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Mix Up the Perfect Cocktail for Every Zodiac SignCapricorn, Aries or Virgo — your new favorite drink was written in the stars. Sure, you know your zodiac sign, but we bet you have no idea which adult beverage perfect complements your horoscope.
12TaurusTaurus For the classy, sociable, fashion-forward Taurus woman, whip up this pretty-in-pink concoction with fresh pomegranate and a distinct kick of ginger.
AriesThe warriors of the zodiac, Brownstone describes Aries as being the most "self-assertive, competitive, and often outspoken" of all the signs. GeminiGeminis are the interesting conversationalists of the Zodiac, which basically means you come off as the cool, calm, and collected cats. Gemini: Beer- It is hard to tell if a Gemini is drunk or not because their personality is pretty much the same, talkative and engaging! Libra: Cosmopolitan- Libra is also a very social sign, they love having a girls night out, sipping on Cosmopolitans.
Capricorn: Dry Martini- It is rare to see a Capricorn let their guard down and drink, but if you do spot one, it will probably be at a business dinner or office event where they are working towards a promotion.
Pisces: Jack and Coke- Pisces have an addictive personality, meaning they love to escape into fantasy land by drinking and partying. I agree that Leo, especially Leo women can be difficult to get along with, at their worst they are self-absorbed and very draining! Description: 10cm square Drinks Coaster from NeedThatGift Splosh Astro Girls Coasters have been exclusively created for Splosh by Australian graphic artist Monique Cannon.
Worldwide Priority Mail service offered for all purchases of prints over $150, with no limit on quantity. That's why we've teamed up with astrologer Diana Brownstone and Liquid Lab mixologists Parker Boase and Greg Lucas to create the best sips that will channel your sun sign, and let your inner-most personality shine through at happy hour. Always the life of the party and a competitive drinker, you will spot an Aries at the bar with a group of friends, ordering shots and sipping on Vodka-Redbull mixed cocktails all night into the early morning hours. A Gemini is a social drinker, and they prefer to drink at bars, sports games, parties, night clubs..

Leo will love to tell you all about the vintage Dom Perignon and how rare and expensive it is. Think Carrey from Sex and The City, you will always find a Libra surrounded by a pack of friends. They will want to pair their drink of the night with a fabulous dinner,but it will have to taste perfect! Scorpios are the intense detectives of the zodiac, they love to peel back layers of a person until they find something deep to connect with. A sag will likely order a bottle of Sake for the whole table and chat about their overseas adventures.
Capricorns love to be in control and they will order a respectable drink like a dry martini.
Aquarians prized friendship and going out for drinks is a great way to connect with their friends.
Pisces are most likely to drag you on an impromptu trip to Vegas and party non-stop for 2 days! I also work directly with clients to help improve their personal or company's digital image online through various social media platforms. In a shaker combine:· 2 oz mezcal· 1 oz fresh lime· 1 oz gran marnierShake and combine all ingredients. Make sure you tell your Taurus friend the origins and flavor of the wine too, the more high-end, the better with Taureans. They will offer you a homemade margarita, and don’t be surprised if it isn’t the best you have ever tasted! Leo wants the best of the best for their friends and themselves, so only top-shelf champagne will do! This sign is all about art, culture, and luxury, order them a Cosmopolitan at the bar to score points with a Libra. A scorpio is great to go out with to take Tequila shots, but beware, a Scorpio can always handle their alcohol,!

A Capricorn will not finish the entire drink, but they will show their level of class by ordering this classic cocktail.
The sweet, strong and medicinal flavor of Jager is perfect for Aquarians, and they might invite you try a shot too! If you are getting over a break-up, call your Pisces friend, they will take your mind off any subject that is  bothering you. These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube Channels or custom websites. The thing about Leo is that they have huge egos, so when they are having a great day they are amazing to be around. The Taurus coaster features the following text: Honest Reliable Kind Warmhearted Creative Persistent Determined Practical.Splosh Astro Girl coasters - whats your star sign?
You may never see a Taurus drunk though, they prefer to enjoy a glass or two,but will not get too crazy, or out of control drunk. Preferably a light beer, but don’t be surprised if your Gemini friend can list several other beers, and rattle off more facts about other types of alcohol. It is easy to spot a Leo at a party, all eyes will be watching them enjoy that fine glass of champagne in elite fashion. Also Sagittarius will expect you to keep up when them into the morning hours as well, so don’t get too drunk early in the night with a Sag. Pisces love to drink Jack and Coke, but they are also up for anything, one of the most easy-going and fun-loving signs of the zodiac. Leo is usually the life of the party because they are full of confidence and love to be the center of praise! Delivery outside the UK depends on the buyer's country but is usually around 1-2 weeks for Europe and 2-3 weeks for the rest of the world.

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