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Now that you have an understanding of the different ways to classify the Zodiac Signs itA’s time for a practical exercise. Now I want you to write each SignA’s duality, modality and element in the correct section on the chart. When you are finished your natural astrology chart should look like the chart posted below. Non-Facebook Users You need to create an account at Facebook before you can register your "Like." Facebook is a fun and effective way to socialize and network online. Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi) : They are usually very friendly in the beginning and slowly back out if they are not too kicked about the new acquaintance. Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) : Geminis may sound a bit domineering and can be stuck-ups when introducing themselves.

They usually make very good hosts and win hands down among the signs when it comes to showing the right enthusiasm during an introduction. No wonder Virgos are usually in PR and other public dealing jobs because they do it without overdoing it.
However, it would help them if they try and sound a little friendlier for all practical purposes.
It’s not their idea to get over-friendly, but just that they feel it is their duty to tell others about themselves, including zodiac sign and favourite one-liners. But whether they will continue to charm and impress depends entirely on whether they think you are worth all their effort. While sometime they are so soft that you almost miss out on them when they are introducing themselves, yet on other occasions, they can be the one to attract your attention at the cost of distracting others.

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are all assertive (extroverted) Signs while Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are passive (introverted) Signs. What is it that makes Leos so charming even if they are just saying their first hello to you?
You would never need me‘ With lines like that they often tend to create a picture of low self-esteem and less confidence.

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