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Imagine a vast library stretching out in all directions, as far as the eye can see; one that stores every piece of knowledge that has ever existed.
There have been many great mind masters who have tapped into this wealth of information, best known as the akashic records, transforming the world for the better. Within the human body are structures that function independently, but are a vital part of the whole. It is believed by many social theorists, philosophers and even some scientists, that human beings themselves are also a part of a super-organism, where all the separate parts are equally interdependent and influenced by the global mind.
As individuals, we are self-aware, but also intimately linked to a higher consciousness that connects every living being on the planet. It permeates everything; recording all the thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experience that have ever existed!
Did you know it is completely possible for you to access this repository of collective wisdom (Akashic Records) and experience whenever you desire? The subconscious mind acts as a gateway to the collective consciousness, where the akashic records exist, and you can learn to access it at will with meditation.
Indeed, meditation is the the very best way to access the global mind via your subconscious mind. And you will learn how to do deep soul healing hypnosis connecting your clients to higher self to answer all life questions as well as working on deep wound inner child & shadow selves.
You will experience a powerful transformation even in one session although I recommend package of 3. Only if you really want to do this and serious about wanting to change and I wona€™t take anyone who wona€™t take it seriously.
Thank you for being part of my group and please kindly spread this to all your family and friends! The Akashic records act like a cosmic field embracing all souls, linking them on the subconscious level.

The soul of a human being is said to have incarnated in this physical dimension for a certain purpose and karmic lessons. Our lives are often tainted by hurt, disappointments, stress, anger and other negative emotions. Winter is almost upon us, and most of us have already had the first cold or flu of the season.
I am now offering Free Guided meditation and Hypnosis via Teleconference ( Group session ) .
The free service i offer until the end of December this year to help Raise vibration of the earth for the Mayan Calendar . Feel relaxed and comfortable from your own home and space with this Teleconference meditation . PLEASE SEE TWO IMAGE OF MERKABA AND PINEAL GLAND BELOW AS THEY WILL BE USED IN THE SESSION.
Repetition of this session I offer will change your life in many powerful way emotionally, mentally & physically. Merkaba, the light body is the inter-dimensional framework of the human energy field that connects to and metabolizes divine life force.
The heart cannot function without the brain, but the brain also requires the heart to live. By harnessing the power of super advanced, precisely designed brainwave synchronization audio technology, EquiSync® gives you access to the same deep, highly pleasurable, extremely beneficial meditative states as someone with decades of meditative experience – quickly, safely, and easily. If you are interested in any classes please email me for details and description of the classes. What would you give to visit your future now and explore the alternative choices available for you, or take a glimpse of the past to correct your current life path?!
It is believed that ancient seers, saints and mystics had the capacity of retrieving information concerning the origins of the universe and the nature of the human soul, and perceiving future events.

At times, during its journey to self-awareness, it loses track of its origin, forgetting its essence as a free divine spirit whose essential goal is to re-unify with the Source.
Heart light guided meditation ( Universal Expansion of your power ) -being one with the source , Opending up all your chakras .Expand your light ! Life Force of Soul Guided meditaion -Being one with Life force energy -Cleaning your energy & Grounding, becoming that Life force energy and attracting that energy. Individual healing, Group Healing , World healing with Sun Tetrahedron & Earth Tetrahedron vortex spinning . The sacred geometry of the Merkaba is composed of two intersecting, crystalline tetrahedra (triangular pyramid). What if you could take a leap to ancient times, and watch the life of Cleopatra or foresee forthcoming events in 2050? Blavatsky and her contemporary esoteric seekers and occultists like Rudolph Steiner (Founder of Anthroposophy) and Alice Bailey, claimed obtaining a conscious access to this infinite databank.
Reviewing the Akashic Records, with their vast resources, allows the human soul to remember the reason of its existence and evaluate its past intentions, emotions, actions and growth.
The center point of the spinning tetrahedron (pointing up and down) forms a "zero-point" construct that compels singular motion (wave of creation) to resonate with Universal Harmonics. This service has to be on going for this many sessions in order for the lasting changes to become permanent. Welcome to the realm of the Akashic records that claim to give those who cross their veil access to infinite knowledge of the Universe, beyond the constrictions of Time & Space. This harmonic convergence within the center of the body activates a rotation phenomenon similar to twelve-strand DNA, which is the upward spiral of evolution.

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