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In 1989, SOLSTICE magazine reported on the seeming decline of vitamin B12 from our food supply.
We hinted B12's disappearance may be less a result of food processing than a warning of critical ecological imbalances.
Associate Editor David Yarrow researched and ruminated the mystery of B12 magnetism, with clues from science sleuth Mark Mead.
It intrigues me the lady who discovered that this vital vitamin is vanishing lives in Salt Lake City. Having teased your intellect, let me tickle your imagination by noting that, like B12 bacteria, I'm pickled in the Salt City. Cobalt is a heavy metal element, whose multiple valence energy states allow it to link to several other atomsNas many as eight. Thus, the cobalt at B12's core creates a strong, dense charge at the center to align and coordinate lighter atoms and electrons all around and beyond the B12 molecule itself. However, to my knowledge biochemistry has yet to address cobalt's magnetic role in B12, or most biologically active molecules. The shape of a healthy red blood cell is a flat disk with hollow facesNwhat we have if we wrap a membrane around a donut. This biochemical geometry implies that B12-cobalt plays an unknown role in red cell magnetism. Only plants produce sugar; for all our technology, industrial society can't synthesize sugar, only refine it.
In higher plants, photosynthesis occurs in the membrane of special cell bodies called "chloroplasts." Embedded in the membrane are many polypeptides and proteins that contribute to photosynthetic reactions. Also in chloroplast membrane is the enzyme chlorophyll, the pigment to give plants their green color.
Like B12, chlorophyll is a complex, multi-ring molecule of light elements surrounding a metal atom. But where B12's rings form a complex, 3-D structure, chlorophyll's rings lie in a single flat plane. So, by Gaia's magic photosynthesis, sunshine is transformed to forms of stable chemical energy called sugar, without which most life would perish. Three billion years ago photosynthetic cells appeared on Earth and spread into virtually every environment by tapping electrons in a ubiquitous substance: water.
To use water as an electron source is no simple feat, since water gives up electrons grudgingly.

To solve this, photosynthetic plant cells developed a special catalyst called a water oxidizing clockNa unique biochemical ratcheting cycle to stabilize water splitting reactions so electrons transfer one by one in intermediate steps. The clock then removes four electrons from two bound water molecules, releases O2, oxidation drops from S4 back to S0, and two new water molecules are bound to the photosystem, completing the cycle. Manganese (Mn) is crucial to water splitting, since O2 isn't produced unless four Manganese atoms are present in a photosystem. The fundamental law of Oriental philosophy is The Unifying Principle, known in universal language as Yin and YangNcosmic opposites spinning in endless circles.
The dance of this dynamic duo soon evolves to a Three step, as opposites find a mutual balance and rest. Three then quickly mutates to Four, which supplies stability and orientation: the Four DirectionsNour compass.
But Four, of course, soon gives rise to FiveNthe next step in this growing complexity of order.
So, in the Five Element cycle, WoodNthe living elementNrecieves Water's rising energy, then transforms it to Fire; plants gather solar fire to split water into energy and gas to make sugar. From its peak as Fire, energy condenses and cycles down to become solid as Soil, which represents ripening and maturity. However, the Destructive (or Ko) cycle links the further, not the near, pointsNdiagonals of the Creative cycle pentagon. Thus, Sheng and Ko cycles are related by a ratio defined as a pentagon's diagonal to its side. Thus, in 3-D reality, five-sided symmetry appears as 12 and 20, representing vertexes and faces of icosa and dodeca. In animal tissue, B12 concentrates in kidneys (blue Water), liver (green Wood) and heart (red Fire)Nthree organs with significant electromagnetic identity. In animal physiology, pineal is a "third eye"Nvestige of an eye found atop the head of primitive vertebrates.
When we describe material objects, such as atoms in crystal lattice, we call a point where edges meet "vertex". Cobalt atoms are identified by a special deep, dark blue: the color of Water, governed by kidneys. Only three elements are natural magnets, but as electrically charged ions with extra or missing, unpaired electrons, many become paramagnetic. Ionized, oxygen's extra electrons jump in and out of outer orbits and radiates visible electromagnetic energy.

This blue-green imagery is startling in light of the B12 content of algae grown in Idaho's Lake Klamath. In embryological development, at an early moment the growing, dividing egg (zygote) turns inside out to become a fetus. These micro-macro images shed light on how cobalt's icosa winds up red cell magnetic donuts.
A primary suspect in this mystery of missing bacteria is acid rain, since B12 organisms prefer alkaline environments. In our era of dramatic shifts in global ecology, the point of this excursion though microbiology, molecular magnetism, Oriental Medicine, and metaphysical geometry is pickles.
To adopt the B12 organism, we must create environments to encourage and nourish their growth. If we learn to live with B12 bacteria in our homes, the next step is to restore them to soils.
Buddhist principle cautions: Don't confuse the finger with what it points atNor the mind that points it. The answer may be a lowly microbe, cultured in an earthenware crock by your kitchen hearth. Another grand irony of our superpower world: detente is spelled SALTNStrategic Arms Limitations Treaty.
It was at OnondagaNthe Salt LakeNa legendary figure called "The Peacemaker" first buried the hatchet and planted The Tree of Peace to unite five warring tribes under The Great Law of Peace. Peacemaker's tree is a white pine, with the Eagle-that-sees-far on its crown, ever vigilant to sound alarm. Today in the Northeast, maples are in serious declineNdying from the top down, with leafless, lifeless limbs scarring their crowns.
In modern America's media mind, native peopleNthe Red raceNsymbolize Mother Earth and the environment.
And Onondaga Nation sits atop the spinal axis of North AmericaNpineal center of Turtle Island. These images resonate one further twist: on the inside of a turtle shell, its vertebrae form the image of a white pine.

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