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In order to enjoy the very best luck in love, Aries should seek out Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and, most of all, Leo. The sign of Aries zodiac compatibility tends to be highly favourable towards those born under the signs of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius while being reasonably compatible with Pisces, Libras, Leos, Geminis and their fellow Aries.
Gemini and Aries signs go together and are generally considered to have a great compatibility, especially since both parties are usually inquisitive by nature.
Since this zodiac sign tends to run rather hot, it can be tricky for Aries to find good matches. Sharing a lifelong journey is a special thing and it is also a possibility for Sagittarius an Aries combinations as they tend to be ideally paired.

There are only two signs that make for very poor overall connections with Aries: Cancer and Capricorn. However, your affairs and relationships are fiery and passionate - no one will ever say that dating an Aries is boring! There is no point in trying to work hard to bridge the gaps in a Leo and Aries relationship as it is either going to work or it will not.
Above all else, be sure to steer clear of Cancer - your inability to express your emotions will lead to compatibility trouble. On the negative end of the spectrum, you're known for procrastinating and taking unnecessary risks.

Some people are put off by your self-centered ways, and your occasionally hot temper can land you in trouble every now and then.

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