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There are 7 major Chakras in the body, they are locatedA along the spine from the base of the spine to the crown of our head. The aim is to maintain the balance of the Chakras and bring i»?a sense of balance, well being, bliss and happiness to our lives. Listed below are some basic facts about each Chakra to help you locate and become familiar with your Chakras in view of using them for your Yoga practice. Manipura is the third Chakra located at the Solar Plexus area of the spine (above the Naval).

A They affect us in our physical, mental and emotional states, each Chakra has a name, a colour, an element, a sound, a sense, an emotional state to name a few. A Chakras are used in a number of ways to balance our mind and body, ranging from colour therapy, Chakra stone healing, flower essence therapy, visualisation therapy, Reiki to name a few. A Chakras are also used in Yoga meditation to calm and relax the mind and body at the end of the class. Deep themselves, complexcancer zodiac explained in the deep themselves, complexcancer zodiac.

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