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I have a few tutorials that I submitted on different types of zodiac signs and it is time for me to upload another.
To draw the Gemini sign all you have to do is draw out two circles for the head and then add the facial guidelines. In this step you will draw out the lower portion of the jaw and then draw the eyes, and nose.
You will now detail the clothes of the twins by drawing out the creases and then the shapes of their arms. Wells, Bill Murray, Joan Jett, Chuck Jones, Aisha Tyler, Adam Sandler, Chris Tucker, Margaret Taylor, Michael Johnson, Nocole Richie. When that is done you will then sketch out the shape of the clothing that goes over their chest.

I mean if you really think about it all you are doing is learning how to draw twins step by step because these two figures are identical.
The sign also signifies the place of artisanship, place of enjoyment of women, pasture land. Virgo natives are modest and shy and at the same time they tend to be meticulous and reliable. Gemini’s are represented by “The Twins” and with your sign you are said to be very versatile, you have awesome communication skills, you are very witty, and you are also able to hold an intelligent conversation with another individual. If you are a Gemini you are most likely nervous, tense, superficial, definitely inconsistent, cunning and inquisitive. Natives born under Virgo ascendant are known for being perfectionist and have highly analytical mind. Virgo is ruled by mercury; Virgo natives are quick in their thinking and are very observant.

There is a lot of reasons why the Gemini is so popular but unfortunately I do not have the time to list all the pros and or all the cons.
All you have to do is follow the steps the way they are laid out and you too will learn to draw better than before. Virgo natives sometimes tend to become quite critical with themselves as well as with situations, due to the effect of disappointments on a sensitive and a discriminating nature.

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