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3HO’s Live to Give Grant Program is a way of giving back to those in our community who are serving and uplifting humanity.
By this is meant the yogic traditions, technologies, and practical philosophies passed down since ancient times. It is also noted that most of the Guru Granth Sahib is written in Raag, and whole Guru is written in 'Naad'.
There are passages of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that are discouraging to the practice of yoga for the purpose of attaining miraculous powers. This author would like to conclude by saying yoga is a tool and not the end to the means of finding God. Himself having so recently been the chief customs officer at India's busiest airport, Harbhajan Singh savoured the sweet irony of his new status. Yogi Harbhajan Singh had arrived in another hemisphere, very different to what he had been accustomed to.
There was a whole new world for Harbhajan Yogi to explore, but after a little dinner with his hosts and a Kirtan Sohila to himself, it was time to put all this aside and rest for the coming adventure. Harbhajan Singh remembered well what respect he had received from these relations when he had been a servant of a mere government. Then a fourth thought came to Yogi Bhajan's mind, "God has put this piece of meat here to let me know I am not supposed to eat it. It was not long before he could hear the ring of the phone upstairs, then a voice calling, "Hey Bhajan! At the House of Yoga on Church Street, he found a number of students celebrating his arrival.
Ron and the Yogi remained in touch through the following weeks and the changing of the seasons. That Halloween, Ron and a few friends spent an evening carving faces into pumpkins to make the season's festive jack-o'-lanterns. Yet, Yogi Harbhajan Singh's enlightened point of view derived from a profound inner discipline, not from a flash of psychedelic euphoria. Since the time that he had begun to teach, some devoted students had started looking after the needs of this disciplined, and very determined yogi. These street people, who lived a sparse existence in the parks and hostels of Toronto, held a certain fascination for Harbhajan Singh.
In November, on the occasion of Guru Nanak's birthday, Harbhajan Yogi drove to the Canadian capital of Ottawa with a couple of his students.
Some hours later, as they approached the burgeoning city of nearly one million people, the Yogi suggested they have breakfast with a certain acquaintance. Harbhajan Yogi replied, "Just to relax here for a while, then take the car and go to London, Ontario in the evening. His hostess went on, "You know if you would have knocked, I would have opened the door. Unfortunately, the Yogi's guest had read some odd things in books about yoga and the power of yogis. Harbhajan Yogi summed up his feelings, "I worked for so many incarnations to get this human body, which holds the identity.
Sometimes the misplaced faith of raw and inexperienced students could try even the patience of a Master. Almost two hours later, Yogi Bhajan and his students were still exercising when a big gas truck pulled alongside their car, half-buried in the snow.
The trucker got out and went to the back of his truck, disappearing for a minute in the frenzied snowstorm.
Within a few seconds, the car's tank was overflowing and a noxious, highly flammable pool of gas had formed, swelling in every direction from the car.
As their trucker friend disappeared into the blizzard again, returning the hose to its mount at the rear of the truck, Yogi Bhajan said to his student behind the wheel, "Dummy! The trucker got out once more, and headed to the driver's side of the car in the middle of the gas pond.
As the thousand, nine hundred and sixty-eighth year of the Christian era drew to a close, the small community of East Indians in Toronto felt a deep sense of pride. Yet, as he told those who wanted to know him, he was a restless man, a man with a mission and so much more to do. That was until a student came in and gave Michael a newspaper with a picture of Yogi Bhajan indicating he would give a lecture on Kundalini Yoga just across the street in half an hour. Michael Fowlis had already learned Hatha Yoga and thought he was becoming very accomplished with his poses. In all events, Michael thought he would be sure to come up with some good questions to ask the yogi after the lecture. The experience with the yogi turned out to be much more engaging, much more inspiring, and entirely different from anything Michael had ever done.
After the class, he went before Yogi Bhajan to ask some intelligent questions he had thought of.
On January 6th (1970), Yogi Bhajan had entered his second year of teaching Kundalini Yoga in the West, as it had been on January 5th that he had given his first talk at the East West Cultural Center. On his 366th day of teaching, Yogi Bhajan remarked to his student, Gerry Pond, "I knew that was a load of nonsense. Sunday evenings were special occasions for music, food and celebration, when guitars would come out and students would remain after until well after class. Beautifully illustrated and designed, and starting with just eight pages, a new issue was mailed out each month to inform and unite Kundalini Yogis, wherever they might be. Twice a day, Yogi Bhajan would challenge his students at the Phyllis Ashram with inspiring stories, as well as hard truths and unpleasant wisdom, so they might grow in grace and glory as spiritual teachers. Yogi Bhajan recognized that many of the people he met were also driven by a blinding, impersonal ambition. In those days, Harbhajan Singh the Yogi saw little of his old friends from India in Los Angeles.
Yogi Bhajan's home, at 9006 Phyllis Avenue, was a hive of activity with people coming and going, people working, people visiting, and people just passing by.
Ganga had once complained to Yogiji that she would have preferred to leave the kitchen, wear a pretty nice dress, and join the guests in the living room. Since the young woman had first mentioned the name of Shiva, Yogi Bhajan had sensed they was something terribly wrong here, and when later on his hostess directed her oddly familiar gaze into his, he recognized that it had become rather late, and that he had better be returning to his work at the ashram, in the name of Shiva, for the sake of the Indian God's reputation, and for the sake of this and every fallen angel. About this time, Jules arranged for the garage with its antiques to be renovated, the better to serve as a place for Yogi Bhajan's classes. Shakti Parwha Kaur would drop into the Phyllis Ashram every day from her morning job at the Beverly Wiltshire Hotel coffee shop. In those days, there was a definite push to empower and rebuild from within these drop-outs from the American nightmare.
When a reporter from a local paper came to cover the event, the Master assured him, "God is vibration. Yogi Bhajan kept in touch with his teachers, wherever they were, and in more ways than one.
At that time, John Twombly happened to be teaching a yoga class thousands of miles away in Florida. Buddhists and Sufis, hippies and Alan Watts configured the alternative spiritual landscape of the city of the Golden Gate Bridge. The day after Earth Day, Yogi Bhajan set out north to give a week of classes in San Francisco, at the University of California at Berkeley and the Sausalito Community Center.

In Yogi Bhajan's classes, he covered laya yoga, mantra yoga, mool bandh and maha bandh, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and gave vigorous exercises for transmuting sexual energy. Siri Singh Sahib ji came to America to teach yoga with a bold mission statement "I am here to create teachers, not students". It is a combination of yogic poses, mantras (chants), breathing techniques, mudras (hand positions), mental focus points, and exercises.
He was known for visiting schools of yoga as a guest and subsequently teaching the teacher something.
One can easily be led astray by doing anything out of ego, including things the Guru's practiced such as charity, righteous action, sermons, and taking vows.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi, now thirty-nine years of age, waited his turn in the line-up that had just disembarked at Toronto's international airport. Finally, the people in front of him were cleared and it was his turn to step forward and engage the officer at his desk. An hour he waited, then reached in his pocket for the number of the man from the university who was to receive him.
The people here looked strangely blanched compared with the coffee-skinned people of Delhi. They did not understand or appreciate what the Harbhajan Singh they had known in India was doing in Canada at all. She liked to complain that he always stayed out late and never came home on time for dinner.
To finance the new yoga centre, Yogi Bhajan was working as a bookkeeper during the day and as a janitor at night. Finally, at about eight o'clock the door was unlocked and Harbhajan Yogi entered the house. Now that he had set out in a humble way to be a servant of God, they despised and resented him. After a time, Harbhajan realized his tears were flowing from his cheeks down onto his Gutka. Another verse of the Guru came to his mind; "O mind, why do you scheme so, when the Lord Himself is providing your care? For me, as far as I am concerned, it is the only problem I am facing," Harbhajan replied.
He dressed himself to go outside again and with his weakened, hungry steps made his way to the subway station and paid his last twenty-five cents as fare. Having taunted his Guru just an hour earlier, now he gratefully accepted the bounty of the Preserver of his honor. One day, Ron confessed to Yogi Bhajan that his conscience had been troubling him ever since he had spent Thanksgiving with his family. Occasionally, two or three young students would go with him and sit and silently meditate as the Songs of Guru Nanak were recited or sung in the congregation. Then, after sitting through a boring speech, and once the ardaas was done and the prashaad all given out, everyone sat in lines and was served the Guru's langar. After langar had been served, a kindly old woman came up to the Yogi and put a large plate of langar in front of him.
He, who would not ask for food and who kept to a strictly vegetarian diet, was now being regularly treated to pizzas and other wholesome Canadian fare.
After finishing a letter, having a party and attending a reception, they were ready for the long drive back to Toronto.
Instead, you came all the way up the drainpipe, through the window, pulled me out of bed, and took me to the shower. I did it just to identify the Infinity which created it, and because of one hallucination, now you just have taken away from me the very basic right of being human. They were not warmly dressed, so they all started exercising to keep their circulation going.
He had shown himself to be out-going, self-confident, and deeply devoted to the form and spirit of his faith.
In December, when Harbhajan Yogi received an invitation and a ticket to Los Angeles to visit an acquaintance of his from New Delhi, the messenger from the Guru's House did not hesitate.
It was Friday, and he planned to come back Monday after a couple of days' visit in Los Angeles. For some time, Michael had been dreaming he was going to meet someone special, someone that would change his life.
Though he had never learned anything about Kundalini Yoga, he went to the class feeling quite self-assured. He had met Yogi Bhajan in Orlando, then made his way to Los Angeles in January of 1970 to connect with the source of the teachings. Lawton and Gerry Pond others would engage their musical hearts in putting together all kinds of Sat Nam tunes and music - rocking, rolling, joyful and inspiring.
I have got two albums and we got them snapped in one hour, and I went through like a snake and did all one hundred and eight postures.
I don't want to bug you on this issue, but if up to this day you have never learned to respect yourself, forget it! When God has made you as his projection, and you - because you have been given a free will - vibrate negative toward you, do you think you do a favor toward him?
There, he saw the cutting edge of America's social drama, with its full complement of sex and gratuitous violence.
The status-conscious immigrant community considered their old friend had no qualifications for success in their adopted homeland.
He advised her that if she just chanted and cooked and did the dishes, she would wash her karmas away. In his learning, he was very well aware that the greatest consciousness and divinity and morality and strength and power of a man is knowing the bait. Inside were apartments, where apparently the denizens of the Hollywood scene might spend a night or catch a few hours rest between shootings. He was hosted there by Steve and Leigh Samuels, his teachers in the Bay area, whom he had just married at the previous Summer Solstice in New Mexico. What credit goes to the aged toothless wolf who cries out that he is a vegetarian now?" More. He was greeted at the airport by Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Kohli, Pawan Singh Dhinsda, MSS Hari Singh Khalsa and Marshall Katz, the Chief of Aviation Police.
He began teaching Kundalini Yoga when he arrived in the United States because he saw the state of condition of the people. As the Siri Singh Sahib said, the teachings have been tried and tested by, "the sages of the ages". Because of all of it's aspects it is the quickest way to get the effects of a yogic practice.
History tells of Baba Siri Chand bowing to Guru Ram Das on behalf of himself and all the schools of yoga. There are also accounts of Guru Gobind Singh practicing yoga, and passages in the Sarb Loh Granth describing some of his own yogic practices. The purpose of yoga is to prepare your body and mind for the powerful energy of Shabad Guru, which is a yoga in itself. There was a cluster of Czech refugees, just arrived, with their precious bundles and suitcases. The woman had heard the news of the professor's accident and come to the airport alone to receive Harbhajan.

Moreover, his evenings were increasingly filled with yoga classes, so he knew the chances of returning in less than twelve hours were not very good.
The first idea was that the piece of meat had been put over half of the dish, but half of it was untouched and pure, so he could eat that half. Some of the students had even brought Indian food from sympathetic families who had heard that Harbhajan was not being fed and was growing weak.
The centrepiece of the feast were some Cornish hens his mother had gone to some trouble in preparing.
So, when they gripped each other's hands, Yogi Bhajan squeezed the other man's hand so hard that it turned blue.
I just wanted you to know that the way you use brute force has no human intelligence to it. Sundays, one big pot of beans and another of rice would be cooked and distributed to the park people. The four exercised for a couple of hours, never wanting to stop because they knew if they stopped they would freeze, or at least catch frostbite. The rest of the community raised another seven thousand to buy and renovate a building, thereby creating the first Gurdwara in eastern Canada.
The Yogi lived his religion and, rather than being sucked into the vortex of money-based Western culture, he had managed to successfully share the sacred teachings of the East with the people of a cosmopolitan North American city. But feeling quite comfortable with his life and not wishing to change a thing, Michael had virtually locked himself in his office and refused to go out.
Then there would be a morning class and an evening class, with occasional yoga through the day, just for fun. None is unaware about truth, but to live up to the truth by our own self-projection is what is normally difficult for us. We do not live like normal beings, and that is where our weakness lies, and that is where our progress stops completely. Simply sit down calmly and bring your mind energy on one point: that you are a pure channel. On the streets of Los Angeles, he marveled at the gaudy, bubble-like quality of the American dream gone sour: its endless supermarkets and stretch limousines, its vast car parks and spiraling freeways, its smoky bars and shiny skyscrapers, its topless clubs, pornography, casual sex and bottomless morality. Yogi Bhajan and a few volunteers who did the correspondence and other office work took turns using a well-worn blanket to catch a couple of hours sleep. An ordinary man thinks he has the power to bite, not knowing that once he bites he may never bite again.
The student who usually came to answer the phone and do the secretarial work was dozing, and there was no one around. This was the home the Fillmore Auditorium, the biggest rock palace in the world, but by now, especially after the Altamont festival disaster, things were going down.
During his visit, the Counsel General met with dignitaries from the State of the New Mexico, as well as members from the Sikh and Indian communities.
Kundalini Yoga is the most powerful form of yoga and is often wrongfully thought of as dangerous. As you may have guessed the sole purpose of Kundalini yoga as taught by Harbhajan Singh Yogi is to help people grow to live happy, healthy, and holy lives. Guru Gobind Singh found a way to utilize the power of Naad when he installed the Khalsa with the practice of reading banis daily.
The Siri Guru Granth Sahib describes to do this kriya inhale your breath through the left nostril, hold the breath and chant 'Waheguru' 16 times and then exhale the breath through the right nostril. At six two, Yogi Harbhajan Singh towered over the milling crowd, looking for a familiar face.
Together they took a taxi to her apartment home where she had an extra bedroom prepared for her tired guest. They put him up in the basement in their home at 325 Hillsboro Avenue, a quiet residential street not far from the downtown. Not wanting to spoil the pages, he took the opened Gutka and covered it with his only towel so his tears might dry. Ron had been trying to give up eating meat, but after some initial hesitation, he had succumbed to the familiar pressures and joined the rest of his clan in gorging on the tasty flesh of the hapless hen. Fifty to two hundred people would sit in rows on the park benches to be served this vegetarian banquet. They would finish their bottles of cheap wine outside, then go in and sing their inebriated hearts out.
When the collection plate came around, these simple-looking men were more generous than their well-outfitted suburban counterparts. If anybody would have seen you jumping over the wall and coming in, there would have been a lot of problems here.
Talking on truth, having a library on it is all an easy thing, but molding yourself a way of life where you live with such a standard that there should be no ego that you are a different being than a normal human being, that's a very important point. Each one of us has to acquire the maximum of the light around us, but he has to live as a more humble being than the beings around him. She said she worked for a company that arranged hospitality and accommodations for Hollywood's many actors and performers. These, his hostess helpfully informed Yogi Bhajan had been formed with plaster of Paris from the members of her select clientele. The next day, when Shakti looked out into the street in front of her home, she found her neighbour's car demolished exactly where her car would have been.
In 1964, the nearby University of California at Berkeley had served as the lively center of the student-driven free speech movement. In other forms of yoga a serious practitioner would devote his whole life to his practice, and if serious there was little time to spend on anything else. In the first round, he flattened him and carried him to his side of the field, where he threw him to the ground. A man who does not know what assessment he has of himself and how great he is, and what he is, what do you mean?
3HO launched the first program of its kind called Teachers Training, which is an intensive designed to grant its participants with a certificate to teach kundalini yoga upon completion.
A serious Kundalini yoga practitioner is encouraged to spend 1-2 hours a day, and thus it becomes practical for common working people. The professor had been involved in a serious traffic accident and died just the day before. From then on, whenever Yogi Bhajan consulted that Gutka, it would always open to the same pages and the same verse would present itself. Arriving at his subway stop, Harbhajan barely could summon the energy to climb the stairs to street level and on to the yoga centre. Once, a man inquired whether next time the Yogi's students might not also provide some wine with the feast. This was the time of Allen Ginsberg and Richard Brautigan, poetry in the parks and indescribable Be-ins. I have to keep myself always guarded against my own weakness and I have to live more humbly, lest I may become trapped in my own ego. 3HO is the organization Siri Singh Sahib created to organize, maintain, and spread 'The Teachings'.

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