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Irrespective of what may be causing the problem, transcending can help, because it essentially restores the brain to its natural setting which effectively treats all three problems at the same time: the prefrontal cortex, blood flow, and EEG coherence. In this study, children in the age of 11 to 14 years old with serious ADHD symptoms were randomly divided into a group that was immediately taught TM and a control group that had to wait 3 months before it was taught the technique.
The study was published in Mind & Brain, The Journal of Psychiatry (2011, Vol 2, No 1). Transcending activates the body’s own healing power, causing built-up tensions to disappear, even our deepest stress (see PTSD), and causing the full brain potential to be revived.
The prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain right above the eyes, is responsible for our higher thought functionality, such as impulse control, long-term planning, moral thought, and deciding whether something is right or wrong. Transcending causes the body to enter into a deeper state of rest, allowing the body to remove even the deepest tensions, and causes the frontal brain to become more active.
In the long term, after several weeks of TM practice, the prefrontal cortex will become more active even outside of mediation, and children often notice that they become less impulsive.
Any time part of the brain is active, electric activity occurs that can be measured through an electroencephalograph (EEG), a device that will display these electric impulses over time in the form of a wave.
These EEG wave shapes of the different parts of the brain are then sent to a computer that (in real time) measures to what extent the different wave shapes overlap (i.e.
In ADHD patients, the EEG coherence is abnormally low, which is another way to objectively measure that the brain is unable to function normally.
These changes in brainwaves remain unique to the experience of transcending as achieved through the TM technique. This graph shows the evolution of average EEG values in 50 students over the course of 12 months. The result is clear, in the control group there was no difference after three months, while the TM group showed a clear increase in EEG coherence. Even though TM is proving to be both an enjoyable and an effective treatment, we nevertheless  encourage you not to stop your normal treatment. Despite the fact that Transcendental Meditation seems to be the solution of many problems you should never stop your conventional treatment without consultation of your doctor.
Select your area of interest and for each we’ll send you a report on how Transcendental Meditation works. Creativity may depend on greater brain integration, according to a new study published in Creativity Research Journal.
The Transcendental Meditation technique may be an effective and safe non-pharmaceutical aid for treating ADHD, according to a promising new study. The pilot study followed a group of middle school students with ADHD who were meditating twice a day in school.
After three months, researchers found over 50 percent reduction in stress and anxiety and improvements in ADHD symptoms.
Prior research shows ADHD children have slower brain development and a reduced ability to cope with stress.
The Transcendental Meditation technique may be an effective and safe non-pharmaceutical aid for treating ADHD, according to a promising new study published this month in the peer-reviewed online journal Current Issues in Education . While in some cases a child cannot function without medication, there is growing concern about the health risks and side effects associated with the common ADHD medications, including mood swings, insomnia, tics, slowed growth, and heart problems.

These high risks and growing concerns are fueling parents' search for alternatives that may be safer for their kids. The study was conducted in a private K-12 school for children with language-based learning disabilities.
To determine the influence of the TM technique, at the beginning and end of the three-month period, parents, teachers and students completed standard ADHD assessment inventories measuring stress and anxiety, behavior and social competency, and executive function.
Grosswald explained that there is substantial research showing the effectiveness of the TM technique for reducing stress and anxiety, and improving cognitive functioning among the general population. This study was funded by the Abramson Family Foundation and the Institute for Community Enrichment. A second, recently completed TM-ADHD study with a control group measured brain function using electroencephalography (EEG). A third, $2 million TM-ADHD study, to be funded in part by a grant from the David Lynch Foundation (, will more fully investigate the effects of the technique on ADHD and other learning disorders. The Center for Disease Control reports that nearly 50 percent of the 4.5 million children (ages 417) in the United States diagnosed with ADHD are on ADHD medication-and the majority of those on medication stay on it in adulthood. The Transcendental Meditationtechnique is an effortless technique practiced 10-20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. Often it is simply a symptom of stress disrupting the normal functioning of the prefrontal cortex of brain which is diagnosed as ADHD. The TM group showed a significant reduction in ADHD symptoms after only 3 months of TM practice, while no improvement was noticeable in the control group.
This ratio is unusually high in ADHD patients but is close to normal after 6 months of TM practice. The students were able to focus better, were better able to control their impulses and improved their organisational skills as well as their problem-solving skills. In the case of TM, this turned out to be no problem, as the children enjoyed practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. This part of the brain is sometimes also referred to as the CEO, or the Managing Director, of the brain, as most decisions are made there. Information no longer passes by the prefrontal cortex, but is sent directly from the senses to the motoric parts. When, for example, we cross the road while a car is approaching, we wouldn’t want to be in a state where we would first need to think about a response. When someone is constantly exposed to stress, the prefrontal cortex is permanently disabled.
This can be measured for example through neural imaging scans, which can measure the blood flow to the brain.
It demonstrates that there is no difference in EEG coherence during TM practice in the case of someone who has been practicing TM for 2 months and another person who has been practicing for 12 months. The below graph shows lines between the different areas of the brain that are coherent to each other.
Many ADHD patient soon notice that they will spontaneously require less medication, but it is very important for this to happen in small steps, in consultation with one’s doctor. In 2006 the FDA required manufacturers to place warning labels on ADHD medications, listing the potential serious health risks. Participation was restricted to 10 students, ages 11-14, who had pre-existing diagnoses of ADHD.

Preliminary data shows that three months practice of the technique resulted in significant positive changes in brain functioning during visual-motor skills.
However, sometimes there are deeper, more structural problems: ADHD can be linked to insufficient blood flow to the brain, and an abnormally low EEG coherence.
After the control group was taught TM, a similar improvement occurred in that group after 3 months, while the first group continued to improve.
Their school results improved, and they showed less stress, anxiety and fewer anger outbursts. The thought process is then automatically reduced to short-term thinking, to impulsiveness.
The activity in the thalamus (related to bodily functions) drops, which is an indication for relaxation, while activity in the frontal cortex increases. If the brain waves are fully coherent, this implies that the different parts of the brain are connected to each other. Transcending in essence is an experience of unity, and this causes the brain to starting functioning normally (as one whole) again. The coherence was measured at the start of the study, and again at the end, and the 2 were combined. Changes were specifically seen in the circuitry of the brain associated with attention and distractibility. Over 350 peer-reviewed research studies on the TM technique confirm a range of benefits for mind, body and behavior. The resulting lines therefore indicate an increased coherence (outside of TM practice) each time after a period of 3 months.
The fact that these children are able to do TM, and do it easily shows us that this technique may be particularly well suited for children with ADHD," she said. Several studies have compared the effects of different meditation practices and found that Transcendental Meditation provides deeper relaxation and is more effective at reducing anxiety, depression and hypertension than other forms of meditation and relaxation.
However, we do note differences during activity, outside of TM practice: EEG coherence becomes more and more stabilised. These drugs can cause persistent and negative side effects, including sleep disturbances, reduced appetite, weight loss, suppressed growth, and mood disorders.
In addition, no other meditation practice shows the widespread coherence throughout all areas the brain that is seen with Transcendental Meditation. The side effects are frequently treated with additional medications to manage insomnia or mood swings.
Almost none of the medications prescribed for insomnia or mood disturbances are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use with children.

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