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Step 1: Make Sure You're RootedSince controlled levels of the camera's flash are needed, you'll need native control of the driver electronics, which means you need root access.
Step 2: Install Adjustable Torch from Google PlayDownload and install Adjustable Torch from Android developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh.
Step 4: Accessing Your FlashlightOf course, you can access Adjustable Torch from the Home screen shortcut or the App Drawer, but if you exit the app, you can also turn it off and on from the Ongoing menu in the Notification tray. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is among the longest-lasting flagships you can buy at this point in time. But before we jump into the slideshow right below and go for it, it's important to understand that you don't have to implement all of these at once, or even any one at all.
No, we don't just mean lower the brightness to the lowest level that still allows you to make out the screen, even though that would be optimal.Instead, even if you set the brightness to Auto, you can still tweak the relative gains or losses when the GS5 decides its time for a different level of brightness. Whenever the GS5's AMOLED screen needs to display a lot of white content, it's drawing a lot of power. Air wake up allows you to wake up the GS5's screen by just waving over the proximity sensor located on the top left, next to the earpiece. Getting rid of Smart stay will likely win you a few minutes of extra battery life, since the feature uses the front-facing camera to detect when you're looking at it.
Nobody is here to tell you to not install apps -- that would be against the very idea of owning a smartphone -- but it's almost always true that you could be managing them better. If all else fails, you're hours away from a power source, and you just need your GS5 to make it through, then you have no other option than to go into Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM). Playing around with the different displays can make a world of difference in the clarity and overall visual quality of your Galaxy S5. Adapt Display: Automatically changes the color, contrast, sharpness and brightness based on the surrounding conditions. Professional Photo: As the name suggests, Professional Photo offers a superior level of color and visual quality when viewing photos.
Cinema: The recommended screen mode by DisplayMate, Cinema creates a brilliant visual appeal when watching movies and videos on the Galaxy S5.
Customizing & Adjusting Brightness for Individual AppsIf you want to adjust the brightness of your display depending on your current application, you'll need an app we haven't discussed yet called Screen Controls. Step 2: Adjust System SettingsIf you want to adjust the settings for all your apps at once to create a baseline, you can do that by selecting All Aplications. If you're like me, you spend a lot of time on your computer, which can be damaging to your eyes in the long run. Step 2: Give Flux PermissionsWhen the application launches, it will ask for permission to use your location.
Step 3: Set Up Flux to Your LikingThe first thing you'll notice is your screen will begin adjusting to the time of day. Step 4: Fine-Tune Your Flux ExperienceFlux is all ready to go, but I'm gonna show you the rest of the options that will make your experience quick and easy. Keep Your Eyes HealthyIf you want to keep your eyes healthy when using your electronics, then f.lux is your best option.
A soft leather case is the perfect complement to the hard, sleek finish of your iPad Pro 9.7. Plus, a plush leather case offers plenty of protection against the scratches and bangs that your iPad faces on a day-to-day basis. The soft leather-style finish adapts to both home and work environments, and offers excellent protection against drops and scratches.
This case from Piel Frama may cost ?100, but that’s a small price to pay when you look at its spec. These iPad Pro 9.7 leather cases from VRS Design (the case-maker formally known as Verus) come in a variety of colours. The Base is good looking too, with its elegant aluminium construction and a non-slip base that ensures a stable platform.
The dock even works while your iPad Pro is in a case, as long as the case is fairly thin and leaves the smart connector accessible, like Apple’s official silicone case. Whether you use the Logi Base on your bedside table, your kitchen counter or your desk at work, you’ll be happy to have such a handy accessory. The Logi Base is available for pre-order from Mobile Fun right now, and should be arriving soon.
Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to let us know what you think of the new iPad Pro dock in the comments below! The iPad Pro is an impressive device that you’ll definitely want to keep protected against drops, bangs and dents.
The outer skin is also water-resistant, ensuring your device stays protected even if you get caught in a rainstorm or accidentally spill your drink on it. These iPad Pro rugged cases are super-slim, offering plenty of protection but without the added bulk – making them a lot easier to slip into your bag. The Survivor has a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame that’s encased in a rugged, shock absorbing silicone.
Available for just ?12.99, these iPad Pro rugged cases provide an affordable solution to protecting your device against everyday wear and tear.
Your device is enveloped in an ultra-strong polycarbonate shell, that in turn is wrapped in a resistant silicone skin. The case shows off some of the Air 3’s expected features, including an upgraded rear camera with a flash module. The iPad Air 3 should be announced on March 15th, and we’ll be ready with a full range of cases and accessories.
Folio cases are a classic choice for the iPad Pro, offering a professional look as well as all round protection with a front cover to protect the all important screen.
Most iPad Pro folio cases have either a leather or silicone finish, so the DODOcase Multi-Angle iPad Pro case is a nice alternative, made from handcrafted fabric for a traditional book-bound feel. If you’re after something a bit more ‘out there’ then this chequered iPad Pro folio case from Olixar could be right up your street.
Last week, rumours started that the iPad Air 3 would be released at Apple’s March press event. First of all, the iPad Air 3 case includes a cutout for the Smart Connector, which Apple introduced with the iPad Pro. Next up, we can see a larger camera cutout for the rear-facing camera, suggesting the inclusion of a flash here. Finally, the case includes four new holes on the sides, which would align well with the four speaker setup that Apple debuted on the iPad Pro. A good quality iPad Mini 4 silicone case will feel smooth to the touch and will fit seamlessly with your device. Made to US and UK military standards these iPad Mini 4 silicone cases are designed to withstand even the extremest of conditions.
So if your daily commute resembles a war zone, never fear, with its shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame and shock absorbing silicone, the Survivor will always ensure your device remains in one piece, snugly protected against life’s battles. The Spigen Tough Armor has been carefully engineered, with its black-ops styling to deliver a stylish looking case in a slim package. Enjoy three layers of protection with the Otterbox Defender: a strong polycarbonate shell, a silicone skin and a thermal-formed sheet.
It’s carefully engineered design also ensures that it retains a slim, sophisticated look. The Olixar Big Softy provides a case that’s child friendly both in terms of protection and design.
If you’d like to view the other iPad Mini 4 cases available in our range just click the button below. Apple’s largest iPad deserves a correspondingly great level of protection, and that’s exactly what the Griffin Survivor Slim provides.

The Survivor Slim is made to fit the iPad Pro precisely, with covers and cutouts wherever necessary to ensure full accessibility?—?you can even use the fingerprint reader or attach Apple’s Smart Keyboard while the case is on. Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to let us know what you think of this iPad Pro case in the comments below. So, you’ve just purchased a new iPad Pro and are reveling in its Retina display and CPU performance. A carry case tends to be a bit more substantial than your everyday cover and is designed for both transportation and protection. The Capdase Urbanite has a slim handle located at the top that enables you to carry your device around portrait style, which is arguably more discreet and comfortable. Made from premium materials the Alston-Craig Herringbone Tweed is a versatile iPad Pro carry case that offers exquisite craftsmanship.
With a soft tweed exterior and plush microfibre interior lining, the Alton-Craig offers your iPad Pro protection against bangs, drops and bumps.
They’re lightweight but have a super strong outer case and protective honeycomb composite interior, ensuring your iPad Pro is protected against drops and bangs.
Why spend time talking about another flashlight application when there are literally thousands of them scattered throughout Google Play? If you're not already rooted, check out our complete softModder guide to doing so using ODIN for Windows. This app allows you to use the flash of your device as a flashlight with adjustable brightness levels.
From there, you'll see an adjustable toggle which you can use to adjust the brightness of the flashlight. Its score of 7 hours and 38 minutes in our custom battery life test reinforces that notion. After all, some people will be right in their opinion that crippling the functionality, or removing the "smart" from smartphone, isn't exactly optimal, though you may be surprised that, with the Galaxy S5, it doesn't always have to be a choice between forgoing features in the name of a few minutes of extra battery life, though that would obviously produce the best results.Take a look. This is easily done by checking the Auto box in the brightness slider, but still sliding the indicator to the lowest possible value (-5). In that scenario, the aforementioned option will be able to squeeze extra battery life by adjusting the brightness intelligently, while still allowing you to view content comfortably.
This means that while a cool full-white wallpaper or theme may look appealing, it's also draining more power than if it were displaying something darker. The truth remains the same, however -- a moving wallpaper will always draw more power than a static one. On the bottom, you'll see a Gresycale mode option -- turn it to on, and your screen will instantly become completely monochrome, thus saving you power. In it, you can choose to restrict CPU performance (the phone still runs just fine), screen frame rate, and also turn off the GPS and capacitive navigation keys' light.
We would however suggest you turn this off, especially since you're gaining an awful little in exchange for precious battery life. In this mode, the entire theme is changed to a far more restrictive one, the screen goes into monochrome mode, and data is disabled when the screen is off. Well, Samsung offers a total of five different pre-set displays, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. By switching to a new display, it alters the color and contrast, offering a different perspective for the same Galaxy S5 that you’ve come to love. You will then see five different selections available, including Adapt Display, Dynamic, Standard, Professional Photo and Cinema.
When you’re using the Galaxy S5 indoors, for instance, Adapt Display automatically dims the brightness to save battery power.
Many users prefer Dynamic screen mode for viewing photos and images on their Galaxy S5 device.
And according to DisplayMate, Cinema screen mode offers the most accurate color combination of any tablet or smartphone.
The developer (Humayoun) made a super basic UI for users to intuitively adjust the screen brightness and timeout interval for each app on the device specifically. ProIn the main menu, there will be an option to upgrade to Screen Control Pro, which currently goes for $0.99.
On the center of your screen is a menu that allows you to edit some options to your liking.
It seamlessly contorts to become a 360 degree rotating stand – ensuring you can use it for watching videos, browsing your photo gallery or even giving presentations. Its slim design keeps your iPad looking feather-light, just slot it in and its new home and it will act as a second skin. It has internal storage slots, a magnetic lock closure and a high quality finish with contrast stitching. That makes it as easy to use as wireless charging, with no plugging and unplugging required, yet it’s still as fast as a traditional wired connection. You can watch films, write up documents, play games and more, all while charging your iPad Pro for the next time you’re on the go. For the latest information on pricing and availability, and to place an order, please visit the product page linked below. So whether you’re hiking up a mountain or just travelling on a bumpy commute, these cases provide the perfect backup. They have a tough outer shell with a highly protective honeycomb interior, ensuring your device not only stands up to scratches but is impact resistant, offering added protection against drops and bangs. Cut-outs are integrated into the design, in order to provide access to all of your iPad Pro’s ports and features. You get the iPad Air 3, an upcoming Apple release that should be the best option yet for tablet photography.
The leather-style case also reveals a significant audio upgrade, in the form of four speakers: two top, two bottom.
The latest reports suggest that we’ll see an Apple A9X chip inside, which launched with the iPad Pro. Take a look of what we’ve got so far via the links below, and be sure to check back once the tablet has been announced! There’s a real luxury feel to the case with the glossy ‘dandy leather’ finish, and you get a choice of three smart looking colours: black, dark brown and wine.
It combines a tough hard shell on the inside with front and back covers made from vegan leather. The iPad Pro is secured into a polymer tray which protects all edges well without adding much bulk at all.
It features a leather chequered, patchwork-type design which certainly makes it stand out from the crowd. Its purpose is to allow the rapid connection and charging of accessories, like the Apple Keyboard Cover, without the hassle of pairing over Bluetooth.
That would make the iPad Air 3 a much more convincing shooter, even if its size isn’t exactly conducive to convenient photography. Speakers have long been a weak point for the iPad series, so it’s nice to see them getting some love here. It seamlessly clips onto the back of your device to protect it against damage without making your iPad look or feel too bulky.
It also offers great functionality, including a built-in viewing stand and instant access to the fingerprint scanner.
The shell and silicone skin protect absorb shocks and the thermal-formed sheet wraps around the screen and keys to protect against scratches. But when the iPad Mini 4 offers such a great learning experience it’s a shame to let them miss out. So your young one’s can play with your device to their hearts content while you sit back, safe in the knowledge that the other apple of your eye is safely enveloped in this anti-shock silicone case.

At CES, they showed off their latest creation: the Survivor Slim Tough Case for the iPad Pro.
The case is the most protective that the company has ever made, and even meets US and UK military standards for resilience.
The Survivor Slim also comes with a built-in media stand, which works terrifically with the iPad Pro’s giant screen. We’ll have more to say about Griffin at CES later, including their BreakSafe USB-C cable and Travel Power Bank for the Apple Watch.
The iPad Pro may be magnificent but lets face it, this isn’t a device designed to just slip into your pocket.
With a zip around closure that provides instant access as well as keeping your device fully enclosed.
It also has a secure zip closure ensuring your device is safely enclosed while being transported. However, the truth is that we're still far and away from what most of us would call comfortable endurance, or something along the lines of at least 3 full days of usage before we have to go scouting for a power socket. That way, the GS5 will still dynamically tweak brightness, but it'll also stick to more conservative values. Indeed, a fully-black wallpaper would be optimal (as those pixels won't be at all turned on), but you don't have to go to extremes -- just find something equally satisfying that isn't completely white. In our experience those usually account for 2 to 5% of the total battery drain on a phone, so if power saving is a priority for you, you may want to skip on them. In one instance, when testing the feature for a day, we saw that the feature accounted for 8% of the total battery drain. This is one of the best features of the GS5, so it might be hard for some to let go of it, especially if they use a low display timeout setting (say 15 seconds) to conserve battery, but also read and browse a lot (it's annoying to constantly have to touch the screen to keep it from going to sleep). But if the Wi-Fi is on, it'll still continue picking up open networks, which obviously eats away at battery life. In those cases, unless you clean up the resulting mess, you'll usually end up with a bunch of apps that you're not using.
If you’re interested in changing the look of your device, keep reading to learn more about the different screen modes and how to access them.
Most smartphones only offer brightness controls, but Samsung went above and beyond the call of duty by implementing screen modes into their flagship smartphone. The default screen mode for the Galaxy S5 is Adapt Display, but you can change this by clicking on a button next to the preferred mode. Sometimes the GS3's brightest setting just isn't bright enough, but you can change that by customizing the brightness settings so you can fine-tune your screen. The pro version removes ads and also allows for "limitless customizations," but to be honest, the free version is good enough for the average user and the ads can be easily ignored. You can’t quite see the Smart Connector port, which was used to create some of the best iPad Pro keyboard cases, but that makes sense given that this isn’t a keyboard case. That should make for impressive performance, particularly backed with 4GB of RAM and anywhere from 16 to 128GB of storage. The inner frame does a good job of protecting edges and corners and there’s a magnetic clasp to stop the front cover from flapping around. The shell offers better protection for the top and bottom edges of the iPad Pro than the Verus case, making this the better option if you’re of a clumsy persuasion.
It comes in the form of a leaked case design, which suggests some significant changes from the Air 2. Its inclusion here suggests that we’ll see a smaller iPad Air keyboard case from Apple in the future.
That includes the usual wear and tear, but also includes two metre drops onto concrete, vibration and ever water resistance.
The case even comes with an Apple Pencil holder, solving one of the biggest design flaws of the tablet.
So if you want to keep your Pro by your side you might find a carry case useful for both mobility and protection. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to better your S5's longevity and we're about to share them with you. And yet, some of those apps may be performing tasks and shooting requests at your GS5 all the same.
If you buy the yellow glasses that he recommends, you can wach television late at night without disrupting your sleep cycle or ruining your eyes.
You’ll still be able to use the Apple Pencil, which charges using the Air 3’s Lightning port. That should be enough firepower to run the tablet’s high resolution display, which should be somewhere in the region of 3K to 4K. There’s certainly a business feel to the black and brown versions; a solid choice if you’re using your iPad Pro for work.
The front cover has three ridges to rest your iPad Pro upright in landscape mode, so it makes a pretty decent viewing stand for typing and watching movies.
While some cases using elastic don’t always stand the test of time, this one seems pretty sturdy to me. You may lose a bit of protection against any heavy impacts because of this, but the case still manages to hold the iPad firmly in place, and the leather covers more of the bezels than its plastic competitors.
Every FramaSlim case is handmade by a dedicated team of leather artisans (of course), each undergoing the strictest quality control. Speaking of water resistance, the Survivor Slim has a built-in screen protector that’ll withstand 200mm of rain per hour… not too shabby! And, by the way, even if you're an advanced user, you may still get to learn something new. Also, unless you're actively using the phone for navigation, then having the GPS set to off will prevent apps from using it (trust us, they do, but more on that in the next slide).Finally, it's usually a good idea to dynamically turn 3G or LTE on or off (or data completely), depending on whether you actually need the extra speed. These can be small-to-medium battery hogs if poorly optimized, or if they constantly ping your location, for example.A good way to manage such apps is by installing BitDefender's Clueful app. If you wish to revert back to the original screen mode, go back into the settings and choose Adapt Display. This will cause your GS5 to revert to a 2G GSM network, which is plenty reliable in terms of phone calls, and still allows for data transfer fast enough for notifications and chats to continue working. Clueful will alert you to your current privacy status, but will also allow you to filter apps by the type of permissions they ask for.
The level of protection is almost secondary with this case, but it does a stellar job nonetheless. For example, you can sort apps so that only those that ping your location are shown, and, if you have root, download one of the many App Ops applications available on the Play Store and revoke that permission.
If you really love your iPad Pro (and have slightly looser purse strings), then nothing but a Piel Frama case will suffice. If you're not rooted, and you want to keep certain apps that require your location, you can still check if they allow you to turn that permission off manually through their respective settings menu. This way you'll save yourself both data and power, and you'll be giving up essentially nothing in exchange. After all, it's usually the case that whenever you're on Wi-Fi, you're also near a power outlet.

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