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English Country Dances -- Tuesdays 7-10:15pm -at Philip Coltoff Center, 219 Sullivan Street, unless otherwise stated. Acoustic Vacations in the Mountains Inclusive retreats at the West Mountain Inn, Arlington Vt. I love that she mixes the elegant with the eclectic in a way where this rustic room still feels personal and inviting.

On sale October 1, we are now adding Showers’ Glamorous Retreats to our guilty pleasures list! Even though summer is fading, we can still sit here and dream of lavish vacation spots thanks to Jan Showers’ latest book, Glamorous Retreats!  A follow-up to the bestselling Glamorous Rooms, her latest work features interiors from locales across North America. The pages take you everywhere from the beaches of Nantucket to the lodges in Colorado down to Arizona ranches. Glamorous Retreats is that signature coffee table book or staple needed for your study collection that everyone should just go ahead and pre-order!

I love how she is able to introduce so many different textures and keep the space feeling cohesive.

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