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Complete astrological horoscope predictions for the year of 2016 of your career, love or personal life for all zodiac signs. Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology. I wonder is it proper and dignified for an Aries person like myself to analyze the 1-1 Sun Sign vibrational influence between two Rams – to describe what it’s like when they blend their compatible but equally combustible natures, as friends, neighbors, relatives, business associates, lovers or mates?
First, we should probably discuss the number of mistakes it’s possible for two Rams to make, in a close association. Unless one or both Rams have a Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer Moon Sign or Ascendent, it will probably be easy for them to borrow money from each other, and neither will be likely to create a fuss about being paid back promptly – which is another area of empathy between them. It’s all a merry-go-round of happiness between Aries and Aries in the beginning, but after the pink cotton candy melts, there may be moments of disillusion. You know what happens when Fire meets Fire? When Mars clashes with Mars, the result can be full-scale war, with all flags flapping, bravely and colorfully. Most of the time, the direct, forceful manner of Mars will create a wave of sympathy between two Aries people.
It will be necessary for both of them to realize that Aries is the Infant of the zodiac, symbolizing the dawn of the personality awareness, or Sunrise. It’s never easy for two Rams to exist in tranquil harmony (although it can undeniably be exciting!). Two Rams will have to try to control their tendency to lash out at one another while their tempers are still hot. Happily, this is another area of hurt two Rams probably won’t inflict upon one another.
Down through the centuries, the Ram has been a symbol of sacrifice for spiritually blind, emotionally warped and mentally dense religious fanatics.
In such mythical legends as Jason and the Golden Fleece, the sad fate of the Ram has been repeated, all through mythology, as well as in biblical history. The unfortunate Ram who attempted to cross dangerous seas and rescue a brother and sister from the jealous act of a stepmother, in a great act of courage, was unable to save the sister from drowning.
In any association between two Aries people, within the family circle, in the office or across the bridge of love and friendship, one thing is certain: emotions will periodically run high, and close to the surface.
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There is no gift Gemini will appreciate more than the satisfaction of this life-long karmic quest: to find his or her true-twin soul mate. Easily pegged as the natural parents of the Zodiac, Moon-ruled Cancer will always appreciate kitchen supplies, recipe books, and enrollments in gourmet clubs.
If a European vacation is more ambitious than what you had in mind, how about a romantic picnic — in your living room?
The Venus-ruled Libran is a natural for art objects, but save the Velvet Elvis for your jovial Sagittarian. Wisdom-seeking Sag enjoys books on religion and philosophy, but a trip to Tibet will always beat the paper version.
For tangible gifts and clothing, nothing stirs the Sagittarian soul more than the color purple. Sober and hard-working, Cappy can fool you into buying real-leather desk accessories for his or her office. To combat that Capricornian propensity for workaholism, make it more comfortable for him or her to stay at home — where you can work your romantic magic! Aquarians, young and old, are deeply humanitarian — a contribution to their favorite charity or cause will turn their hearts to mush. This most sensitive sign of the Zodiac will say he or she appreciates whatever you give, so it’s up to you to give the Piscean what he or she really wants. A water sign, of course the Fishes love all things aquatic — snorkeling in the Caribbean is always nice, but the snorkel and wet suit is more affordable.
Occasional flare-ups are bound to occur when these two are thrown into close, daily proximity, without the relief of some separateness in their association.
It’s when their mutual need for ego trips overlaps that they can expect the fireworks.
Aries represents the East, the Day Forces – which is why most of them fight sleep, tran-quility, rest and resignation to Fate with such vigor. The trouble is, although Rams need to be handled gently themselves, they aren’t inclined to handle each other (or anyone else) gently.

They’ll strike a blow, shortly afterward feel a surge of guilt over their hasty unkindness, then impulsively attempt to make up for their anger by showering each other with an outburst of affection, or the peace offering of an extravagant gift.
Each Aries person understands the gift-giving syndrome that’s part of the Mars nature (matched only by the other two Fire Signs) and, therefore, both will usually give and receive joyously, back and forth. The Arian simplicity of purpose and direct approach isn’t always welcomed by the more cynical of this world. Catullus described perfectly the attitude of this Sun Sign to its own emotional immaturity, when he wrote: I hate and I love. These two are capable of reaching the far heavens of happiness, or of consuming themselves in childish displays of rage, resentment and thoughtless selfishness. A fire-engine red, V-8 muscle car may be the gift of your Ram’s dreams, but it does tend to be beyond most of our means.
If a weekend trip to the Great White Way is beyond your means, give the gift that doubles as a sure-fire way to lift your Taurean from Planet Sofa: compact disks with his or her favorite show tunes.
Just make sure your winged-footed one hasn’t already beat you to the bookstore for the latest titles.
Just as the regal jungle cat lives and travels in a pride, the Leo native loyally clings to his or her family. Jig saw puzzles are absolutely addictive for this sign, and they provide a diversion for long-extended times together.
Start your gift hunting at a craft store, but make sure your purchase will match your Libran’s existing home color scheme.
The key to this puzzle is to know your Scorpion well enough to let his or her passions guide you. Take a discrete trip together to one of the upscale adult accessory stores, and you’ll catch an extended glimpse of the delightfully uninhibited side of your Scorpion. Athletic Sag enjoys physical exercise – not so much for the glory of conquering a rock cliff, but for the sheer fun and bonding that comes from the shared adventure. Try ordering a subscription to the political or scientific journal of your Aquarian’s choice. Just for your information, Important Astrology Dates located in Date Astrology category and this post was created on August 24, 2014.
As for being dignified, receiving a Dignity Achievement Award has never been my chief goal in life. Each Ram will find it a blessed relief that the other one isn’t all stuffy about things like extravagance, impulsive behavior, rash speech, and being late for appointments.
Mars supplies these people with all the courage they need, and an extra helping of it anytime they ask, even on very short notice. It would mortify the typical Aries man or woman to let down anyone to whom either gave his word, and this includes creditors. That should indicate the possible ramifications of an association between two wild and woolly Rams, whether it’s business, romantic, friendly or otherwise. Neither of our infinitely compassionate and wise co-Creators would be so sadistic as to command the murder of children, or of the lowliest of our animal brothers and sisters, for Their own greater glory, as a senseless test of faith and obedience. Like sexy, funny, loyal, impossible to intimidate, devoted lover and friend… And very good cooks as well as singers. Picnic baskets, plastic dishware and silverware, decorator paper plates and utensils, camping pots and pans, and especially that all-purpose Swiss army knife. The best bet for your Lioness is a golden locket, with pictures of her beloved children, spouse, brothers, sisters, parents, or significant other…. Fine crystal vases offer a distinguished container for flowers, and glass sculpture will match any room. Many Scorpios have an interest in spirituality and mysticism — treat them to a personal reading or report by an astrologer, psychic or card-reader. Women’s lingerie shops get the Scorpio imagination going, with corresponding impact on the Scorpio blood flow. A gift certificate to a footwear store lets your Piscean pick and choose the most comfortable dressing for his or her tootsies, but you should really come along for trip, to keep the giving truly personal.
Piscean children and grown-ups alike will just love a home aquarium – or contribute fish food, filters and water treatment supplies for the aquarium they already have! Works of art made by you offer proof of what your Pisces native needs more than anything – your love, attention, and caring.
Their dread of the dental drill is an isolated hang-up, and mustn’t be construed to mean that Rams are cowards.
Everybody knows that!) Each Aries person in this 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern association will be touchingly grateful for the trust of the other. They comprehend, even personify, its generosity and forgiveness, but they can’t quite interpret what it means to treat others as tenderly as they need to be treated.

So they fiercely resent, and are also very deeply hurt by, such untrue insinuations or accusations. Ram Nikita Khrushchev’s personal motives were also, to a large extent, misunderstood and unappreciated both by his own people and by Americans.
Spring for a romantic getaway with lots of physical activity – hiking or rock-climbing allows Aries to blow off steam in romantic environs. Romantically-involved Geminis will faint for a couples weekend seminar on exploring their love relationships – tasty brain food for the Gemini insatiable curiosity and the hungry Gemini heart!
The original home-body, the traveling Moon Child knows the secret, like nature’s crab, of carrying home on his or her back. Make sure the latter comes with can opener, corkscrew, and bottle opener, or don’t even bother! A hand-held, folding gold-plate picture frame fits perfectly in your male Leo’s breast pocket, where he can hold his loved ones close to his heart. Throw in candle light, red wine and violins playing in the background, and you can make an evening of it! Hand-crafted brass or ceramic candle sticks provide lovely display for those scented candles.
You can help by providing the travel gear, prayer beads, altar candles, and foreign language course tapes.
You just have to do some reminding choosing the right time (after work) and place (anywhere private) to lavish your Capricorn with earthly delights. Don't forget to share this picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media!
The Mars idea about money is that when it disappears, more will soon manifest, in one way or another.
Not only will two Rams usually instinctively trust one another, they won’t take advantage of one another, and considering the way the rest of the world usually treats both of them, this can be a warm and wonderful feeling. If the two Aries people who are involved with one another belong to this group, they may not appear, on the surface, to be capable of arousing anger in each other, but appearances are deceptive.
When they get together, they may struggle for leadership, but the experience will supply some well-needed lessons. They will not be led by the nose, pushed or forced by anyone, including those who are clearly stronger than they are, and certainly not by each other. Aries gifts are always from the heart, given in a straightforward and honest gesture of good will. A personal deck of tarot cards, along with a book of interpretations will provide plenty of food for the soul and rich imagery for their fertile imaginations.
If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. Nevertheless, their motives are often misunderstood by those too materialistically minded themselves to be able to comprehend giving without some ulterior motive (since that’s their own pattern of behavior, they believe everyone must be the same). Toasty socks, gloves or a cap will protect beloved Aries from the cold on those early morning runs. The Bull is a softie for flowers, but potted plants keep Taurus in touch with Mother Earth year-round. Decorator bookends of carved wood, pewter, acrylic or sparkling geodes dress up the books at a sensible price. And if you can, spring for a romantic getaway, where mouth watering delicacies abound — Northern Italy comes to mind. Theater tickets never fail this drama-loving cat, who will especially love the opportunity to share the experience with someone he or she loves. Compact disks with the elaborately balanced variations of Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi restore peace and balance to the Libran mind. Or it may be better to give a gift certificate to that computer store — your Aquarian will know what he or she wants.
Hunting gear will suit those Ariens on the game trail – in red, of course, for safety and because it happens to be the color ruled by this sign.
Heating pads and massagers, in a variety of sizes and prices, bring relaxation and comfort to vulnerable Libran back muscles.
Beauticians are so bossy, and they simply will not comb your hair the way you tell them, or part it where you order them to part it.
The drive to initiate and to lead is so strong in some Mars-ruled men, women and children that even friendly suggestion is sometimes construed as unbearable interference, let alone the forceful commands of a relative, neighbor, friend, business associate, mate or lover born under the same, unconsciously demanding Sun Sign.

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