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Multi-donor microtissues are available as hepatocyte-only monocultures, or as co-cultures with Kupffer cells, enabling detection of immune-mediated toxicity. InSphero provides superior biological relevance to in vitro testing with its easy-to-use solutions for production, culture and assessment of more organotypic 3D cell culture models. Early iterations of the manual were created by staff researchers at Eli Lilly and Company, but content for the Assay Guidance Manual is currently edited by 19 researchers representing 11 institutions, including NCATS and Lilly. Schlieren, Switzerland, February 01, 2016 – US subsidiary of Swiss-based InSphero AG initiates direct product shipments, progresses towards full-scale US bioproduction capabilities.
Stewart Hunt, General Manager of InSphero Inc., states the transition, “Will dramatically simplify order fulfillment for customers in our largest market by allowing them to order directly from a US source.
The transition accompanies another milestone for InSphero Inc., which has assembled an expert team of 11 US-based employees over the past year.
Schlieren, Switzerland, January 25, 2016 – Study describes high-throughput compatible screening assay using 3D tumor microtissue models to classify efficacy, toxicity, and mechanism of action for compounds in NIH Oncology Library. InSphero and NCATS announced a collaboration in 2014 to develop improved phenotypic high-throughput screening (HTS) methodologies incorporating highly biologically relevant 3D tumor microtissue models that more closely mimic the in vivo tumor microenvironment than traditional 2-dimensional monolayer cell culture. Since 1998 EY has tracked successful entrepreneurs in all sectors, branches, regions and markets within Switzerland. A jury will elect the World Entrepreneur of the YearTM from the pool of national winners at the spring 2016 ceremony to be hosted in Monte Carlo. An international consortium of 39 partner organisations will be funded by the European Commission to work on the integration of new concepts for regulatory chemical safety assessment. Coordinated by Bob van de Water, Professor of Toxicology at the University Leiden (The Netherlands), EU-ToxRisk has the ambition to become the flagship in Europe for animal-free chemical safety assessment. Schlieren, Switzerland, Oct 15, 2015 – Oliver Krahenbuhl brings 25 years of finance experience in the technology industry, strengthens senior team at global leader in 3D cell culture. InSphero AG, the leading supplier of easy-to-use solutions for production, culture, and assessment of more organotypic 3D cell culture models, has appointed Oliver Krahenbuhl to serve as Chief Financial Officer. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) officially granted InSphero AG full protection of its GravityPLUSTM hanging drop technology. The newest liver model is being introduced at the Society of Toxicology’s 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo being held this week in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Jens Kelm, InSphero Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder says, “By pooling hepatocytes from 5 male and 5 female donors, multi-donor microtissues more closely approximate the average human response, and extend donor lot availability to ensure a long-term supply of cells for microtissue production. The chapter, “In vitro 3D Spheroids and Microtissues: ATP-based Cell Viability and Toxicity Assays,” was co-authored by Dr.
Terry Riss, Global Strategic Marketing Manager, Cell Health at Promega Corporation, and a contributing editor for the Assay Guidance Manual states, “The new chapter by Drs. The manual provides guidelines for scientists in academic, non-profit, government and industrial research interested in developing assays useful in screening molecules that modulate biological targets, pathways, or cellular phenotypes.
The February 1 transition immediately streamlines access to InSphero products and services for US-based customers, and positions the company to initiate operations in its recently completed US bioproduction laboratory in Brunswick, Maine. Says Hunt, “We’ve moved quickly, adding key scientific staff to lead the laboratory build-out, technology transfer, and initiate product manufacturing in our state-of-the-art Brunswick facility.

Data summarizing screens of 40 compounds from the NCATS Oncology Library in 3D ovarian and pancreatic tumor microtissues will be presented by InSphero CSO and co-founder Dr. 3D tumor microtissue co-cultures from ovarian or pancreatic tumor cell lines with stromal fibroblasts were generated using InSphero’s patented hanging drop technology. Using these results, we can determine a therapeutic index value by which compounds are ranked for their potential efficacy and specificity toward a particular cancer, using models that more accurately reflect in vivo tumor biology.” In addition to Dr.
Jan Lichtenberg CEO and co-founder Phone +41 44 5150490 This email address is being protected from spambots.
It has been recognized for its scientific and commercial achievements with a number of national and international awards. Jan Lichtenberg, CEO and co-founder of InSphero AG received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the YearTM 2015 award in the category "Emerging Entrepreneur". The four winners stood apart for their company achievement, leadership strenght and convincing promotion of their company through professional and social engagement. They're all courageous, innovative, willing to take risks, reliable, engaging and strong; they are the backbone of the Swiss national economy. These new concepts involve cutting-edge human-relevant in vitro non-animal methods and in silico computational technologies to translate molecular mechanistic understanding of toxicity into safety testing strategies. The project will integrate advancements in cell biology, omics technologies, systems biology and computational modelling to define the complex chains of events that link chemical exposure to toxic outcome. InSphero, the world's leading developer of easy-to use solutions for organotypic 3D cell culture models and body-on-a-chip systems, now holds hanging drop patents in the world's major pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets, including the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and Singapore.
Failure of drugs during late phases of the drug discovery process costs the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars each year, and drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is the primary reason for post-market drug withdrawal.
These models and contract research services utilizing them help to identify promising drugs and toxic liabilities with greater predictivity at early development stages, enabling better pre-clinical decision making, saving development cost, and shortening time to market.
Kijanska and Kelm provides expert guidance for scientists moving into the realm of using more physiologically relevant 3D cell culture model systems, and fills a long overdue gap in the content of the Assay Guidance Manual.” Dr.
Such molecules may serve as candidates for development of novel drugs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and rare genetic disorders.
Stromal fibroblasts were engineered to express a secreted reporter to simultaneously assess both anti-tumor efficacy and non-specific cytotoxicity. Kelm’s poster presentation, InSphero microtissues and high-throughput screening and imaging concepts will be featured during several events at SLAS2016, including two exhibitor tutorials and other collaborative posters. Kelm Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder This email address is being protected from spambots.
EY Entrepreneur of the YearTM is the only entrepreneurial award program with a global dimension, with 60 participating countries around the world honoring entrepreneurial excellence. The consortium will provide proof of concept for a new mechanism-based chemical safety testing strategy with a focus on repeated-dose systemic toxicity as well as developmental and reproductive toxicity. Krahenbuhl joins the InSphero senior management team having previously held CFO positions at HF Global Inc.
Such testing is unique to 3D cultures, as the same cells grown in 2D (monolayer) culture live only a matter of days, allowing only limited assessment of drug toxicities.

Since last year, large pharma organizations have begun converting from conventional assays to InSphero's 3D microtissues.Dr. Kelm, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of InSphero said, “It was an honor to lend our expertise to such a well-recognized and widely accepted reference guide for cell-based assay and screening communities.
Initial findings from the collaboration confirmed more than 50% of the 40 compounds tested displayed greater potency against ovarian and pancreatic tumor cells grown as 3D microtissues than to the same cells grown in monolayer. Importantly, novel mechanism-based test methods will be integrated in fit-for-purpose testing batteries that are in line with the regulatory framework and will meet industrial implementation. New York, Canon, and JobCloud AG, the leading Swiss online professional recruiting company.InSphero CEO and co-founder Dr. The service quantifies total cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as a measurement of cell viability, an assay routinely used to assess drug induced liver injury (DILI).
The new multi-donor microtissues offer the same structural and functional robustness of single-donor microtissues, but provide a more diverse genetic background to help mitigate bias in models resulting from naturally occurring variations in drug-metabolizing Cytochrome P450 enzymes. This 3D know-how is now also being applied in the diagnostics field to aid development of personalized chemotherapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer.Founded in 2009, the privately held company is headquartered in Schlieren, Switzerland with subsidiaries in the United States (Brunswick, ME) and Waldshut, Germany. EU-ToxRisk will develop new ab initio quantitative risk assessment approaches based on understanding of so-called “Adverse Outcome Pathways” incorporating all mechanistic toxicity data available in the public domain. Jan Lichtenberg states the company “stands to benefit immediately from Oliver’s decades of experience, including 15 years at an executive management level and significant cross-Atlantic know-how.
Our reliable, automation-compatible 3D cell culture platforms complement PerkinElmer’s assays and high-content imaging systems,” said Dr. It will also achieve a rapid improvement of so-called “read across” approaches as the most important data-gap filling and hence animal-saving alternative method at present. In Oliver we have gained a proven expert to guide us financially through our next phase of global trade and operational expansion, particularly following the recent securing of our Series C financing round. More recently, large pharma organizations have completed validation studies and begun converting from conventional assays to InSphero’s 3D microtissues.Dr. Kelm notes that incorporating advanced multi-cell type 3D models derived from these and other types of cancer is critical to improving the translational value of in vitro screens. Thus, the project strives towards faster safety evaluation of the many chemicals used by industry and the society. We are excited to have him as a member of our team.”A native of Switzerland and a Swiss Certified Expert in International Accounting and Controlling, Mr. Johannes Haugstetter, Director of Services for InSphero, says exposing cells to drugs over 14 days can reveal toxicity at lower doses than seen when only treated for a matter of hours or days, as in 2D hepatocyte assays.
14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing provides more reliable evidence of a drug’s safety or potential toxicity, and does so at a fraction of the cost of animal models, which may not accurately reflect the response in humans.

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