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For a Gemini inspired wedding an open air family style reception seems like the perfect thing to encourage conversation and good times. About Sara BurnettChief Editor of Burnett's Boards, which she founded to showcase global creativity in the wedding industry.
This seven layer rainbow cake, filled with white vanilla butter icing and covered with black fondant, is decorated with sugarpaste zodiac symbols.
This extra special rainbow cake isn’t the usual rainbow – its coloured as closely as I could get it to the Hemospectrum for the sixteenth birthday of a COSplaying geek girl!

The chocolate cupcakes are topped with black vanilla butter icing and decorated with sugarpaste zodiac symbols to compliment the cake. Wife, mom, cupcake maven, ADHD champion, wedding planner, dog lover, guide dog puppy raiser and tattooed cat slave. Please note all content and photographs (unless otherwise stated) are my own and copyrighted. The red nylon loop is approximately 4 (10cm) long, and the brass coin is about 1 (2.5cm) in diameter.

They are not afraid to speak their minds and love getting together with friends and loved ones to swap stories and the latest gossip! I tried to capture some of that with the cheerfully pretty blush colors and spring green hues.

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