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After I got the sex marker changed on my birth certificate, I wanted to get a new passport issued, considering my past one was from when I was 13. I thought I would be applying for a renewal, but since my old one was issued before I was 16, it had already expired; the woman helping me claimed I should just apply for a new passport, and not a renewal. Sure enough, after about four weeks, I received my new passport with my correct, legal name and my corrected sex designation along with all of the documents I had given them.
Although my driver's liscense is from Florida and my car is registered in Florida, I am registered to vote in Vermont and have lived in Vermont for the past three years. To begin, I looked up Vermont State Courts online to find out which one handles name changes.
Then, I emailed my dad to ask him for a certified copy of my birth certificate (as that's #2 on the required documentation list), and about a week later I received it in the mail (thanks Dad!).

When I got there, I found out that I was supposed to call the number first to make an appointment to then sign the form in front of the Register of the Court (who apparently is the reception lady at the Probate Court office).
When she was ready, I signed the form in front of her (with my birth name) and gave it to her to be typed up. She told me the Judge would sign it, and I would receive two certified copies of the offical name change by mail in 10-15 days.
Then I set out to change everything else in my life (bank accounts, drivers license, birth certificate, car registration, insurance, etc). To change my name on my social security card, I went to Social Security Online and printed out the Application for Social Security Card form.
Once I received my new social security card, I was be able to change my name with my school.

While I was in Florida in March 2003, I got my drivers license and car registration changed. I have not changed my name on my Florida birth certificate because of legal complications encountered when I was trying to change the sex designation on it.
I was charged the $67 "passport fee and security surcharge," a $30 "execution fee," and $12.50 for the two required photos. F______, the bank teller simply filled out a bunch of forms for me, both for changing my name on my accounts and to get new ATM cards.

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