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Whether she’s speaking with world-renowned experts on the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, writing about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations. A highly interactive teacher on a mission to educate, entertain and inspire, Kala Ambrose serves as "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side" as she teaches and writes about ancient wisdom teachings and how their techniques can be used in modern day living.
Welcome to Explore Your Spirit with Kala's Bohemian Blog Dedicated to Truth - Beauty - Freedom & Love!
Kala's Bohemian Blog offers inspirations, ramblings, magical moments and musings, to serve as a traveling companion along your journey as You Explore the Mysteries of the Universe, Rediscover the Magic in the World Around You, Embrace the Divine, Release Your Inner Goddess , Delve into the Paranormal and Reawaken Your Spirituality! The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences provides the opportunity for private or group online study with award winning author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose. The Akashic Record is a universal library that contains a permanent record of all of our incarnations, including everything that wea€™ve said, thought and done during those incarnations. The Akashic Records are a tool that we can use to expedite our spiritual growth and are also referred to as the Hall of Records and the Hall of Knowledge. The following meditation to access the Akashic Records has been channeled by my guides Akhnanda and Selena. OM Times is a leading voice of the Conscious Community with articles covering the full spectrum of Conscious Living. My guess is that you do not realize that there have been references to the Akashic Records for far longer than there has been television. My take on things comes from the scriptures, not a bunch who think they’re smarter, more informed, and more intelligent than God the Almighty. Nothing is smarter, more informed, or more intelligent than God the Almighty, if you want to describe, or limit, God in that fashion. I HAVE DONE EXACTLY THAT FOR OVER 40 YEARS AND CONTINUE TO DO SO TODAY, AND WILL CONTINUE FOR MANY MORE YEARS.

I would suggest, however, since OMTimes is a magazine, that you post comments on the original article, so that the author can respond to your questions. Second, I would fully believe you if you said you had read the Bible for 40 years, but study it – I seriously doubt it. If you were truly the scholar you claim to be, in 40 years you could have learned Greek and Aramaic and really studied the Bible.
This will be my last response to you Mike, as I do not have time to try and teach someone who cannot learn because their mind is closed. PostsBlog, Featured A Great Akashic Reading!I recently had an Akashic Reading with Mona Wind that was absolutely wonderful! It is her mission to help people learn how to truly connect with their Higher Selves, Angels and Loved Ones in Heaven. We begin this 2-day master class working on helping you to raise your consciousness with exercises that promote your ability to channel information from the Akashic Records and the Spiritual Realm.
Option 2 - If you're joining us for the Spiritual Retreat and using local accommodation you can cover all your catering needs and stay with the group for even more networking and sharing fun.
Please note that if you have booked the Spiritual Retreat, and you want to extend the retreat to include this particular master class, you will need to book this class only and book the appropriate accommodation separately.
Please also note that there are four indoor pedigree cats on the premises which are restricted to certain areas of the house, if you have pet allergies please contact us for details of local hotels in the area.
Choose your path from a variety of courses, which are based in the ancient wisdom techniques and brought to light for practical use in the modern world.
Accessing the Akashic Records is a great way to get to the bottom of why we do the things we do, why wea€™re afraid of certain things, why we experience chronic health issues and why we continue to attract the same relationship issues a€“ romantic, friendship, and familial.
Know the Full Possibility of You The Prison and the Key: Why I Write About Shame Window of The Great Change Secrets to a better brain!

It is fairly easy, however, to be smarter, more informed and more intelligent than those who dona€™t think for themselves and that limit themselves to a modern translation of an ancient text. This master class is created to provide safe and simple processes, so you can discover who your guides are, how to access the akashic records and how to go into trance.
In fact, our food is highly rated by many, to the point we are always being asked for recipes.
Accessing these records is similar to doing research on the history of our soul, and its purpose is to help us make the most of our current incarnation. We do whatever we can to vary the food for people with special dietary requirements; but give us plenty of notice. Some individuals go into a dream-like state and some liken the experience to remote-viewing while others simply receive a series of pictures in their minds.
How we receive the information doesna€™t matter; what matters is accessing information that will help us understand ourselves better so we can make better choices and move ourselves forward spiritually. Before you throw out scripture as your ultimate arbiter, perhaps you should study it more and cross-reference the meanings of different passages in the original languages. If in doubt, you are welcome to bring your own food or supplements, as do the people who are not staying over. Exploring the secret hidden ancient records of information that are buried within our subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and completely natural, spiritual inner experiences you can have. People who have accessed the Akashic Records like Nostradamus, Quatzlcoatl, Rudolph Steiner, Mary Baker Eddy, Emmanuel Swedenbord, Edgar Cayce were "normal" human beings like you and me who decided to work this inner muscle and focus the direction of their mind is a way where this greater vast knowledge and consciousness was given freely!.

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