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Rafi (Anne Curtis) esta felizmente comprometida con su encantadora companera de vida, Mark (Derek Ramsay).Rafi es en cantador y muy atento con ella. The three stars, considered today’s hottest and busiest, figure in a sizzling, dramatic tale of love, lust and deceit. Directed by teleserye veteran Nuel Crisostomo Naval from a story and screenplay by award-winning writer Mel Mendoza-del Rosario, “A Secret Affair” boasts a formidable supporting cast led by acclaimed veterans Jaclyn Jose, Joel Torre, and Jackie Lou Blanco.

Ramsay and Curtis are a couple whose relationship is seriously challenged with the intrusion of a third party, played by Andi. The movie is also even more contemporary, as it shows how relationships are shaped by new media these days. It also features Say Alonzo, IC Mendoza, Shy Carlos, Petra Mahalimuyak, and Gee-Ann Abraham.

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