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Were you born at the right time for your zodiac sign, or would you have been better suited as another? The zodiac system is so old that the constellations that were in the center of each of the twelve sections have since moved, and now align slightly to the west of each section. July 18, 2014 by quizsocial Have you found your birth year on the Chinese Zodiac and thought they got you all wrong? You got: The RatLike fellow Rats George Washington and Alexander the Great, you are a born leader, and will do anything to take your rightful position at the top. You got: The OxPeople born under the sign of the Ox are the salt of the earth, the grunts, the hard workers with their noses to the grindstone. You got: The DragonStrong of mind, body, and will, dragons like Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln, and Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris can not be stopped in pursuit of their goals.
You got: The HorseBeautiful physical specimens and intelligent creatures, horses can act with lightning quickness and focus to achieve their goals.
You got: The MonkeyCheerful and energetic, but also sometimes arrogant and reckless, monkeys like Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling can be fun to be around, but you can get a bit out of hand at times. You got: The RoosterRoosters keep the trains running on time and everybody up for breakfast together.

It has been used in both historical astronomy and astrology, and refers to 12 equal sections of the imaginary belt that contains the apparent paths of the sun, moon and planets. The zodiac dates back to the ancient Greeks, who inherited their zodiac system from the Mesopotamians, who got their’s from the Sumerians. But along with your determination comes a healthy stubbornness, so just make sure you're pointed in the right direction. Perhaps this is because you are also so often the kind, intelligent, and cautious person skilled at avoiding fights in favor of negotiation and compromise.
But you tend to take on a lot of projects, often too many, leaving you physically and mentally exhausted. You foster solidarity and harmony with others, and bring a calm to otherwise hectic environments. You are characteristically loyal and honest, friendly and faithful, straightforward and responsible.
The dominant zodiac sign that the sun was passing through at the time of a person’s birth is said to influence not only their personality, but also their entire future life, including every relationship, especially those that are romantic in nature. There is evidence that the system dates back even further, with some prehistoric cave paintings seeming to reference some version.

But they are also the first to boast about their accomplishments and need to know their talents are appreciated.
At times you can be stubborn and self-righteous, but not for long, because you just love everybody too much.
That can sometimes come off as being naive and lazy, but things seem to work out for you, whether it's because your lucky or the power of your positive attitude.
In astrology, each section refers to a different animal and associated characteristics that are said to be a strong influence, or even he foundation, of various personality types. It exists universally in the histories of nearly every culture on earth and has played an enormous role in the development of each.

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