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Change your Preview Mode background color to black to make your pages pop when you review them. If you really want to feel like the Master of your InDesign Workspace Universe, view your thumbnail-size pages in Preview Mode (see Tip No. Keystroke shortcuts save time on any repetitious tasks, and InDesign has already built a bunch of them for you (Edit Menu>Keyboard Shortcuts). I use the built-in CMD-hyphen (-) and CMD-equal sign (=) a LOT to quickly reduce or enlarge my page view without leaving the keyboard (see Tip No. To hide all extraneous visual elements simultaneously, OPT-p puts my page in Preview Mode, and CTL-p brings me back to my “Normal” view (see Tip No. If you’re formatting a long list with multiple, repeating styles, like “name,” “title,”  and “department,” start by applying the most prevalent style to the entire list. Mary Lester leverages her deep experience with storytelling, design excellence, multi-platform publishing, and technology-focused content to help leading-edge businesses meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing media industry. About the TFP BlogTechnology for Publishing's articles focus on core topics such as industry trends and news, content publishing tips and best practices, insights and lessons from our consulting engagements, and highlights on women achievers in the publishing and media field. A positive thinking can produce positive attitude and positive attitude leads to positive results.
Itspotluck is a social platform for Indian food lovers.Like Cricket, Indian food is something that connects Indians all across the world. Now that the frenzy of back-to-school is winding down, it’s time to reflect on your long-term goals for the school year. Now that you can better grasp your students’ individual needs and have, or will soon have, had parent-teacher conferences, make sure that you help your students set both short-term and long-term goals for the rest of the year.
Keep students and parents up-to-date on progress of goals through sending recorded Voice Clips and text messages straight to their phones. If you haven’t already, set up a Remind class to connect with the other teachers at your school.
Schedule your messages to go out ahead of time so that you can focus on goals and each student’s needs for success. Regularly keep parents updated on students’ behavior and daily contributions through Remind’s Send to Few. Easily share photos, voice recordings, and more straight to parents’ and students’ phones using Remind. These are great tips that will help you lose the weight quickly, and in a healthy maintainable way. If you’re in the market for a new job, be sure you’re doing all you can to search and be found online.
To avoid being overwhelmed by the vast amount of information online, develop a system for locating work opportunities, managing the application process, connecting with employers, and keeping track of responses and interview dates. LinkedIn members create personalized profile pages, where they describe their current job, past positions, education, skills, qualifications, professional interests and so on. Even if you’re careful about what you post, it’s impossible to control what others say about you online.
Be sure to keep your posts professional if you are referring employers to your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook page. By taking your employment search online, you can access job leads you wouldn’t otherwise hear about, learn more about potential employers, and even interact directly with recruiters and hiring managers.
Reesa Staten is senior vice president of Corporate Communications and director of workplace research for Robert Half International, the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm. It’s difficult to find well-informed people on this topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. First, let’s demystify this whole college interview thing: The college interview exists simply to help the admissions committee get to know you better. 4) What to do if you get nervous during the interview: Are you rambling about your pet hamster? Providing Home Remodeling and Renovations in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, and La Quinta! If you can manage it, keep the footprint of your current kitchen and save big on the remodeling budget. While the top, professional appliances may look appealing, are you a professional cook who will really take advantage of such units? Make sure you start talking to any contractors or other professionals early in the process, and keep talking. A wider pasteboard area creates an expanded workspace to store temporary ideas while you work on your live pages. Select items and move them from page to page, and you can see changes in text fit on the fly. But if you don’t want to memorize those key combinations, you can personalize a set that makes sense for you.
How do you keep the momentum going and set a supportive classroom culture for the rest of the school year?

These goals can be both academic and social, and help to contribute to a positive classroom culture. Share your goals and all-staff goals with them, as well as important resources through Attach to help them along the way. See 10 ways to use Scheduled Messages for sending important reminders, documents, and more. Depending on your students’ age levels, you can also include each student in the message to their parents.
During long-term projects throughout the school year, you can send updates of student work to small groups, or attach photos and files to whole class messages.
Watch how this teacher approaches reflection in her classroom from The Teaching Channel for ways to engage students in reflection. A former teacher of ELA, ESL and Spanish for K-12, she is passionate about the importance of relationships in social-emotional learning and educating the whole child.
If you cut your caloric intake by 600 calories per day, you can lose one of your weekly pounds with the reduction of your food intake, and still have a free day where you don’t need to cut out the 600 calories.
If you are cutting out 600 calories per day then you’ll need to use exercise to lose the other pound and a half. You won’t feel too deprived, and you still have plenty of freedom if you are going to eat out, and you have a busy schedule. Start by creating a separate email account for job inquiries so that it will be easier to keep track of where you have applied and manage responses from companies and recruiters.  Here are seven additional ideas for making the most of online resources. Using LinkedIn, you can identify and then connect with other professionals with whom you might have something in common.
It’s a good idea to periodically type your name into a search engine and see what turns up. Establish security settings that ensure your most personal posts are visible only to your closest friends and family. Unless you already have a job and your search is confidential, tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job. Staten has been writing job search advice for more than 15 years and oversees Robert Half’s extensive workplace research program. Your college interviewer stares at you silently from the other side of an imposing mahogany desk.
You want to do a good job, you’re talking to a stranger who you think is constantly judging you… so we’re here to help you make sure you ace your interview.
You may want to write down notes, too–the interviewer may give YOU some great information about aspects of the college that you’re interested in. You introduced a subject you’re excited to learn more about and you managed to turn your interest into a dialogue with your interviewer. It’s also the most expensive remodeling project – and has the highest potential return in increased home value. Consider LED under-cabinet lights, pendant lights over islands, and recessed or track lights over work areas. If not, go with appliances highly rated by consumer websites like Consumer Reports or Amazon and save lots of money. Instead, look at cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling, storing serving dishes and little-used holiday items in the top shelves.
Set up a system for communication when you can’t see each other in person, such as a white board or sticky notes.
This high-level view is also a great way to see and remember all the cool stuff you’ve flung onto your pasteboard.
It’s like working from outer space when your pages are tiny and clean—and they will look like they’ve already been printed in that design annual they deserve to be in. Select your measuring system of choice from the handy drop-down menu and you’re good to go.
We hope the quick and easy on the pocket tips will help you get the oven clean with less effort. Parents and students will feel a personal connection and focus on students’ goals — even when they’re outside of the classroom! This will keep students in the loop of home-to-school communication, and encourage everyone to work together as a team. Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook using #RemindGoals and we’ll respond with our support! Prior to joining Remind, Clara worked for the George Lucas Educational Foundation in social media marketing.
You’ll burn almost 10 times the fat doing this type of workout than you would if you were doing cardio on a machine. When we aren’t getting enough sleep our brain sends the message that we are hungry when we really need sleep.
Create public profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook that indicate you are open to job offers.
That may include current and former coworkers, classmates or alumni, or people you recently met at an industry conference.

Make sure your profile includes keywords that recruiters or hiring managers might search for, such as certifications, skills and specialized expertise you possess. A growing number of companies are using search engines to learn more about prospective hires, so you should conduct your own search of your name regularly to see what they see. If you want to work for a specific company, for instance, try visiting them in person to see if you can fill out an application on the spot. We promise you, unless you’re interviewing for Hogwarts Academy, your college interview will look nothing like this.
Look for functionality and durability first, then look for low maintenance and long warranties. The ambient lighting can be on separate switches, perhaps with dimmers for different moods. Mount hanging shelves and racks inside cabinet or pantry doors and use a ceiling rack for large pots and pans.
Let the contractor know your expectations about noise, smoking, bathrooms, parking and clean up.
Yes, you can see pages this way with your Page palette, but when you view your document pages at thumbnail size, you have superpowers. By having positive thinking, you will face the world and every challenge more easily and wisely. Parents and students can also respond to your messages with Stamps to “star” their support or “check” progress. Your colleagues can easily refer to goals periodically throughout the day on the devices they use most – their phones! You can also send whole class messages home, to generally inform parents how the students are doing. In light of Connected Educators Month coming up in October, share your successes and reach out to your professional learning network for advice!
Clara lives in San Francisco and loves learning about education technology and tools to improve the education system. This way, you can be found if an employer conducts a search for people with your skill set. Update your profile often to reflect new accomplishments, skills and continuing education courses you’ve completed. This includes comments to message boards and news sites or controversial opinions about politics or current events. If a friend has tagged you in an unflattering picture or post, untag yourself or ask your friend to untag you. On Twitter, check to see if the companies you’re applying to have dedicated feeds.  On LinkedIn, join relevant LinkedIn groups for companies and industries that appeal to you, and subscribe to their news feeds. If a job has been posted on a website or job board for a while, it could mean the firm is having trouble filling that position.
But you will increase your odds of landing an interview if you take the time to customize your application materials for each job. A college admissions officer can only learn so much about you if you just talk about easy stuff, like how many siblings you have. There are beautiful materials that are also durable, so take the time to find the right ones for you. If you get a lead on a job, you can direct the hiring manager to your LinkedIn profile, for example. These simple steps can help you learn more about potential employers and even connect directly with hiring managers. Sites like Indeed and Simply Hired pull job listings from a variety of job boards, saving you from having to visit multiple sites.
If the job has been filled, you haven’t lost anything by applying, and you may find your resume is at the top of the stack for the next available opportunity.
Think of safety also, avoiding sharp corners and placing microwave ovens about 3 inches below the shoulder of the tallest user. In an oven-proof or heat proof bowl fill water, crank up the heat on the oven to maximum and let it sit there for about 1.5 hours.
Some of these websites also offer social networking features, making it easy to identify people you know who work for companies that have open job postings. Just because a posting is dated doesn’t mean the job or company aren’t desirable; it may just mean a qualified candidate has not yet applied. If you can pinpoint how your skills are a match for their specific opening, you have a better chance of being called for an interview.

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