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Astrology is the study of the movements of the sun, the moon and the stars and the effect this has on the human world.
I think almost people in my country like to read horoscope and like to meet fortune teller. POPSUGAR Australia's resident astrologist, Lilith Rocha is helping celebrate the launch of PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION Star Sign Charms by bringing you your horoscope reading for the last month of the year.
With Sun, Venus and new moon all in Sagittarius, look who’s the multi-coloured umbrella in this month's astrological cocktail! You, organised Capricorn, like writing lists; if this month’s yuletide mayhem shreds them like confetti, you’ll need to have backup strategies in place. As the annual cycle of seasonal festivities gathers momentum, energetic Mars buzzes into the Aquarisphere with some wildly original gift ideas and plans for getting the holiday wow factor happening. Mars moving into Aquarius stimulates the creative problem solving, original thinking and adventurous ideas you innovators adore. With Venus in your house of joint resources, sharing shopping trips, festive expenses and holiday entertaining’s certainly worth considering this month.
Little things mushroom to mad proportions this month as people rush, fuss and take things way too seriously.
December always presents the odd inconvenience, unexpected upset and extra expense, so if Mars in your house of overspending wants you maxing the plastic, don’t.

Has extravagant Jupiter got you thinking big, planning expansively, spending generously and shopping till you drop? As a result of this study a horoscope can be created by astrologists and some people believe that we can find out future events or learn about the personality of someone. My colleague had invited her to come our office during lunch time. She used the Gypsies tarot for predict the future. I don't read horoscopes that much either, but I know many people that check them every day. Jupiter’s in your favourite house of multicultural interaction, Mars is sourcing new income streams and you’re on a winning streak. But with nurturing Neptune and soothing Chiron in your sign, plus affectionate Venus sweetening your house of friends, just shop early and plan what you can in advance rather than leaving things till the last minute. This month likes your sassy style, but respectfully suggests subtracting irritation and impatience — so be smart and keep a calm heart under December’s pressures.
Of course you’ve already started shopping and prepping before life gets hectic and frantic, so you can cruise reasonably stress-free into the seasonal smorgasbord of indulgence even if events don’t altogether go as planned. Your celestial line-up recommends using the smart strategy of less is more to get twice the effect for only half the effort and outlay — because there’s plenty happening without taking on extras that stretch your time, money, energy and patience to breaking point. The twelve signs of the zodiac are said by astrologists to represent twelve basic personality types.

She predicted my future correct maybe 80 %.I'm a little surprise but  I heard that If you do it the first time or long time don't do.
Warning to all the Capricorns out there, be sure to strike the right balance between being a party animal and getting in that all-important quiet time this silly season. But do use that Sagittarian horse sense to lock into cruise control as the season of unreason races headlong towards planet party. That sorted, this month’s cosmic cocktail glass fizzes with enough tonic froth and Mercurian humour to fuel you through this season of merry madness. 6 Gemini full moon, you will need to stop multi-tasking, finish one thing at a time, keep commitments achievable and to-do lists fun rather than punishing. And following the advice of that quotable Cancerian, the Dalai Lama, "choose to be optimistic, it feels better".

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