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Used Book in Good Condition A deeply felt prayer for the ears and spirit, performedby Nawang Khechog with Tibetan bamboo flute, didgeridoo, and bells. Building a Business and Your Dream Lifestyle Doesn't Have to be a Mystery Building your dream is within reach and not as complicated as we make it. For years, Dynamic driver units have served us well, delivering reliable sound with rich bass all at low distortion levels.
Encased in a durable metal body complete with beautiful aesthetically pleasing design, the Betron YSM1000 Earphones will look and sound good when being worn.
Improved fit results in significantly lower sound leakage levels, both in or out, giving you uninterrupted access to your music.
Keep it together A compact PU Leather carrying pouch is included to keep your headphones and headphone accessories secure. With long, soothing phrases, this former Tibetan monk invites you to experience the profound interior calm that allows for cultivation of a loving spirit.

Or what about when you "feel" the aggressive attack of the kick drum in your favorite song? Each phrase and note of Sounds of Peace invokes an extraordinary tranquility (one hospital has used it hundreds of times to soothe women in childbirth) and is regarded as a valuable meditation tool itself. Understanding how to apply this knowledge to your business and life, however, can be frustrating and overwhelming.
Metal Earphones with a pleasing design,Big brand quality rivalling much more expensive earphones. That's just the kind of power and realism Betron YSM 10000 Headphones bring to your entertainment experiences. YSM1000 Earphones are using the best moving coil neodymium dynamic drivers to produce entire musical frequency range with good success. Supplied Noise isolation earbuds (S, M, L) use to provide increased ambient noise reduction.

Through the 10 compositions in this spare, haunting work, we become the wind, the clouds, the mountains, the rivers - we become peace.
Supplied 2 sets of Memory Foam earbuds for superior comfort and the best noise isolation possible. It addresses the emotional roadblocks and mindset traps that could keep you from progress and provides you with a game plan to conquer them.

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