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A Virgo can make a great friend, business partner, spouse or parent simply because this is the one sign of all 12 Zodiac Signs that notices every last detail and wants to fix it. Capricorn shares a similar way of analyzing life and will get along well with a cautious Virgo. Virgo can also find some luck dating a Taurus, as long as these two sign can learn to compromise and turn down the stubbornness factor! Cancer and Scorpio can make close friends for a Virgo because they will bring out the repressed emotional side that Virgos tend to hide.
Leo and Aries will naturally be jealous and confused by a Virgo because they are Fire Signs. At their best, a Virgo is efficient, modest, honest, and loyal friends, lovers, or family members.
Virgo is known for being a natural perfectionist and they feel most comfortable living an organized lifestyle. These two signs can build a strong foundation and grow together with very little drama and a lot of success. Water Signs like Cancer and Scorpio help an introverted Earth Sign, such as Virgo, feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. If you want to date a Virgo, you should know that they will analyze everything about you and will want to be comfortable with you before they consider a serious relationship.
The best way to get along with a Virgo mother or father is to stay calm, and try to listen to what they say. Money represents security and Virgo, much like Taurus and Capricorn, needs a strong foundation of stability in their lifestyle before they can open their heart to love. I also work directly with clients to help improve their personal or company's digital image online through various social media platforms.
But Virgo traits can also include positive qualities like helpful, precise, reliable and observant. Water Signs, in general, are more openminded and accepting, usually not judgmental, so they can be a confidant for Virgos. The worst thing you can do on a first date with a Virgo is be loud, rude, arrogant, non-intellectual, or narcissistic… A Virgo will weed out dramatic, unstable, and uninteresting people.

Known as clean freaks and uber-organized, a Virgo will not appreciate someone messing up their workspace, personal space, or home. Bursts of emotions and temper-tantrums won’t work on Virgo parents, and neither will sad or grumpy faces. Loving someone can be risky, heartbreaking, and unpredictable, all things that Virgo tries to avoid….
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Virgos are modest, caring people; they don’t ask for much and they’re rational enough to achieve great things in life. Aries and Leo like to work together and will ruthlessly (and impulsively) go towards a goal… Yet, a Virgo will attain the same level of success quietly and individually without burning bridges or making enemies along the way.
Dating a Virgo means you will have to present a mix of classy manners and stimulating conversation. Virgo rules are pretty simple: be clean, be organized, try your best, and be willing to learn and constantly improve towards greatness! Some would say they’re naive and shy; these are not bad traits, however they could harm an overly sensitive Virgo. Virgo is humble, hardworking and patient … they are not afraid of taking on a task from beginning to end, without asking for help from others.
Virgo is similar to Gemini in the the sense that they love to learn new things and tend to be attracted to smart people that can keep up mentally. But Virgos are true micromanagers; not only do they expect perfection from themselves, they tend to also expect perfection from their employees. On the bright side, we’re talking about perfectionist, practical and detail-oriented people. If we’re talking about a man’s crib, even better.Devoted In spite of their perfectionist behaviors, Virgos are loving people. Rumor has it that they’re also insensitive, but that’s probably because they’re not being offered enough attention. As opposite to other signs of the zodiac, Virgo men and women are bad at showing their emotions.

Virgos are capable of incredible feelings and emotions, but they need to find a person who can make them open their hearts.
It’s tough to win over a Virgo, but if you use the right words and actions, they might end up loving you forever.LogicalVirgos are blessed with a brilliant mind, even though they take quite a lot of time to make a decision. Thanks to this amazing skill, Virgos are always ready to counsel their loved ones and help them with some good advice. Wise and down to Earth, you should want to have a Virgo in your life, just to keep you on your toes.Charming When they’re in a relationship, both men and female Virgo are lovable and charming. They might appear skeptical at first, but once you’ve proven to be a worthy companion, they won’t have a problem with opening up and expressing their feelings. They’re cheeky, funny and polite.Supportive If you’re in need of help or you want someone to talk to at a difficult time, Virgos are always there to listen. They like the outdoors and they often engage in extreme sports, in spite of their logical and down-to-earth attitude.
To some extent, this contradicts with their need to be in control and have everything planned out. However, the fact that they’re willing to get out of their comfort zone every once in awhile says a lot about their personalities. It’s a true blessing to have them in your life.Modest Virgos are the definition of modesty. This doesn’t mean that they’re bad leaders, however, they have a personal way of running their teams and companies. Virgos like to be appreciated for their efforts, but they want their efforts to be considered a team effort. They can be a bit distant and cold as far as relationships are concerned, but once you get to know a Virgo you’ll realize they’re caring and lovable.

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