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This is a portion of this chapter; we will finish it later, when we introduce the main idea of our work. Neither the case of Leona Roberts nor that of Patricia Tan are among the most likely cases that the Zodiac could have committed, not at the level of the attacks on Cheri-Jo Bates, Kathleen Johns, or even that of Richard Radetich.
Leona Roberts Leona Roberts was a 16-year old girl that lived with her mother, Ilene Roberts, at 1742 Third St., in Napa. Vaio had rented an apartment in the first floor of a two-apartment building, with one apartment on each floor. The body of Roberts was found two weeks later, on Sunday December the 28th of 1969, 25 ft (7.5 m) from the shore of Bolinas Lagoon, a rural area in Marin County. The following map is not meant to be precise; it simply marks the general area in which the bodies of Ms. Zodiac drew a doodle near the top right corner of page 3 of the Little List, and a second one near the top left corner of page 4.
Around 1970, when Zodiac wrote the Little List letter, Gregg was known by all the secretaries, and by newspaper and court reporters that used stenography; there was a large number of people that knew it quite well.
We would think that given that these signs were written in 1970, at the moment in which Gregg was at the top of its popularity, they would have been recognized easily; however, the only people that had access to these outlines were the SFPD detectives and a few others who did not know Gregg nor were capable of identifying it as such. If the police had published the outlines in the newspapers, it is very likely that a secretary or a court reported might have identified them, if not their meaning, at least their origin. In summary, very few people had the opportunity to see these outlines because very few people had access to the Little List letter or, in the words of Graysmith [ZodUn-07, pg. The rarest of all Zodiac letters – never reproduced, never seen outside police headquarters. Both the police and the FBI focused on the text of the letter and missed both outlines, and the public did not have the opportunity to contribute until it was too late, when it was already extremely difficult to find someone that would know of the Zodiac case and Gregg.
As far as we know, the outline in page 3 has never been published on paper and the public only had access to it when the image of the page emerged in the internet.
Finally, when we transcribe shorthand we must remember that it has the same personal variations that exist in normal writing. Before starting the analysis of the outlines, we want to iterate that we do not believe that the SFPD (or anyone else, for that matter) was in a position of recover their meaning in 1970. Even though our brief explanation of Gregg is not enough to allow us to read a general text in Gregg, it is sufficient to allow us to understand the outlines in the Little List letter. Up to this point our efforts have been focused in realizing that the doodles are Gregg outlines and in recovering the phonemes that compose them. Now that we have finished the recovery of the phonemes, we focus on recovering their meaning. Zodiac had already had his saying in the Kathleen Johns letter; why then is there suddenly a need to mail a second letter just two days after having mailed the Johns letter? Even so, something set the Zodiac into action, something that he did not like, maybe an opinion program on television that he saw during the weekend, or an editorial in a magazine. We do not have any other way to explain this eruption of rage that moved the Zodiac from a run-of-the-mill letter such as the Kathleen Johns letter, to the gold mine of information that is the Little List.
The sequence of events would explain the possible reason to write the Little List letter and what it might contain but, of course, given that we wouldn’t know who he was going to claim, we would not have had a context. When we put together the motivation and the context we obtain two possible interpretations of the outlines. Our codified version looks rough because we simply removed the vowels; however, a stenographer would write the codified version flowing the strokes, blending them and filing out the angles, which would lead to the final outlines found in the Little List. The surname ROBERTS is common enough that we can find it in a list of proper names written in Gregg.
If Zodiac had not removed the vowels from the outlines, the police would have identified them on the spot as some type of writing, which is obvious even to someone that does not know Gregg; by removing the vowels the Zodiac took away just enough information to turn the outlines into doodles. The recognition of the outlines of Leona Roberts and Pat Tan has given us a lot of information.
From the street we can only see the garage door and a staircase that leads to the front door of the second-floor apartment, rented by Mrs.
The investigators estimated that the body had not arrived to the beach from the lagoon but instead it had been brought into the beach from the Bolinas road about 5 days earlier. Tan’s body hanging from a tree in the area of Bootjack camp, to the south of mount Tamalpais, just to the east of Bolinas Lagoon, in the jurisdiction of the office of the Sheriff of Marin country. Tan was found the day before the Zodiac mailed the My Name Is letter, in which he claimed 10 victims, which is consistent with his tendency of communicating soon after an event, in this case, the finding of Ms. These two doodles look like an inverted 2 and a 2, respectively, and both have been ignored and considered that the Zodiac wrote them for unknown reasons.

However, with the arrival of electric recorders and computers, shorthand started to lose its usefulness to the point that today is rare to run across someone that knows it.
In spite that many years have passed the outlines have not been recognized for two reasons. Clearly our handwriting is different from that of other people; as a fact, that is the basic premise behind the area of Questioned Document Examination. After he decided that he would no longer announce his attacks, the police and the press made public their doubts about his claims.
In fact, the police had to let go the man they had arrested for lack of evidence and, to this day, the case of the homicide of Officer Radetich remains open. According to Graysmith, the Chronicle did not receive the Kathleen Johns letter until the morning of Monday July 27 [Zod-07, pg. And all this information explodes in a way that he cannot wait to send the letter; the Zodiac mailed this letter on a Sunday! In the Little list the Zodiac had already claimed both Leona Roberts and Pat Tan but both claims were vague and he had not given any proof. However, this is the most straightforward of the outlines to retrieve because it corresponds to the T-N blend, which is considered part of the standard Gregg alphabet [AF].
In the case of Leona Roberts, it is well know that she was found completely naked with the exception of a ring.
The second reason the discovery was important was the way in which the Zodiac wrote the claims the second time. The third reason is that now we had definitive evidence that the Zodiac was claiming victims beyond those from the first four attacks, and that these claims mirrored in numbers mentioned in the Zodiac scorecard. The recognition of these outlines in the Little List letter ties Zodiac to the Riverside case, in which we also find two Gregg outlines. It is evidence that Zodiac knew shorthand, that he continued claiming victims (and most likely killing) after the Presidio Heights attack, and that we were on the right track interpreting the clues that he left in his letters. In the apartment he found the smock that Leona had worn at work thrown on a divan, signs of a fight on the wall of the hall near the rear door, and the rear door unlocked. The medical examiner had established that she had died about 10 days before finding her body, around December 18; later, this estimate was revised to somewhere between the 21st and 24th of December.
She travelled to San Francisco to visit friends in Berkeley, but apparently she disappeared soon after her arrival because some of her belongings were found in a locker in the Greyhound station of S.F. However, these are not doodles nor strangely proportioned number twos; they are Gregg outlines.
Today these outlines do not mean anything to most people so, in the absence of a minimal familiarity with Gregg, the outlines have been incorrectly identified as stylized doodles. Toschi and Armstrong, they would have identified it immediately as such, even if they had not known what it meant.
However, by that time Gregg was not been used much and the number of people that knew it was quite small [ZodUn-02, fig. The first one is that it is very likely that we can count with a single hand the number of people that are familiar Gregg that had paid close attention to the outlines. But beyond this difference in the writing of different people, different samples of our own writing will vary depending on our mood, how tired we are, or the writing instrument that we are using. Without a doubt you will find that the outlines are those found in pages 3 and 4 of the Little List.
At the moment in which he writes the Little List, his claims are received with a lot of scepticism. 155], so the catalyzer that propelled the Zodiac to write the Little List letter was not the reply from the Chronicle to the Kathleen Johns letter. Now he repeats the claims in such a way that he can give a proof, but he still refrains from announcing the attacks, as he said he was going do. In regard to the codification of the outlines, the Zodiac removed just the right information to turn the outlines into doodles but left just enough information to allow their transcription under the correct context. To obtain the same results in two independent ways added evidence that we had understood correctly the way in which the Zodiac had codified the first claims, which means that very likely we had understood his overall strategy to making claims.
The very clear outlines and the very specific messages added support to our theory that the Zodiac did not make spelling mistakes on purpose, and added to his profile in a dramatic way: the Zodiac was a person that was proficient in shorthand and probably used it on a daily basis. It is very possible that the Zodiac committed these attacks because every single one of the cases that he claimed after Presidio, before, after and in the Little List, stands as a cold case to this day. This is further evidence that the Zodiac was the killer of Cheri-Jo Bates, as it is very unlikely to find two male serial killers that were acting in such a small geographic area, in the same small period of time, given to writing letters to the press, with similar hand script, who also knew Gregg. These two outlines are the only two cases of Gregg shorthand that we found in the Zodiac letters.

Hence, the information about these cases is nowhere as complete as that of Cheri-Jo Bates or any of the known Zodiac victims.
It is Friday the 10th of December of 1969 and there are many changes happening in the life of Leona. The only other change was that a pair of pants that were hanging in a closet were now in the living room and they were missing the belt that went with them.
The second is that even in the situation in which the doodles were identified as outlines, it would not help us to determine their meaning because there they have too little redundant information and they are not found within a context. All these characteristics also apply to shorthand, which varies depending on the particular traits of the writer. In addition, the symbol appears on page 4 of the letter, not page 2, and it does not look like the number 2 of any of the Zodiacs writing styles. By this time the Zodiac must have known that there was at least a day of delay between mailing his letter and getting it published so the catalyzer was not a reaction to the absence of a reply to the Johns letter either. The Zodiac had to look for a postal office near to an airport or similar, fairly rare, that would take his letter that same day so it could be delivered the very next morning. The Zodiac could provide a proof in the same way in which he had always done it: pairing up each victim with something that only the police could verify. Tan was wearing a Jacket, two shirts, a bra, panties, sandals and blue jeans; there is no mention of a watch [ZKTMC].
However, we will have a second encounter with Gregg shorthand when we discuss the Riverside case.
SInce they were not very likely victims, there is very little information about them and, thus, we will give as much detail about these attacks as we can; the information on Patricia Tan is particularly scant.
Roberts was found naked, wearing only a 1963 high-school ring that was identified by her mother; her clothes, her watch, and a bracelet were never found. Tan was a victim of Zodiac, she was most likely counted as victim #10, which means that Leona Roberts would have been victim #9. Gregg outlines are concise because it is possible to remove from them redundant information, which allow us to write them very fast. However the most important indication is that whenever the Zodiac introduces a new concept in his letters for the first time, he does it in pairs so, given that he had just introduced a Gregg outline for the first time, we were already expecting to see a second one somewhere else in this letter. Indeed, the Little List arrived to the Chronicle at the same time with the Kathleen Johns letter that had been mailed two days before. The following are some common words from the Gregg Shorthand dictionary that contain TAN and are written with the blend, omitting the vowel. Howard Davis did a great job publishing the autopsy reports of these women; those of Leona Roberts are no longer in his site but those of Pat Tan are at ZKTMC.
On the back of the house, outside the building, we would also find a second set of stairs that would give access to the backyard to the people living in the second floor apartment.
Clark, who was alone with her kids, did not dare to investigate beyond peeking out of her windows, but she did call the Sheriff.
Leona Roberts had vanished, apparently she had been kidnapped, a case in the jurisdiction of the office of the Sheriff of the Contra Costa County. Sue Norris, who has commented on several autopsy reports at ZKTMC, noted that she found strange that the noose knot was fairly sophisticated and that Ms. In our case, each of our outlines has very few phonemes and there are no surrounding outlines that would allow us to create a flow of information that would give them meaning and would replace the missing redundancy. The scream was followed by fast steps going up and down the staircase at the back of the house, and then by the slamming of the rear door of the first floor apartment.
The cause of death was not determined beyond that of an unknown viral infection, but the authorities treated the case as a homicide because there were signs that her wrists that been bound before the body was abandoned. Tan was found wearing a watch on the wrong wrist, or maybe she was wearing a watch that happens to be the watch of Leona Roberts that was never found, or maybe there were tan lines indicating that she usually wore a watch but no watch was found either on her or among her belongings at the Greyhound station; again, the reference to the watch is meant to make sense only to the police. Tan was found in an area of difficult access wearing sandals, her feet were touching the floor, and Howard Davis, the webmaster of ZKTMC, points out that the hitch knot, a double clove, was unusual [ZKTMC]. We completely agree: a double clove hitch knot is not a difficult knot but it is not one that a 19 year old student would know unless she happened to use it frequently, either sailing or windsurfing, hobbies that we are unaware that Ms.

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