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Try Our Specially Designed Binaural Beats to Help You Relax and Focus to Achieve Your Goals! If you have any problem downloading your file, or would like to request a refund, please contact me here. The track is composed of natural sounds enhanced with Alpha binaural beats that occasionally jump to Gamma to increase alertness. The track is a light musical piece enhanced with Gamma binaural waves that occasionally drop to Alpha. The track is composed of natural sounds enhanced with Theta binaural beats that occasionally drop to Delta to promote relaxation. The tracks are useful for meditation, focusing on work or study, and encouraging relaxation.
The track is composed of a delicate instrumental piece that instills feelings of focus and confidence.
The track consists of binaural beats that range from theta to low alpha along with the sounds of wind near a flowing river.
It is enhanced with theta binaural beats that go from low to mid-theta and back to promote a relaxed state. It's great to listen to if you need help getting to sleep, or if you want to relax into a deep meditation session. For a rewarding experience listen to this track while creating mental images of positive change. The combination of beats and ambient music will help you have a calming centered meditation session. Be sure to have a positive intention prepared for your visualization session while using this audio. In my next Binaural Beats article I'll discuss audio for Lucid dreaming and Out-of-Body experiences.

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