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Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social network that allows you to create professional-looking photos with a click of a button, using a number of different digital filters. There are a lot of ways that you can use Instagram for your business, but I think there are a couple key secrets to success that will help you begin your journey. Play around with the platform, take some photos and share them on your personal social networks. Once you understand how it works, create photos for your business and share them on your business social networks. Whether you’ve already connected your Instagram account to your personal or business Facebook Page or not, don’t worry. This will not only make it easier for you to share your Instagram photos on Facebook, but also makes it easier for people on Facebook to connect with you on Instagram as well. Did you know that you can create a 15-second video (stop-motion or straight through) using Instagram’s filters?
Now I know what you might be thinking…I barely have time to take a picture let alone make a video. Another reason to start using Instagram Video is that you can now embed your video on your blog or website!
Make sure, when using hashtags, that you are only using ones that relate to the photo and help your target audience find your photos.
It’s also important to remember that you do not want to use too many hashtags when sharing your images on Facebook. Each network is different, and the way they are used varies from platform to platform, so make sure you’re using the correct etiquette. Encourage your Facebook fans to enter the photo contest using Instagram, and don’t forget to let them know how they can find your new presence on Instagram. Engage with your audience and their friends by liking and commenting on others photos too because it increases the chances of your business being found on Instagram.
One of the best ways to utilize visual networks is to show the personality of your business.
By using these 7 secrets to your advantage, Instagram can very quickly become a tool that you’ll love and that will help you grow engagement and your audience on all of your social networks. My biggest difficulty with using Instagram at work is that I already use it in my personal life, and can’t figure out a way to have two different accounts going on my phone. I personally have a phone and tablet so I decided to keep an account open on each and never swap. I can’t see how to connect my Instagram account with my business FB page, it only shows my personal page. We love Instagram but does anyone know of a way of managing an Instagram account without the use of a mobile phone?
Get hands-on help with Constant Contact, tailored specifically for your organization's needs. Over the past few years, Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs have become an established path for retailers to deliver enhanced customer experiences, engage employees and drive business change.
Without support from the top of your company, your program is destined to remain a niche project.
Start by identifying an ROI model that works for you, and show them the numbers so you can clearly demonstrate the return that your program can deliver.
By boosting Lifetime Customer Value and Average Order Value, you can really impact the bottom line! With executive support in place, you can now set a clear strategy that links your VoC program with key business priorities, such as those highlighted in the ROI model above. As with any cross-functional program, communication is critical if you want people to engage with your vision and goals.
After all, finding out how customers feel about their interactions with your business should be at the core of what you do.
The trick is to communicate what you’re hearing from customers in a way that enables you to celebrate your successes. Employees, particularly those on the front lines—such as in-store or in your customer service call center—are an incredibly rich resource when it comes to understanding the customer experience.

For some industries, success and failure are black and white (or used to be), such as in banking, for example, where a successful year would be measured by how the balance sheet looked (although that's probably a bad example, given the current climate!). As I travel and meet more and more people involved in full time Christian service I find that the measure of success varies greatly.
This week, as some of us in YWAM are gathering to chat about how we can serve those working as volunteers in Africa better. Walking in obedience sometimes means going into the hardest places with the least support and little-to-no recognition. Yet despite all this, as I sit and listen to the stories of people who have given up everything to serve overseas, I see how God has given them the strength, ability and will power to complete the tasks He has set before them. And I’m not just talking about how easy it is to create visually-appealing images, but also how fast it is to share your new photos to social networks.
Just because you eventually want to build your new channel, doesn’t mean that this has to be your first goal. This will help you get used to the new technology and will allow you to see how others react to specific pieces of content. But some things are just worth the time especially seeing  that videos can receive up to 100 percent more engagement on Facebook than a text-only post. Who can argue with a tool that helps you create videos easily AND share them with your customers? This means that your current and potential customers are probably already searching hashtags on Instagram, so this is a great way to help them find you. Hashtags are now operational on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that your audience is ready to see five hashtags on every one of your Facebook posts.
Create a photo contest using a hashtag of your choice, and allow entries via Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter.
Share pictures of your employees, behind-the-scenes exclusives, and your fantastic customers (with their permission, of course). You'll also have access to personal coaching and resources to get you real business results.
Right now, the only way to jump this hurdle is to create a new Instagram account for your business and sign in and out between your personal and business accounts. I administer 3 pages with the same admin credentials and none of them show up in the settings.
A June 2014 report by Forrester Research, “What Drives Profitable Customer Experiences?”, notes that even the best retailers are missing out on revenue opportunities by failing to deliver the right customer experience – effectively closing the door on $572 million in sales for a large retailer! Ensure that you can define, design and implement your program with clear goals in mind, and then analyze and act on the insight you gather. Executive buyin means that stakeholders take the program more seriously, that targets must be met, and most critically, that budget is assigned.
Then, link your program directly to your key business priorities and demonstrate how your program can deliver success.
The trick here is maintaining a balance between ambition, given what you’ve demonstrated to your senior team, and losing focus by trying to do too much at once.
A VoC program can’t be run by a single person, regardless of the level of executive buy in. Internal social networking makes a huge difference, as does identifying the people responsible for delivering great experiences and singing their praises. Not only will they tell you things that you might not hear from customers themselves, but they’ll also have insight into which processes cause repeated issues, and be able to offer suggestions as to how to make improvements.
Front line staff are the first to come under fire when customers are unhappy, though in many cases the issue isn’t their fault. Hall of Fame college basketball coach Jim Calhoun shares his secrets for success for the first time ever. Knowledge of these con-tricks allows you to recognise them for what they are and refuse to be taken in any more. Yet we slip into measuring, rewarding and boasting success so easily and apply our world view to the measure. For athletes the ultimate measure of success would probably be competing (and winning) an Olympic medal.

Many of us are starting to feel really feel challenged not to measure our success in any of the above ways. I see how they are simply men and women living extraordinary lives because of the God they serve. Becky is serving with S-Cape Home an anti trafficking organisation and Peter is serving with YWAM AfriCom - the communication team for YWAM in Africa. It is clear that ROI is not only achievable though cost reduction and revenue increases, but can be very significant for retailers that invest in their solutions effectively. Ensure that you have a clear strategy, but think carefully about the phasing of your program so you can take one step at a time and make sure you’ve got each step right. You need to build a core team, supported by a steering committee with enough accountability to drive the process forward. But it’s also the point at which you can start delivering real value—not only to your business, but to your customers as well—so it’s a hurdle you need to overcome.
For retailers with stores scattered across a wide area, it’s useful to have a local representative of the program to share news, as well as ensuring that your reports are live and tailored to each region or store.
So if they can help you pinpoint simple ways to improve the situation, not only will customers be happier, but you’ll have made employees’ lives easier too. By doing so, what can be a great success for some is a dramatic disappointment for others and vice versa. More often than not, the leader of the meeting will be abundantly clear by body language, tone of voice and message whether the message they are bringing is positive or negative. Rather, spend time asking God where he is leading us, and try to be obedient to what He calls us to do. I hear about many miracles and examples of provision and guidance in some incredibly difficult circumstances - yet these stories are told without cheering but rather a deep sense of joy and hope. Programs created within the vacuum of a single department, or that lack sufficient budget, might deliver insight but not the financial clout to take action.
An August 2015 Forrester study commissioned by Confirmit entitled “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Confirmit™ for Retail Organizations” found that businesses implementing a Voice of the Customer program with Confirmit stood to achieve a return on investment of up to 365% over a threeyear period. Having sent countless players to the NBA, Coach Calhoun is known for producing not just great athletes but great human beings. No matter how many followers you have if they are not active towards your account – they are useless. As retailers, we need to know the secrets that will unlock our program’s potential and secure its future success.
You also need to ensure that all of the key functions within your organization are aligned with your program. And, of course, when we do that, we can only give the glory to God, as He did the work for us, we just obeyed. The best way to engage in my opinion is to interact with as many convenient users as possible. The core team cannot do this alone – even with an exceptional executive sponsor and steering group. This is something you can run as an exercise with a cross-functional group, asking the team to start by mapping the customer journey – reminding them that it’s about more than your stores and website! VoC programs touch every part of the business, and you need to make sure that each department is represented appropriately. Once they have identified the broad journey and touchpoints, they can then give their opinion on which touchpoints constitute a Moment of Truth.
This is the key to a good, consolidated and engaged community, when you follow the same number as you are being followed. This sounds very simple, but as an activity, it can be a real eye opener for internal stakeholders. Reply Rose Devicorrect Reply Rashid Khanreallity ReplyAdd your comment Click here to cancel reply.

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