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The Mushroom Kingdom Zodiac is a concept in Paper Mario and the Everclear Night, introduced by the fortune-teller Booracle.
A character born under a given sign is said to have the "burden of X", with X being the sign they were born under. Starting from the top left going across the rows: Light, Wall, Flower, Bond, Life, Door, Song, Leaf, Mystery, Star, Love, and Tide.

Every character in the story is born under a specific sign, and the sign they are born under has some bearing on what path the character is destined to follow. An eclipse is implied to cause "dark roads" for a character's journey, although to what effect it has on a character's path is, unsurprisingly, currently unknown.
Not much information on the Zodiac signs has been confirmed, but they are expected to become a central factor in PMECN's storyline.

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