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The Secret Rulers of the World is a five-part documentary film, produced by World of Wonder Productions and written, directed by and featuring British journalist Jon Ronson. Elected as president of Zimbabwe, Mugabe is known to have tortured countless people branding them as trouble-makers or working for his opponent. Known as a horrible and inconsiderate leader, Bashar Al-Assad deprived the citizens of Syria their basic right to lead a peaceful life. Field Marshall Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir is the President of Sudan and the head of the National Congress Party. He is the Spanish military leader who ruled as the dictator of Spain from 1939 until his death.
Burma’s senior general Than Shwe holds the 6th position in our list of most evil rulers the world has ever see. This man is known to have annoyed the French and having narrow-minded opinions regarding minorities. Where’s Adolf Hitler, who exterminated millions of his own citizens in death camps and started a losing war with the whole world which ended with his country torn in two? America, first off has the the 5th (or so) best economy in the world right now, which i consider pretty darn good.
I would imagine the author of this amazingly bad blog loves all this and is probably also the moderator. Yes there were a very few religiously-motivated persecutions that occurred but very few and not with encouragement from the crown. Elizabeth was absolutely brutal to Catholics and murdered unknown numbers of them because they refused to follow her vile heresy. So it was ok for Elizabeth to execute those who tried to overthrow her but it wasn’t ok for Queen Mary to execute those who tried to overthrow her?
The fact of the matter is that Elizabeth murdered more Catholics in the name of forcing the evil heresy of the rich on the Catholics than Queen Mary executed trying to restore the English Catholic Church, which made England great. I was a history major and I studied Tudor England with a world renowned scholar of the subject. There have been a great many books that have vindicated Queen Mary and proved that she acted no different than any other royal of the day, supported by noblemen and peasants. You’re a failure as a historian and I suspect the person you studied with is a world-reknowned idiot. The series of parts was first shown on the British television network Channel 4 on April 2001. The film shows previously unseen archive footage to describe the life of a family who claim to have moved to a cabin in Ruby Ridge, Idaho to live peacefully, and escape what they saw as the tyrannical elite of international bankers bent on enslaving the world. The film includes footage of attendees dressed in robes and burning an effigy at the foot of a giant stone owl. Tucker, Jr., who has been investigating the Bilderberg Group, an annual invitation-only conference, for over thirty years.
He is a violent man who uses violent means to keep check on people who don’t support him. Bashar ran unopposed in the 2007 presidential election, and his secret police force (the Mukhabarat) has routinely kidnapped, tortured, and killed political activists who were against him. Similar to Zedong, Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar was responsible for killing over one million people. Regarded as one of the country’s greatest military strategists, Sharon is an Israeli prime minister who happens to be on the list for all kinds of controversies one can think of.
Her attempt to turn back England into Roman Catholic was not a good move and which led her to burn 300 Protestants to death.
It is hard to not seek blame in muslim populations worldwide that are cheering when Americans were suffering though.
Regarding his treatment of minorities, he did in fact oversee the withdrawal of Israel from Gaza.

Elizabeth I generally strove to avoid the question of religion, and had a policy of not persecuting anyone for being Catholic.
He was incompetent and egomanical, and led the US into a war on false pretenses and fought that same war poorly and recklessly, showing no regard even for his own soldiers and people, nor for the ideals and beliefs his country supposedly stands for. Queen Mary was executing protestants for STRICTLY for refusing to convert to Catholicism–regardless of their loyalty to her and England. It is a historical fact that Edward VI and Elizabeth executed Catholics at a higher rate than Queen Mary did Protestants.
They wanted to remain Catholic but they were threatened with death by the evil Protestant heretics. The documentary accompanied Ronson's book Them: Adventures with Extremists, which covered similar topics and described many of the same episodes. Ronson also explains how the Weaver family's conspiracy theories became a shocking tragedy when the American Government killed two of the family members, their dog, and shot and wounded Kevin Harris, whom the Weaver family considered their son.
Ronson questions whether Icke literally means lizards, as he steadfastly maintains or whether the reptilians are a coded reference to Jews, which Icke denies adamantly.
According to Tucker, around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in business, academic, or political circles, meet annually in secret. A President like Bush who used his wealth for political gains that lead to violence and more violence throughout the world? Since 2011, the Syrian Army and security services have been using tanks and rockets indiscriminately against members of the Syrian opposition and ordinary civilians. Furthermore, he also became the de facto regent of the restored Kingdom of Spain which made him even worse in the eyes of the public. Francisco Franco is among the most evil rulers in history. Shwe’s came to power and soon after showed what a sick man he was to the international community in the aftermath of Nargis when he prohibited rescue and aid groups from reaching cyclone victims.
It is said that because of her, England lost its territory to the French. She also rightfully ranks among the most evil women in history.
He was the dictator of Nazi Germany, initiator of World War II, central figure of the Holocaust and the most hated man in history of human kind. The way he killed Inncent people in Afghanistan and Iraq is such a heinous crime and so on for just the name of its own created so called terrorisim.
Al-Quaida succeeded in making Islam the enemy of Americans for a while, in Bush he got exactly what he wanted. And his country, surrounded by nations bent in Israel’s destruction, is itself the minority of the region. She did however demand loyalty and obedience to the Crown and the State (herself and England). It is unlikely Obama will prove near as bad, even though the circumstances of his presidency are far worse. And if you were really paying attention to history you’d realize what actions she took against the Catholics were primarily to defeat attempts they were making to overthrow and execute her. Both the series and book detail Ronson's encounters following theorists and activists residing on the cusp of the political, religious, and sociological norms. But many other theorists are convinced that the world only knows part of an apparent complex conspiracy story behind the bombing. After the event, Ronson meets comedy actor and fellow attendee Harry Shearer who describes the event as a glorified fraternity party. Or a despot like Idi Amin who overthrew the ruler and placed himself in power, ruling the country with an iron fist?
He is widely criticized for his inadequate handling of the economy, human rights abuses and his refusal to step down from office despite popular demand. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity, namely in the Darfur region.

She followed a policy of isolation and cut-off ties of her country with other prosperous European country causing huge damage to the country. When he came to office, Bush inherited an incredibly strong economy built by the former President and yet, he let the economy fall resulting in lack of jobs and deaths. Many of the attempted revolts against her were by Catholics who wanted a Catholic monarch on the throne, which led to a lot of Catholics being executed for treason (not because they were Catholic). Our national debt was doomed to increase even if Warren Buffet and Bill Gates poured their billions into reducing it. Many Catholics never had the slightest trouble from her, and a couple of her court members and friends were Catholic. Elizabeth had faced such discrimination from Mary and had no deisre to inflict religious discrimination on anyone else. Despite the warrant, he freely travels to sympathetic countries to flaunt his relative immunity among friends.
In her 33 year reign, she ruled like a tyrant, while common folks suffered from regular warfare, disease, difficult forced labor. Besides most people believe he is largely responsible of the violence that plagues the world today.
Hitler and his Nazi regime were also responsible of the death of 19.3 million civilians and prisoners of war. Additionally, the Catholic church and its leaders mounted countless political, espionage, and economic campaigns against her. Too many mistakes have been made by too many people in this country for it to be otherwise.
She DID however come down really hard on disloyalty to the Crown, which was an executable offense–a standard punishment at the time.
2.7 million people are believed to have been displaced since 2003 as a result of his military campaign against the Darfur rebels. And additionally as a result of his military actions in Europe during the war, 29 million soldiers and civilians were killed. Even at the most bitter points of her fights with Catholics and their church, she moved against them reluctantly. In 2010 Siena ranking of presidential scholars, Bush was rated as one of the nation’s five worst presidents.
It was her chief advisor, Lord Burghley, who would move aggressively against Catholicism in England, and even his most extreme actions were based on loyalty to Elizabeth I and England, and preserving the security and safety of both.
With our country bankrupt, it’s quite hard to shape effective foreign policy, which makes a difficult task utterly impossible. Most of the surviving accounts indicate Elizabeth was sickened by the religious fighting on both sides. Queen Mary COULD have had Elizabeth executed–but it would have been an exceedingly dangerous political move. Elizabeth already had some measure of popularity at this point, and even her fellow Catholic monarchs would have found the execution of one of royal blood distasteful, even though they wanted her kept, and later removed, from the throne.
Certainly many felt forced–but obviously enough people were willing to fight the Spanish when the Armada came. What you and your fellow moron fail to appreciate is that most people, by and large, want stability and safety–they want to know the next day will be much the same as the last.
Elizabeth provided that stability–although in fairness, some of that was due to the length of her reign.

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