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Park Hae-jin is pondering the casting offer from JTBC's drama, "Man to Man" as his return project.
The "Kill Me, Heal Me" actress Hwang Jeong-eum proved her value after making continuous hits with "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "She Was Pretty".
Yoo Ah-in who plays Lee Bang-won in "Six Flying Dragons" was featured in the fashion magazine Elle with Kim Hee-ae.
When an Army general is appointed to the sensitive diplomatic post that the powerful publisher of a prominent news magazine had hoped would go to a particularly qualified civilian, she launches a vitriolic campaign to discredit the general.

First the publisher orders one of her cameraman to snap a few incriminating photographs of the general. Unfortunately, she ends up quiet tipsy and falls in a pool where she nearly drowns until the general rescues her. The sodden but grateful publisher kisses him and it is at that point that they realize that animosity is rapidly turning to love, at least for her.
When she discovers that her newborn love is fated to remain unrequited because of things from the general's past, the jealous publisher pens a poisonous article about him.

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