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Life’s too short to cry about your damn zodiac sign: an astrological humor blog for anyone tired of traditional ass kissing horoscopes.
When we have questions about our own lives, one solution is to look to the stars — or at least as far as the horoscope section in the newspaper.
While astrology is sometimes inaccurately referred to as a “New Age” art, it is actually an ancient practice, with some records dating back to 1645 BC. But how do the motions of the stars have anything to do with the events that affect us personally here on Earth?  According to Linda Ruth, a professional astrologer from downtown Ithaca, that relationship is simpler and even closer than many people expect. In terms of the “above,” Ruth’s work involves analyzing the constant motion of stars and planets compared to one another, as well as their relationships to the individual. However, Ruth explains that the stars don’t provide one clear-cut prediction for any individual. Still, as a mystical practice with minimal scientific support, many people are skeptical of astrology. Paul Thagard, Director of the Cognitive Science Program at the University of Waterloo in Canada, believes that modern astrology is misguided and used to explain patterns that would be better explained by psychology.

However, when many people read their horoscopes or receive other personal information from astrology, they do feel that it resonates with their own experiences or personalities. Overall, Thagard advises college students that astrological predictions are fit for entertainment purposes, but that taking them seriously is risky. Such a skeptical attitude is common, perhaps even mainstream, among students — but for true believers of astrology, no form of empirical evidence is needed to validate the connection they feel with such predictions. Something about the night sky makes us look for deeper meaning, and through our culture’s consideration of shooting stars, constellation legends, and zodiac signs, stars have long been much more than tiny specks of light against the sky. Not to be confused with astronomy, the branch of science dealing with stars, planets, and their motions, astrology is a mystical and far less mainstream area of study.  However, both fields have closely linked histories, and early astronomers often offered astrological predictions as well. She explains that each person is born under a very specific celestial alignment, which becomes the client’s “natal chart,” based on the exact time, date and location of the person’s birth. It is commonly referred to as a pseudoscience, meaning that there is no significant evidence supporting its predictions and methodology. Thagard said this resonance is often mistaken for evidence of the merit of the astrological prediction, though it really has more to do with psychology and the way we tend to process such predictions.

They don’t know that stars aren’t a very good explanation for aspects of their lives or that there are much better ones available. Through her experiences with both clients and outsiders, Ruth frequently encounters skeptics, and actually embraces their questioning attitudes.
Sacred twelve palace and gold cloth named from the astrology of the twelve signs of the zodiac allusions. The motions of both the planets in our solar system and the stars within it are calculated, interpreted and connected to daily life on Earth through the controversial belief system known as astrology. While this means that the circumstances of each individual’s chart are fixed, she sees the chart’s predictions as more of a jumping-off point or set of possibilities than a single defined fate. A lot of it, I think, is motivated interest, when you base conclusions not on facts, but on ways you’ve distorted the facts in accord with your goals,” Thagard said.

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