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While Scorpios (those born between October 23 and November 21) are often considered cold, rude and cruel by drawing similarities to the scorpion, the typical Scorpio woman has many more dimensions to her character.
The typical Scorpio woman is supremely intelligent, courageous and fiercely protective about her loved ones.
One reason why a Scorpio woman may come across as rude and cold is because she can look a person directly in the eye and tell them exactly what she feels. No matter how tough the challenge may be and no matter how big the problem she might be going through is, a Scorpio woman always maintains an aura of calmness. As far as the family, friends, better halves and loved ones of a Scorpio are concerned; she is deeply passionate and fiercely protective about them.
The great capacity for kindness that a Scorpio woman possesses is unmatched by any other member of the Zodiac sign. The electric static of Fixed Air inspires Aquarians to connect to their firmly held beliefs in their heads.
Your Aquarian friends are the communicators and social gadflies who always attempt to spark the collective consciousness of humanity with their inventive ideas and revolutionary thoughts. Aquarius Sun's Clark Gable and Gena Davis won fame for their unwavering and focused mental presence.

The electric static of Fixed Air creates the magnetic field that allows individuals to tune into the collective consciousness of all humanity. As demonstrated by Farah Fawcett and Jack Lemmon,  Aquarians are friendly, eternally hopeful and seemingly filled with light from within. It shows in the cubical, translucent features in their faces and it is seen in their highly focused facial expressions. Clearly one of the most misunderstood among all Zodiac signs, a closer look reveals just how fascinating, charming and magnetic these lovely ladies are.
And when this woman sets her eyes on something, she’ll go after it irrespective of how tough the challenges may be. Here are the 7 most interesting characteristic traits of a Scorpio woman presented by Fashionlivre. Not only does this make her intimidating to her opponents, but it’s also what makes her immensely admirable by her loved ones. Nevertheless, she is also deeply passionate about her own self, thus giving her personality a sense of strength and confidence.
The typical Scorpio woman not only knows how to work the physical charm, but her inner confidence and personality traits make her truly magnetic.

She can go to lengths to help anyone in trouble, even if it’s her least favourite person in dire need.
A Scorpio woman is fiercely persistent and will go to any lengths to achieve what she wants to. Senator, and First Lady of the United States), Sushmita Sen (former Miss Universe & Bollywood actress) and Whoopi Goldberg (Hollywood actress).
Then do share these characteristics with us in the comments below; we’re all ears for you! With their verbal skills and alternative views of the Universe, they both inspired all of humanity. This is what makes her less chatty; she will only tell you what she wants you to know, nothing more!

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