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The best reason to put furniture at an angle is because you already have an existing angle in the room. Unfortunately, what we often see in before & after portfolios are home after home, room after room, with nearly ever stick of furniture on angle.
The purpose of home staging or interior redesign is to create an environment that people want to live in. When looking through portfolios, or photo galleries, the first thing that strikes you about the space shouldn’t be that the sofa or rug is on an angle. The hallmark of an exceptional room is when the whole room captures your attention, not just a single part of it.

I do teach in class that this can be a solution to angled architectural features and show examples. I agree that the average person prefers straight placements, angles seem to subliminally unsettle people. Symbols celtic love magic zodiac astrology - spelwerx, Celtic symbols and meanings of ancient irish and norse origin love symbols for witchcraft and magic with zodiac symbols of love and strength, power and family unity..
Astronomical symbols - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Astronomical symbols symbols represent astronomical objects, theoretical constructs observational events astronomy. I understand that often it is the only solution for a weird builder angle but it’s interesting that the shots I use to illustrate this point all come from the USA as I find it difficult to find UK examples.

I see it all the time and I just know that within a short amount of time that the homeowners will have moved their furniture back.
Other times, there may be a window that is not properly offset (builders get a little crazy) and there’s not enough room for a properly sized bed or sofa.

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