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When you are first developing your business strategy, having an open mind can help you move your business in the direction that can make it most successful.
Staying open minded and attached to nothing leaves your planning open to move in the direction which works best for you. I have worked with many producers who were attached to their particular product or method of sales that just did not work for potential customers. When I am perplexed by an issue, I find that if I remove myself from it, relax and let my inner intuition guide me, I will find the solution.
I know this last week’s business tips are a bit different, but I hope they will help you to align your thinking process for success and inner peace! Sign up here, if you would like to receive these tips in your inbox Tuesday through Friday!

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Is there a special talent or creation within you that you are hesitant to follow through on? I believe each of us has a divine purpose to create something and to share that wonderful talent. If you see things as problems outside yourself which have no solution, you probably are not going to solve it. Thinking about performing at their highest ability can invoke their inner strength to be as efficient as possible.

Another friend, Ginny, is to create wonderful quilted products and share them with the world.
Make sure to let go of all negative thoughts such as guilt, shame, apathy, fear and anger as they will weaken you. In other words, if you don’t have a purpose or vision for your business, you cannot grow or move forward.

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