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Last week, it seems the worlds of mainstream and social media were ablaze with talk of whether the current zodiac was correct. You only have to change your sign if you were born after 2009 when the Ophiuchus constellation appeared in the sky. Another idea I’ve seen over and over is that the original zodiac did, in fact, use 13 signs to go along with the 13 4-week months of the year.
The argument goes on that we once lived in a matriarchal society (ruled, led or otherwise heavily influenced by women) and we didn’t switch to the current 12 sign system until we transitioned to a patriarchal society (ruled etc by men). As you can imagine, people have been up in arms over the potential changes to their astrological sign. Before we move on, it’s really, really, really important that you understand the difference between astronomers and astrologers.
This means that your average astronomer is no more able to explain astrology than an average astrologer is able to analyze the chemical composition of the sun.
So, when they say the moon is in Pisces, they mean based on the way they divide the sky and the season of the year, not that the moon is physically in the constellation Pisces.
Basically, if you’re referring to the tropical zodiac when you tell people what your sign is, nothing changed.
About Jen WhittenJen Whitten is a paranormal researcher and writer, specializing in psychic development, Empaths, modern day vampirism and dealing with entities.
Well, I thought someone had to try to make sense of it since half the news outlets were acting like astronomers deal in astrology. The Mind Behind YDPJen Whitten is a paranormal researcher and writer, specializing in psychic development, Empaths, modern day vampirism and dealing with entities. The astronomical process of precession means that the traditional astrological dates are no longer accurate. Ruled by Pluto, as the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are considered the most profound and intense characters in the zodiac. Ambitious, forceful, intriquing and magnetic to others, Scorpios feel everything intensely and able to penetrate the depths of experience. Scorpio is quite similar with the Chinese zodiac, the enigmatic Snake, they are mysterius, secretive and have a very complex personality.
Scorpios can manage under the worst of conditions and they are good at overcoming obstacles.

Scorpios are self-reliant and will almost never seek out the advice of others, preferring to look to themselves for their answers.
Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Demi Moore, Hillary R Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Julia Roberts, Larry King, Leonardo Dicaprio, Martin Luther, Prince Charles, Theodore Roosevelt. Ophiuchus has been on my research list for several months now because of its supposed link to 2012, so you can bet seeing it on Twitter caught my attention. In the new society, they wanted to get away from the heavy influence of the moon and women, so they dropped a sign and changed the calendar. If we were in a matriarchal society today, textbooks might say that it was always this way, even if it weren’t. After I sifted through a bit of the madness, I dug around until I found dozens of articles about the change. An astronomer is a scientist who looks out into the cosmos and deals with scientific evidence, calculations and theories.
I mean, do astronomers really think that all astrologers are too stupid to look at the stars and realize they’re looking at Aquarius instead of Pisces? If you’re referring to the sidereal zodiac when you talk about your sign, your sign may have changed. She regularly discusses the paranormal realm, as well as the dark inner workings of the mind. For example, imagine looking from the Earth toward the Sun on the 21st March (Northern Spring Equinox).
The Scorpio individual is an intuitive, determined soul who gives life his all, for better or worse. Scorpios are good at solving puzzles and love to unveil the mysteries of life and they also have a knack for figuring out what is actually going on behind the scene in any given situation. Scorpios have personalities that is very deep and seductive, they often have piercing eyes and powerful gaze.
Now, we have the astrological sign of Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiac sign that will now throw everything we know about our horoscopes and personal charts into question. I believe the article CNN published on the zodiac explains it the best, even though it doesn’t explain why people think it changed.
The astronomer also noticed that the sun may not be in any of the 12 signs at one point in the year, but in a 13th constellation, Ophiuchus.

An astrologer is a metaphysical practitioner who uses the relative positions of the sun, moon and stars to determine personality traits and, some would say, divine the future. We’re expecting that an astronomer just stepped well out of their comfort zone to revolutionize the way astrologers work. Instead of being all about where the constellations are, the tropical zodiac concerns itself with the seasons.
Suffice it to say that if you get your horoscope out of the daily newspaper, magazines or Western online sites, you were under the tropical zodiac and nothing changed. Remember, using content from this site without prior written permission will either land you on Dexter’s table or set off the zombie apocalypse. Scorpios are often know what other people are thinking and what are their next moves going to be.
Highly intuitive and secretive, Scorpios can either be very emphatic and compassionate or very vindictive and cruel, because they know where other peoplea€™s weak points are. If you still aren’t sure, you can probably expect that astrologers will begin posting information about which zodiac they use. They are extremely persistent and with their fierce determination Scorpios will go after what they want. This sign rules over death, rebirth and the occult and they are often interested in these subjects.
Ultimately, Scorpios fall to one of two extremes: they either represent the height of integrity orr the depth of diabolical cunning. Most Scorpios are not squeamish, and this fits them for careers in medicine and rescue operations. They dont listen to anyonea€™s advice but themselves and hate to have anyone telling them what to do.

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