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Zodiac signs of Libra, Scorpion and Sagittarius highlighted in the picture on the Zodiac Signs table. The Zodiac Signs table is built with positive energies in order to accommodate your tarot readings. These Zodiac Signs tarot tables are created by an old gypsy tradition by providing magickal elements that is established to open door ways for divination.
When creating magickal ritual tools, it is important that the three orders of magic be observed. Using only natural materials and working with the natural grain of the wood, these tables provide focus and energy for divination. And the final order of magic is working with the natural element of the specific quality of the materials involved. So here we are going to feel free to discard the usual sequence of trumps, and even some of their more misleading names.
But several other cards in my early arrangements didn't fit if the Zodiac was taken in sequence. When I finally saw the exquisite fit between The Empress and Scorpio (which you can read about on the Empress page) I knew I had actually created something real, and recreated something really ancient.
Now the plane of the Milky Way and the plane of the Ecliptic are tilted with respect to one another. At the opposite point in the sky, in Gemini, is the galactic anti-center - the direction directly away from the galaxy center. If you are accustomed to the old, stuffy and confusing associations of these signs and images from elsewhere, brace yourselves! The zodiac is a small band of the sky, about eight degrees on either side of the ecliptic, which contains the motions of most of the planets. The zodiac signs represent specific human qualities that colour the way in which we respond to the basic urges (the planets) within us. The twelve signs of the zodiac are each associated with a trump card of the Major Arcana and a Court Card. Make sure you subscribe to my feed to receive the latest news and Tarot articles straight into your inbox when published.
Although the Sun and Moon are not technically planets, they are still included in this group and given special importance as ‘luminaries’. Ancient, medieval and traditional astrology only recognised the planets visible to the eye, but modern astrology now incorporates the newly discovered planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Each planet has its own characteristics and is categorised as either a benefic (helpful) or a malefic (disruptive). Positive aspects: creativity, independence, courage, strength, success, affection and generosity.
The Moon represents our imaginative and reflective side, unconscious impulses, emotional reactions, childhood experiences, the mother-child relationship and our need for emotional comfort. Positive aspects: discipline, patience, reliability, honesty, practical talents, responsibility.
Negative traits: rigidity, restriction, narrow-mindedness, excessive limitations, fear of life.
Cornfields symbolise the potential for cultivation, the need for labour, attention and care in order to achieve material success. Grapes represent inspiration and truth (as a result from drinking wine, when inhibitions are released). Entwining ivy is a symbol of romantic desolation; it was associated with death in the 18th century Gothic revival and a symbol of melancholy.
A laurel wreath was used as a crown of victory or accomplishment for athletes, poets and musicians in ancient Greece. The white lily symbolises purity, chastity, innocence and also higher spirit.  The three-sided fleur-de-lis (triple lily) is a heraldic symbol of illumination. The lotus blossom represents the four elements: the earth from which the plant grows, the water supporting its stalk, air into which its perfume escapes and the fire of the sun, which provides energy for it to grow. The RWS Empress wears a myrtle wreath, which is associated with female fertility, the forces of nature and also immortality. A sacred tree for many cultures, it is associated with light and enlightenment as the oil was used as a lamp fuel in ancient times.
The palm tree, with its solar-like spread of the strong leaves, was associated with victory in Roman times.  Victorious gladiators would be awarded with palm fronds due to the size and evergreen habit, which suggests longevity. In Greek mythology the pine tree was sacred to Artemis, the moon goddess who presided over childbirth; also associated with gods of wine like Dionysus and Bacchus.
Symbolises fertility, new possibilities, ‘new birth’ symbol; creative, receptive and feminine energy.
Roses symbolise beauty and perfection; they are often associated with the pentagram because of its five-petal structure. Sunflowers are symbols of devotion and steadfastness, as their flower heads follow the sun during the day. When I researched colour symbolism in Tarot, I came across information about how colour is perceived in different cultures. Therefore, in the following table I have included not only my personal ‘western’ perception (including the correspondences of the Golden Dawn), but also the meanings of colours in different cultures.
However, when interpreting the cards, you need to establish your own view on colours, which thoughts and feelings they evoke in you, so you may disagree with some of the meanings suggested below.
When you look at a card in more detail and study its colours, you may find that some colours stand out at different times. Watch out for shades and hues; lighter colours may be associated with the conscious mind, darker colours with the unconscious. Intuition, creative insight, clairvoyance, psychic sensitivity, mystery, dream work; colour of the sixth (brow) chakra. Growth, vitality, nature, harmony, healing, Spring; colour of the fourth (heart) chakra, which can also be pink. Energy, zest, vitality, fire, warmth, confidence, creativity; colour of the second (sacral) chakra. Joy, vitality, health, rejuvenation, hope, summer, warmth; colour of the third (solar plexus) chakra. Make sure you subscribe to my feed to receive the latest articles straight into your inbox when published.
Much of the food we eat comes from the soil, and many things we can touch are made of earth in many ways or forms. Negative: greed, financial loss, material obsessions, inability to change, stubbornness, possessiveness.
In Tarot, the element Earth is concerned with the material world, form and substance; putting ideas into practice, practical matters, money, career, home and family, business projects, skills and labour, education, security. Walk barefoot in the garden on grass and soil; take your time and try to be aware of the earth energies slowly penetrating your feet and rising slowly up your body. Make sure you subscribe to my feed to receive the latest Tarot information straight into your inbox when published. Before reading your Chinese astrology predictions and forecasts, make sure to properly calculate your Chinese zodiac sign.
Your birth chart is an invaluable astrology tool for understand yourself through the zodiac. If you have never had your relationship chart prepared before, now is the best time to get your own Soul Mates Relationship chart forecast for two, prepared based on both partners' date and place of birth. This is an elaborate and detailed essay, always under construction, concerning my discoveries about Bach's Toccata in F and related subjects. It explains in detail the thematic structure of the Toccata, its relation to other toccatas and to the toccata form. A lot of music that helps us experience, heal and release the spiritual kundalini energy of our 7 chakras is being created today; but Bach was there first!
Diane Bish plays it, introduced with some inspiring comments about Bach & the Toccata; a real feat to play! The grand chords and "motoric" running passages of the toccata take you on a journey to ever higher places, giving you ever-grander scenic views.
Notice how this greatest of cathedral facades at Reims has 7 levels, with the fabulous rose window in the center; see the heart shapes on it? It represents how life itself came into being, which is said to have evolved in 7 stages; like moving up the chakras. The physical and sexual energy of the lower chakras is raised to the higher ones, leading to blissful enlightenment. The base, Chakra One, is at the bottom (red); and the crown, Chakra Seven, is at the top (purple). Yang chakras turn from the right, counterclockwise; the yin chakras from the left, clockwise. This theme returns to mark off and open each succeeding chakra section, including the seventh, where it is transformed into a stunning, blissful climax.
In the next three sections, hands and pedal together play a powerful uplifting theme alternating with the original theme. In kundalini we move up and down the chakras in the same pattern as we move through the signs each year. The same alternation between yin and yang happens as we move through the signs each year, as happens when we move up or down the chakras. Furthermore, each sign of the zodiac is linked to one of the 7 visible planets ("the spheres"). The 5 visible planets each rule two signs of the zodiac, and the Sun and Moon rule one sign each. Just like the chakras, this pattern has 7 levels, with the top level divided into the signs ruled by the brightest two "planets," Sun and Moon. Therefore, as the mystic sage and scientist Pythagoras discovered, each of the 7 planets corresponds to one of the 7 chakras.
By the way, it's appropriate that Leo should represent the crown theme, since the Lion is the "king of beasts" and kings wear crowns. Musical tones run up the scale the same way, with the tonic 1st, 3rd and 5th (dominant) tones representing the yang chakras. In alchemy, sulphur represents the yang (coagulant) valence, while mercury is the yin (solvent). See a chart of the 7 levels here, showing a few patterns and how they align with the 3 parts of the soul. Toning is a simple way of musical meditation that can attune your own body and soul to the harmony of creation. Then you can start at the sound center itself (the fifth chakra) with long A (without the EE sound on the end).
Then tone long O to open your power center, and long U (ooooo) to stimulate and ground your soul in your lower chakras. Here is a table showing how the chakras are indicated by each section of Bach's Toccata in F.
The Toccata in F begins with a long, snake-like linear string of notes played by the hands.

Also, since the first note of the 3rd bar is also a part of the basic theme, that makes 13 notes in all in the theme of Toccata in F.
The notes of the theme themselves alternate back and forth between up and down (or yang and yin, like yang and yin signs or chakras). Since the middle notes have the widest gap between them, you can draw a "medicine wheel" around the notes. It is the male and female intertwining together to begin the process of kundalini yoga, elevating sexual energy to spirit. And the pole in the center is provided by the held-down pedal note underlying the whole magnificent theme.
Superimpose the last 6 notes of the 13-note theme over the first 6, and you have a caduceus (the 7th note represents the crown). The 8th note represents the first level of the downward manifesting current which we meet as we go upward. For example, in two of these portions, notes in the third measure leap upward optimistically, like the energy released in the third chakra. Then at last, three grand chords immediately and boldly announce the next chakra, in which we move upward again. The significant thing here is that there is almost no difference at all between the actual notes of each canon. But the 2nd time the theme not only moves downward through the pedals, but makes upward leaps too, and moves around with greater freedom.
Then, it readies us for the next stage: the "takeoff," which comes suddenly as we enter the next chakra. Here the wiggling snake is transformed for the first time into two great columns of chords. The pedal note preceeding each set of two chords alternates between higher and lower octaves, representing the yang or yin polarity of each chakra. The theme is then capped by another pedal note, followed by the same three chords that announced the second chakra.
The graceful up-and-down octave movement on the pedals brings into view the vertical staff of the caduceus. The chariot theme is like moving triangles, each composed of two chords preceeded by a pedal note.
The pedal note and 3 chords that before had introduced the 2nd chakra, now announce that we have entered the Third.
The new theme is a perfect model of rising up the chakras as they alternate between yin and yang (low and high notes). Traversing an entire octave, it's played first on the pedal, then the right hand, then twice with the left (four times, for the 4 elements). This uplifting theme is called an arpeggio because it is like a chord with the notes played successively instead of all at once. This third chakra of will and power is yang or male, like the first chakra that turns in the same direction, reversing the previous yin chakra. Anodea Judith also explains that personal power is not created by domination, but by coordination among parts of our being, and by working together with others.
Here this new energy and coordination is represented by hands and feet playing this new courageous, uplifting, liberating theme together in counterpoint. Remember in the original snake theme how the 7 notes are wider apart in the middle and closer together at the ends? Pingala, are now in equilibrium, and so we feel centered here in the very middle of the Toccata, as if we’re in the eye of the storm. I long wondered why the heart chakra section features five repeats of the liberating theme, while the 3rd and 5th chakra sections have only four.
The pentacle (five-pointed star) is featured prominently as the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love and the sacred feminine.
This picture of 8 Earth orbits related to 13 Venus orbits is a logo of the Toccata in F, S. The lines within a pentacle are related to each other according to the fibonacci proportion of 1.618. If you're watching the Toccata on You Tube, notice that the status bar reaches the divine proportion in the middle of the heart chakra section. After the chariot theme, we jump up majestically an octave higher in bar 271 to hear the "crown" chords again, passionately announcing a new "heart-felt" and poignant phrase. Then as the snake theme returns in the manifesting half of the fourth chakra, the left hand leads the way again, signifying that this is a yin chakra (as it will in the 6th chakra); whereas the yang right hand had come in before the left in the third section, and will again in the yang 5th. After a similar upward climb as before, the same rapid "downward" movement in the pedals is heard as in the previous section; this time imitated by the higher notes in the right hand, with the left hand in the middle accompanying with slower notes. This time, in the manifesting second half of the 5th chakra section, the "downward" movement that once was laboriously played out with the feet on the pedals and imitated with one hand, has now been transferred upward to both hands alone. A totally-transformed theme is sounded triumphantly over a huge new C-major Om-like pedal point. What you will find is a new understanding of each card that is close to its original meaning. Some of the cards seemed to fit a coherent sequence, but several didn't fit at all without some kind of trimming one can do with scissors to jigsaw puzzles that you can't make fit: snip off bits and glue on other bits. What would happen, I wondered, if the cards around the perimeter were rearranged to match the Zodiac? The diagram as it is presented here neatly fit concepts from the Sufi tradition, the Western Hermetic tradition, Medieval alchemy, and - most of all, and oldest of all - the original tantric traditions, which are older than the Egyptians, far older than the Greeks, and even older than the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia. If you look at a sky map of Sagittarius, you will find that, in fact, Sagittarius the Centaur is shooting his arrow directly at the galactic center.
This was all the proof I needed that the Fool's Journey is not only real, but that it corresponds in some non-obvoius way to the entire galaxy.
Each stage is comprised of one or more archetypal images which are accurately illustrated by the Tarot trumps and zodical signs. If you are expecting Hewbrew letters, Golden Dawn stuff, astrology, horoscopes, numerology, divinations, forget it. By getting to know each of the individual sun signs, the connection with the assigned trump and court cards will become apparent – and debatable!
Our ancestors regarded them as gods, and the myths of the gods have been adapted by modern astrology into the concept of archetypes. All planets in our solar system revolve around the sun, which is the symbol of our basic nature; our whole essence comes from the position of the sun at our birth, which is reflected in our sun sign. The second of astrology’s most important celestial body is not a planet but Earth’s satellite. The smallest planet and closest to the sun, Mercury is linked with movement, communication, logic, reason, languages and transport. The fourth planet from the sun, Mars is associated with the inner drive for action, self-manifestation and both positive and negative aggression, as well as the male sex drive. Jupiter is named after the Roman king of the gods and is traditionally known as the Greater Benefic, bringer of good fortunes.
In modern astrology Saturn’s reputation is more balanced and represents our innate desire for order, form, structure and security. The first Trans-Saturnian planet was discovered in 1781 shortly before the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. The smallest and most dense planet of the solar system, Pluto is associated with sexuality, physical and spiritual birth, with death and resurrection.
A person standing in a cornfield suggests a down-to-earth mentality and  a connection with the Earth element or its energy.
She is also associated with the rainbow, which represents the pathway by which she travelled. Water lilies are the Golden dawn’s elemental symbol for water.  They float on the water of the RWS Ace of Cups. The lotus represents the soul or psyche rising from the unconscious (the bottom of its watery source) into the clarity of consciousness and enlightenment.
Roses that are clearly depicted with five petals relate to the five senses and the inner five-pointed star of the apple; in horticulture, the rose is linked with the apple, which is also a member of the rose family. I realised that my perception of colours are based on the Western culture I have grown up in, whereas people from different backgrounds will link colours with different meanings. But that’s fine, because remember that there is no right or wrong; it’s all about your intuition. That’s when you can pay attention to your understanding of the colour’s meaning and perhaps hidden message. Our ancestors buried their dead in caves and burial mounds, the womb of Mother Earth; they realised our intuitive bond with earth. Close your eyes and imagine you’re becoming part of the tree and your feet are roots growing into the soil and drawing up energy, circulating it around your body.
Standing stones were placed in a way that they utilised and intensified the earth’s currents, which can still be felt today if you touch or being near them. Our reports range from individual natal chart based predictions and personal forecasts to complex synastry readings for two.
Virgo heaven is any of those shows in which an expert comes in to save a dying salon, restaurant, couple, pet owner etc. I also noticed that the circle or wheel is used the world over to symbolize and contact the divine and the mystical or ancestral powers. It builds, develops and ascends through 7 levels toward a climax, just like the practice of kundalini. For traditional Christians, that's the 7 days of creation, which on the esoteric level is the basis of the kabbalah. It grounds the listener deeply; and at the same time calls you to aspire toward the heights-- and then takes you there. But the Toccata in F represents those moments when we feel that such a rebirth might still be possible.
Some say enlightenment or intuition results when these sources of "milk and honey" (silver and gold) are joined.
The third section is launched by the Toccata's second theme, a powerfully-uplifting arpeggio. Each is an increasingly magnificent "peak experience" like students of kundalini yoga might have, releasing spiritual energy. Thus, we are moving up and down the "ladder of planets" as we move through the signs and chakras. But the 4th note in each set is the same-- thus the two currents unite at the 4th heart chakra. Throughout this piece, similar patterns appear on many levels, like a fractile or hologram, and they often illustrate the chakras. Now the "snake" theme not only gives us a joyous celebration, but also conveys the "sweetness" for which Chakra 2 is named. The snake is a symbol of "temptation" too, representing the sensuality and worldliness of the lower chakras. Then the theme is capped off by a pedal note followed by the 3 chords, for the violet-colored crown chakra.

In the 12 chords, the 12-note original theme is given a larger and slower treatment, fractal-like. It is capped by the same 4 notes (all 4 are chords now) that cap off the chariot theme (the crown). The toccata reminds us that we always have this "unstruck, unhurt, innocent" part of us that we can return to, even in the midst of our troubles.
Brown pointed out that Venus passes closest to Earth exactly 5 times every 8 Earth years, after which it returns to the same place in the zodiac. The uplifting theme is repeated only 4 times in the solar plexus and throat chakra sections of the toccata, representing the 4 elements, but here it is repeated 5 times, which signifies the presence of the 5th element in the heart chakra. It represents the two chakra currents that are balanced here, one going up and one going down. One of these, the Dodecahedron, contains both symbols, since its 12 faces each have 5 sides.
Here in the middle of the heart chakra, just as the "liberating" portion (liberating and chariot themes) ends and the "manifesting" portion (snake theme) begins with a majestic triple chord, we reach 271 bars out of 438 (438 divided by 271 equals 1.616).
This happens in both the video of the 4th chakra section only (embedded above), AND in videos of the whole toccata-- the fractile effect again! The Zodiac House Table coordinates by house and counter clockwise (the way the symbols transverse our sky) for each sign. No matter where you place it, this Zodiac Signs tarot table will make an attractive addition to any room. The sequence is internally consistent and conveys a new meaning that is really a very old one, for it fits amazingly well with the most ancient spiritual traditions on our planet.
It is the association of the twelve signs of the Zodiac with the twelve Tarot cards that mark the Fool's Journey. The Moon card (which I have renamed The Moon Pool, which gives a much more accurate description of it) shows a crayfish or crab; Cancer is known as the Crab. Is the Fool's Journey - in some metaphorical (or real?) sense a journey to the center of the galaxy? Therefore, I take it that the center of the galaxy is in some metaphorical way equivalent to the highest spiritual principles to which we can aspire. That's why there are no horoscopes, divinations, or any other passive nonsense on this site. If you've just read the latest Tarot or astrology books and expect to find something similar here, you're going to be disappointed. The planets-as-gods are associated with characteristics, psychological energies or impulses that all of us express in one form or another. The Sun is associated with a sense of power and represents our divine inner spark—the vital force that urges us to seek greater expression of our nature. The moon cycles—new moon, waxing, full moon, waning, dark—symbolise the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Psychologically Venus represents the need for emotional and material security and therefore indicates how we tend to relate to others and handle our finances.
Mars is named after the Roman god of war and is said to be an influencing factor on all people, objects and matters connected to warfare, bloodshed, conquest and destruction. Jupiter is associated with judges, lawyers, teachers, healers, religious leaders as well as seekers of knowledge and truth. This in turn is connected with generational conflicts, conventional views and issues of fear, repression and control. Due to this timing, Uranus is associated with non-conformity and revolutionary tendencies; it is also an indicator of new discoveries, sudden and unexpected events, disruptions and unpredictable occurrences. Neptune dissolves boundaries, such as between the conscious and unconscious, between individuals and between truth and illusion. The following list of plants suggests symbolic meanings, and it is up to the reader how to interpret these meanings in individual readings. In Celtic mythology, the apple tree is a symbol of plenty, for choice and a door into greater mysteries. In Celtic mythology, the beech tree is associated with all gods of wisdom and learning and the human intellect. Also sacred to the gods of the underworld, Hades and Pluto, it can represent anything developing in darkness, e.g.
The vine’s symbolic meaning in the Old Testament is as an emblem of God’s blessing on his chosen people. Its entwining habit represents the movement of the stars and planets and the understanding of their influence on the affairs of humankind.
In Judeo-Christian tradition, a dove brought an olive branch to Noah as a message that the flood was over.The olive tree symbolises peace, fruitfulness, purification and wisdom. Pine resin was burned to clear negative energies, which could also be done by scattering pine needles around.
Psychologically, wheat tied together symbolises the integration of inner opposites, the conscious and the unconscious. For example, in western culture the colour ‘white’ is associated with weddings, purity and innocence, but in Eastern cultures such as India and Japan it is linked with funerals and death.
Slowly let the excess energy flow back into the soil by visualising it like trickling water. Something similar, usually a special aura or atmosphere, can be felt at the great ceremonial mounds. Follow the cycle through to autumn observing the changing colours of the foliage and falling of the leaves. If you have never had a natal astrology chart interpretation, you are in for a real eye-opener!
The theme dangles around five times through different keys, as if moving more freely and gracefully (untied or "unstruck," the Hindu name of the chakra).
Each Platonic solid was linked by Plato to a classical element; for the dodecahedron it is ether or spirit, the 5th element (also called the universe or the heavens).
The length of the liberating and manifesting sections in each of the first 5 chakra sections are related according to the divine proportion; but they are close to exact only in the heart chakra, and in the 2nd chakra (where Venus is exalted).
This not only represents the manual dexterity of Mercury, but indicates that we are opening up our higher mind.
And the 5th chakra's planetary master, Mercury, shows this link to G in its cosmic, mathematical behavior, just as Venus did with the Heart, it since rotates three times every two revolutions, which is the proportion that produces the fifth tone= G in the C-major scale. Includes dates for the zodiac signs, keyword for the sign, symbols for the sign, and ruling planet.
You can take a peek at the map of this journey, or look at the stages of the journey in more detail.
This was better, and eventually I had a good semantic match with eleven of the twelve cards. Not only does the Fool's Journey end in Sagittarius on our map, it also ends in an area of the sky once known as the Fool! Its gravitational pull on the Earth’s surface is linked with the tides, and its phases influence numerous biological rhythms in plant, animal and human life.
Mercury also symbolises our ability to make connections and understand the relationship between things, ourselves and the wider world.
Mars also rules people, who use sharp, metallic objects such as surgeons, butchers, cooks and tailors.
The function of Jupiter is to enlarge, make fruitful and bestow a feeling of being protected and a spirit of hope and optimism. Saturn rules natural and man-made structures, hierarchies, organisations, authorities, the karmic law of cause and effect and even time itself. Ivy symbolises the Spirit, search for enlightenment, a warning (Ivy ale was a highly intoxicating medieval drink), binding and restricting, freeing and uniting. The charioteer on the Chariot card of the RWS wears a laurel wreath and so does the victorious rider on the Six of Wands.
Red signifies passion and desire (not necessarily sexually); white roses can indicate spirit, soul and abstract thought. After a while, imagine drawing back your ‘roots’ into your feet and disconnecting from the earth and the tree. You can look forward to astrology predictions for all Chinese signs covering luck, love, money, fortune and fame. There's less of the frantic ambition to move upward and onward that we heard in the previous third chakra. Jeff Andrews points out that Venus goes around the Sun 13 times in those 8 years, and that 5, 8 and 13 are fibonacci numbers (which reveal the golden ratio of 1.618 that shows up in many living things and natural phenomena as well as art and music). The Tarot now known in the West had been influenced by a Cabalistic and Judaizing process, designed to bring it into line with certain doctrines not implicit in the original.A  Superficial attempts to link these cards with those in use in Persia or China have not succeeded because the essential cipher element contained in the meanings of the suits and the trumps is still a Sufi property. Psychologically, it represents the individual’s need for self-realisation and freedom from restrictions.
A five-pointed white rose can be found on Death’s banner in the RWS deck, signifying the Mystic Rose of life. The themes are also played lower on the keyboard than in the previous and upcoming sections. Remember we saw this also with the first two yang chakras, d minor being the related key to F major. The original snake theme and the 12-chord chariot theme are blended together in counterpoint, just as the yin and yang of our two eyes and two sides of our brain are united in our third eye.
It is notable, though, because as the Earth circles the Sun, the Sun seems to travel along this circle throughout the year. Things are stated clearly and unambiguously, since this is the chakra of communication and purification.
Our vision breaks through all barriers as we soar upward into the exalted key of B-Flat, accompanied by Om-like bass pedal points. The snake in the apple tree links the card with the story of Adam and Eve, suggesting paradise and its forthcoming demise. For years not shown on the horoscope wheel, you can add or subtract 12 to calculate your chinese zodiac sign. As we enter the chakra ruled by Mercury, or Hermes the Magician himself, we feel about to be transformed by the magical work, and we face the dark demons within. The music is graceful and poised again, since we are now in a yin chakra, and our chariot has carried us into the sattva level of higher consciousness. After one year, the Sun passes through the twelve major constellations in the Zodiac and is back in Leo the next August. We know this this is a big change for our loyal members, and we're very open to receiving feedback.
Once again, just like in the 2nd and 4th yin sections, the chariot theme ends on a peaceful tonic chord.

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