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November 5, 2014 Before you can help someone else you first need to know how to help yourself. How serious are you about improving yourself?  There are many ways to improve yourself, but what are the most important things you can do to improve you? Value is adding worth, raising the level importance, being beneficial, or making something more significant.  All the people in world that hold positions causing them to make 6 figures or more have made themselves valuable in their markets. You must find time to improve you.  No excuse known to man is good enough to stop you from investing in yourself.

Your value begins to rise as you gain more knowledge and experience through this time you spend investing in yourself. You need to be around people who will be able to increase your value.  It is impossible for someone to add value to your life if they haven’t discovered their own value and purpose. So surround yourself with the right people who will give you the right advice to increase your value and improve your life.
As we all know, ponytails are so easy to make by pulling your hair back and secure with a rubber band.

With some transformations, ponytail can be also worn for some special occasions, not only for the gym.

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