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This Sunday another Mother’s Day comes around, and I will try my hardest to show you how much I care.
Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share how our Visual Merchandiser Dave found love at The Body Shop. Mornings don’t have to revolve around blaring alarms, too many cups of coffee and a mad dash to the car. Today we are very excited to introduce you to two new additions to our Drops of Youth™ range, infused with 3 plant stem cells known for their renewing properties.
Nytt ar, nya malBloggenDet ar dags att summera 2014 och blicka ut over ett nytt spannande ar med oskrivna blad. Du ar fantastiskVarderingarVi tror att akta skonhet handlar om sjalvkansla, livsgladje och valmaende som kommer inifran.
Sjalvkansla, livsgladje & valmaendeVarderingarVisste du att en av vara viktiga grundvarderingar ar Activate Self Esteem? Med kvinnor i fokusVarderingarDen 8 mars infaller Internationella kvinnodagen som uppmarksammar ojamstalldhet och kvinnors situation varlden over. This week our judging panel reviewed all the amazing applications from everyone who applied to be a Heartmaker. We’ve always known we had passionate fans, but we had no idea just how many truly committed and inspirational activists were in our midst. On Monday, our judging panel sat down to review every application, so that we could make a shortlist from which fans can then vote for the final Heartmakers.
Here are the final choices – have a read and then head over to our Facebook page to cast your votes. Rebecca campaigns for animals and the natural world, and has been a vegetarian all her life. Carla described in her application how she likes to be well-informed about any causes she supports, and seemed to us to be very up to date with her take on the current animal testing for cosmetics situation. At the tender age of 19, Jaimie has already shown a remarkable commitment to campaigning against animal testing, having raised awareness and funds for animal charities. In her application, Suzi talked about how she has been a Fair Trade campaigner for over 10 years. Yazzmin is an anthropology undergraduate and was the Fair Trade secretary at her sixth form college. Roxanne is an ambassador for the Global Poverty Project, and believes passionately in helping people to pull themselves out of poverty.
Olivia has personally confronted what she calls “the power and fragility of self-esteem”, having suffered from Ovarian cancer at aged 18.
Our judges were impressed at how Helen described empowering herself out of childhood bullying to become a self-assured and confident young woman.

Anna’s story of coming to terms with the scars (both physical and mental) from being in a serious car accident really moved our panel, and we found her positive attitude about them incredibly uplifting.
Maya is motivated to eradicate what she calls ‘modern day slavery’, and works with local organisation Kent Against Human Trafficking, as well as other initiatives such as educating taxi drivers to be able to spot the signs of trafficking. Describing herself as ‘a Human Rights activist by the time I was 10’ , Geraldine’s entry was incredibly detailed and articulate. Currently a legal student, Arub understands the importance of laws to Human Rights and intends to use her qualification to work with Human Rights organisations and ‘make a change’. Nyla has dedicated a lot of energy to understanding environmental issues, having attended UNFCC Conference of Parties, and works with companies to reduce carbon through technology and different ways of working. The words on Emma’s postcard really inspired us, and her application was full of energy and enthusiasm. In today’s post skincare expert Caroline Hirons shares her top tips to help your skin make it through one of our favourite times of the year. Vid varje arsskifte brukar jag skriva ner vad som hande under det foregaende aret och svara pa ett gang fragor. Det kan vara allt fran klassikern – borja trana (kom igen Elin!), till mal inom mitt foretag, privatliv eller inom personlig utveckling. Hur kan du gora for att pa basta satt fa ut sa mycket som mojligt och ha sa roligt som mojligt? Vi tycker att det ar sa otroligt viktigt att alska sig sjalv. Akta skonhet handlar om sjalvkansla och livsgladje som kommer inifran. Vi pa The Body Shop jobbar dagligen med rattvisefragor och brinner extra for alla manniskors lika varde.
Read on to discover who made the shortlist and how you can vote for the final winners who will represent you as the Heart of The Body Shop. The Heartmakers campaign is all about giving fans a more meaningful voice on our social media profiles and beyond, by letting you get under the skin of our values and campaigns. The panel included Jo Holley from Glamour magazine, Lynsey Bowden from The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade team, Jo Laker from The Body Shop Foundation, Carla Owen from Cruelty Free International and Jessie Macneil-Brown from The Body Shop’s international values team.
The judges thought that she would be a good match with The Body Shop’s values, as she commented in her entry: “Animal testing does not need to happen for the sake of people’s cosmetics”. She won a Guardian Young Critic award when she was just 10, and the quality of her writing is still impressive.
We were impressed with her knowledge and understanding of fair trade, what it stands for, and the impact it has on communities.
Our judges felt that she showed a true commitment to the cause and was dedicated to educating others about it. She writes for several blogs – about cancer survival, health advocacy and dance therapy, and believes that self-esteem relies on nurturing respect.

She now blogs about beauty and fashion, and tries to inspire others to feel good about themselves. She’s committed to “helping people realise how amazing they are” and that it’s OK to be different. We particularly liked her focus on feminisim, as gender inequality is still one of the most important Human Rights issues we face in the world today.
We also admired her bravery in having written about taboo subjects for an Asian lifestyle magazine. She has a degree in Environmental Science and is currently writing articles for a website she has planned around environmental news and awareness. She volunteers at a wildlife park, and educates others about how they can make a difference to the environment through small changes to their lifestyle, energy consumption and buying habits. If you have felt inspired by a particular entry, then give them your support with a vote – you can choose one person in each of the five categories. In today’s post, our Social Media Manager Antonia shares some tips that she hopes will finally make them stick. Jag tycker att det ar viktigt for att se vad jag egentligen vill, vad som betyder nagot for mig och vad jag vill forandra i mitt liv. Testa en aterfuktande ansiktsmask for att se lite piggare ut och pa sa satt aven kanna dig piggare. Vi gor alltid vart basta for att anvanda ett bildsprak som inte spelar pa kvinnors osakerhet, och att ge dig produkter som lyfter din egen skonhet och framhaver din unika personlighet.
Det ar en av anledningarna till att vi har en global policy for ideellt arbete, dar vara anstallda varje ar far minst tre betalda arbetsdagar att anvanda till ideellt arbete. We’re recruiting a new ambassador for each value, who will get to meet our people and charity partners, come to events, go behind the scenes, and report back on their experiences through the blog. Each came with strong opinions, and there were some animated discussions, but we finally narrowed it down to three for each value. The winning Heartmakers will represent you, our fans and customers, so we encourage you to vote from the heart!
Var passionerade och energiska personal tvekar inte att utnyttja den har mojligheten, och har bland annat jobbat med Stockholms Stadsmission. We’ve been inspired and impressed by the quality of the entries, and your enthusiasm for all the causes that are closest to our heart.

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