their enigmatic teachers….eventually! Thus sometimes the scorpions may feel they are the ones teaching the Sags-to walk without bumping, to talk without messing and the list goes on. Hence even though they hate nagging, querying and complaining- all of which are Virgo traits, they may try to curb their wicked tongues!
Another trait they share is the quest for the novel- the new!The ram seeks new because that is what infants do with their short concentration spans. In return, the crab may render some service to the Aquarius and thus endear themselves to the water bearers!
A true blue association of two wisdom seeking people who can respect and understand each other!
If the qualities are reversed and the woman is not a pussy cat and the man is not a virile lion, then the relationship becomes somewhat of a caricature of how things should be. They may be told something, they may appreciate it as the best advice ever but in the end they either just don’t do anything or forget about it completely.
But as long as they are together and understanding each other…these tiny bouts of crossness will not hamper their being compatible! Capricorn is much wiser and practical, just as proud and more focused on success than the pleasure and friend loving Leo can ever be! When Gemini meets a Sagittarius, they can put their four brains and myriad qualities together to create an unbeatable team! A certain lack of finesses marks the latter and that is why Libras tend to think Sags are uncouth.
They choose knowledge (the kind that bestows power upon its possessor) over truth any day, and for that you need to speak with discretion! Why don’t you exercise?”This is what all Taurus men, women and children can expect a typical Sag-bull association to be!
And the fishes are only too glad to tag along with someone who has the gumption to call a spade a spade and then prove it logically.
They can’t understand how someone can overlook such an important part of a good existence.Thus it is more than likely that an eccentric old Piscean millionaire may entrust his vast hoard of money to a pragmatic and loyal bull. You can try suggesting something to them, but they will never follow it if they do not feel it will get them some form of gratification in return. There is no doubt Virgo possesses the more “practical” and “viable” set of skills, but it does an uptight executive a world of good to take a swim in the Neptunian waters once in a while and realize the enormity of the universe and the insignificant part we and our petty problems play in it! They can mold the ram (at least they think they can) to suit their own temperament and have a little frisky helper jumping here and there! They may not agree with the methods of the other, but they do know very well that at the top, nothing matters. Leos can do the methodical organizing-always with a sprinkling of charm and the Scorpios can go ahead and do the talking- with steely determination and reserve. They may be joyously compatible if the Scorpio in question is amenable to being taught by a fire sign.
The only low point of this mostly compatible pairing is the mind games they play with each other. The Aquarius searches for the new to fuel the passion they have for understanding things and what make them tick!
They are not selfish, like SOME Capricorns can be, but who doesn’t like a little help now and then? If they are of the same sex, gradually the chatty Libra and the haughty Leo will start liking each other’s company!
If they both realize that the karmic destiny of the crab is to lead but from the background with tact and caution and the Lion is born to organize and pave the way to success with its flamboyant personality and determination, then the relationship may be smooth and compatible. A Capricorn is also quite self-centered (read selfish) and this is sacrilege to the royal Leo who loves to look out for its masses or subjects! But love and emotional attachments are not favorable between the two unless one of them has a heavy influence of Cancer or Taurus!
But they are both intelligent and open beings and may achieve a mutually compatible status if they work on it!
So to be compatible, this association will need time and dedication and lots of anti-venin and burn salves! An archer is really funny, capable of genuine slapstick and flashes of perception in a rare mingling and that to the Taurus is pleasant. Thanks to the influence of Neptune, which bestows upon them precognition and intuition and a knack of solving puzzles. They will handle the budget, balance the books with Virgo like precision and then ensure a profit at the end of the year!
The Aries in this particular interaction may indicate money to the Pisces in some form and the fish in return is the repository of secret knowledge to the ram, which it will try to possess but will not be successful. This is a danger unique to the Leos because frankly no other woman can be as blatantly overbearing as the typically dominating lioness!
But as soon as the arrow slinging rebellious part comes around, the bulls are not so sure anymore! Thus a fish can gather real life tangible experience from Taurus and have a competent organizer in it, someone to chart the course for their next fantastical expedition!In short, these two are comfortably compatible with each other.
Compatible is not a word that is adequate if you want to define the interactions of two Aquarius souls. And it is likely that the Lion will be the one to gracefully walk away when it realizes that the twinkle in the eyes of the Goat is actually not admiration but amusement at their grand speeches and flamboyant clothes! The Sags on the other hand find Taurus a great organizer, trifle boring and a good business associate who can make a dollar stretch like crazy putty!Other than that the scope of these being compatible romantically is limited!
It is rather pleasant, like unburdening at a psychiatrist’s.This relationship is quite compatible and the two people involved may feel like they have known each other for very long. They are such loquacious, flighty, pretty, dazzling creatures that for once…the Scorpio can’t contain the depth of its emotions. But like all water signs, Scorpio wants permanency and that is like a swear word to the twins.

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